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What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They’re Bored…

How do you usually go about curing your boredom during the slow times?

Each sign tries takes a different approach to tackling boredom with some taking the time do something productive and worthwhile where as others simply indulge in rather silly and pointless but kind-of fun projects and activities.

Here’s what each zodiac sign does when they are bored!

Aries… takes an hour long shower.

When an Aries get bored they settle themselves in for a long ass shower.


Taurus… spends the entire day cleaning.

…and then rewards them self with ice cream.


Gemini… watches movies in bed.

…aaaaaaall day long.


Cancer… has chats with and harasses their pets.

When a Cancer gets bored they hit up their pets for some company.


Leo… complains non-stop about how bored they are.

“I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” – Every Leo Ever.


Virgo… paces up and down the house with classical music playing on full blast.

When bored you’ll probably find a Virgo pacing around the house aimlessly.

Libra… takes a bunch of selfies.

When bored Libras take the opportunity to take some selfies.


Scorpios… pigs out on junk food.

…and watches Netflix all day.


Sagittarius… gets drunk as a skunk.

And usually regrets it.


Capricorn… attempts to do something productive but just ends up going on Facebook.

A bored Capricorn is basically useless.


Aquarius… spends the day watching cats doing dumb things on YouTube.

When bored the Aquarius searches for important online documents that feature animals of the feline species wearing inappropriate attire.


Pisces… sleeeeeps. All. Day.

When a Pisces is bored they simply stay in bed.

by Zodiacfire