What Does It Actually Mean When The Full Moon Is In Your Sign?

In preparation for the upcoming full moon in Libra, it’s time to take a step back and ask, “What does that actually mean?” Understanding the significance of the full moon’s placement in each of the signs of the Zodiac can add a whole new layer to how you celebrate this lunar event.

Spiritually speaking, the full moon takes preexisting feelings or energies and puts them in bold. For example, the February full moon encourages us to think about the changing seasons, while the November full moon calls for meditation on loss and gratitude. The full moon simply amplifies the feelings that are already thematic to that time of year.

By that same token, the traits that we associate with a specific sign will intensify when the full moon is aligned with it. As the moon orbits the Earth, it travels through each sign of the Zodiac, spending between two and three days in that sign. So, for example, if the moon reaches fullness while it’s hanging out in Pisces, we may feel an increased sense of empathy. Oh, and did we mention that everyone, not just those who belong to that sign, will feel the sign’s influence?

It’s obviously exciting when the full moon is in your sign (it will feel like you and your signmates are in the spotlight). But, for every opportunity that comes with your sign’s full moon, there’s a potential challenge tagging along, too.
Ahead, we take a closer look at what to expect when the full moon is in each sign (all dates are based on when the moon will reach fullness in EST).

Next full moon: October 24, 2018

Look forward to a serious energy boost. You’ll find a renewed sense of purpose and action under this full moon, thanks to Aries’ trademark go-getter attitude.

Watch out for unnecessary risks. Unless you temper all that new energy, you might forget to look before you leap — and land yourself in a sticky situation.

Next full moon: November 12, 2019

Look forward to your sensual side coming out to play. This is a fantastic time to take a vacation, enjoy some fine dining, or simply feather your nest with some new luxury goods.

Watch out for anything that feels too comfortable. It’s all too easy to fall into a rut in your career or relationships while enjoying the finer things in life

Next full moon: November 23, 2018

Look forward to achieving social butterfly status. Gemini full moons facilitate communication, logic, and wit — prepare to feel surprisingly quick on your feet.

Watch out for undue stress. Freely flowing lines of communication means keeping a lot of people happy. Avoid taking the lead on too many projects or promising your time to everyone who asks

Next full moon: January 10, 2020

Look forward to instant you-time. Cancer’s homebody influences come in like a wrecking ball during the full moon. If you can swing it, schedule a staycation, with a side of self-care.

Watch out for mercurial moods. Cancers are known for their sensitivity, and the power of a Cancer full moon can bring that out of everyone.

Next full moon: January 21, 2019

Look forward to inspiration overload. Put time aside to brainstorm your next project or dinner party under this full moon, because the creative juices will seriously be flowing.

Watch out for drama. If there’s one sign that loves the spotlight, it’s Leo — and all that lunar love can easily go to your head if you aren’t careful

Next full moon: March 1, 2018

Look forward to a deep-cleaning. Whether that means curating your closet or confronting a toxic friend, channel Virgo’s purposeful energy to make your life a little more streamlined.

Watch out for perfectionism. Don’t let yourself get too hung up in the details while rooting out all of that clutter. Make quick decisions and never let the urge to execute keep you from delegating (it never hurts to ask for help).

Next full moon: March 31, 2018

Look forward to connection and collaboration. This full moon is a great time for networking and first dates — if the chemistry is there, you’re sure to feel it.

Watch out for anyone who’d treat you like a doormat. Libran energy can bring out the people-pleaser in all of us, but don’t feel like you can’t speak up for yourself.

Next full moon: May 18, 2019

Look forward to serious bonding time. Your intimate relationships will deepen under this full moon, whether you share secrets or new experiences.

Watch out for jealousy and fear. Scorps tend to focus on the risks that come with opening up to someone — not everyone is out to betray or abandon you. Letting go of those concerns will help your relationships develop

Next full moon: May 29, 2018

Look forward to adventure. That signature Sagittarian spontaneity will clear away the cobwebs and nudge you out of your comfort zone (maybe into a new career, home, or hobby).

Watch out for carelessness. Enjoy your freedom, but don’t lose sight of your commitments, either. Resist the urge to gloss over details or make shortcuts in your plans right now.

Next full moon: June 28, 2018

Look forward to cracking down. This is the full moon when you get shit done. The Capricorn influence will come in the form of ambition and efficiency — it’s up to you to decide what you’re striving for.

Watch out for burnout. Caps often forget that work should be balanced with at least a little play. Don’t forget to relax and recharge during this full moon, too — it’s a great time for goal-setting.

Next full moon: August 26, 2018

Look forward to variety. Aquarians crave new and strange things — and under this full moon, you will, too. Go backpacking, take up a new cause, or check out your town’s art scene.

Watch out for the temptation to tune out. You might have found your new passion, but don’t detach entirely from your old ways, either.

Next full moon: September 24, 2018

Look forward to romance. This dreamy full moon will put everyone in the mood for love and with that comes understanding, empathy, and, dare we say, happiness. Light some candles and go with it.

Watch out for increased vulnerability. It’s a slippery slope into idealism under the Pisces full moon — don’t let yourself get too disappointed (or, worse, hurt) by things that are out of your control.


Source: Refinery29