Weekly Horoscope Forecast for Each Zodiac sign 15-21 October

Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept in the vault forever. If you’ve been agonizing over the right time to reveal your feelings, this Monday, October 15, may green-light dialogue. That day, messenger Mercury meets up with heart-centered Venus at the same degree of Scorpio, and a “coeur-a-coeur” could spontaneously erupt! Should you bump into “that person” on the street—and dive right into a deep conversation—you may decide to move your sidewalk talk to a coffee shop…or a more private location. One caveat: While Mercury loves to be “in the moment,” this CAN be a slippery slope, given Venus’ backspin. With both planets tangoing through erotically charged (and vengeful) Scorpio, it might be better to cut things short if you encounter someone surreptitious, like a shady client who owes you money or a ghosting Tinder date who you’ve been obsessing over privately. Power struggles may arise, or you might get swept right back into an old dynamic that leaves you feeling frustrated and out of control. But if you’re dealing with a beautiful soul, this could be the day to lay it all on the line and see what emerges!

Matters turn in a more professional direction on Tuesday, when the quarter moon shines its balancing beams into ambitious Capricorn’s domain. Success—the kind that’s earned with sweat on the brow—is the Sea Goat’s objective, and we can all benefit from this lunar nudge. Take time to map out your Q4 goals. What would be most awesome things to accomplish by the end of 2018? Since this is a sensible quarter moon, don’t list anything that’s SO “pie in the sky” that you’ll only wind up with a half-baked attempt come January. Instead, choose two to three milestones that are both challenging and doable. Don’t stop there: Creating a fail-safe plan is the way to win. Map out a list of associated tasks, then start assigning them to anyone who wants to be a part of this mission. It’s time to be the CEO of your own life.

After an industrious and emotional week, we’ll all get a restorative time-out as the moon spends the entire weekend in dreamy, esoteric Pisces. Is it still warm enough to walk along the beach—or take a photo safari through a part of town with slightly crumbling but beautifully patinaed architecture? Zooming in on beauty will stimulate the right side of your brain, the hemisphere that governs creative expression. This fantasy-fueled energy can make strict boundaries blurrier than Monet’s water lilies, so opt to spend time with people you trust implicitly and don’t feel guarded around. With this soulfully sensitive Pisces energy in the air, this is a fine weekend for getting cozy at home. Pick up that crafting project, invite friends over to can the last bounty of tomatoes from your garden or to make vision boards at your kitchen table. But don’t rush or be too mission-oriented. Move at a slower pace so you can tune in to your intuition and leave room for the muse as you go.


Aries Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Is it finally time to let THAT go, Ram? On Monday, October 15, a sync-up of Venus retrograde and rational Mercury in your house of intense emotions could signal a “healing crisis,” with more emphasis on the first word than the second. While it would have been nice if you could have learned your karmic lessons in a less painful way, you’ve got to admit that you’ve grown a LOT from the experience. Under this cathartic confab, you may realize that you’ve actually had the choice all along. Dwell on the pain and stay stuck in perpetual sadness—or find the silver lining and move on. If love is the goal, you need to lick your wounds but then be prepared to put yourself out there again. Potential new relationships await you—but you have to be willing to take some romantic risks and meet people halfway. And with Venus retrograde, this Monday could present an opportunity to improve an existing union by talking things out…and maybe something even sexier!

As the workweek progresses, your thoughts will turn to finances and professional advancement, thanks to Tuesday’s quarter moon in Capricorn and your tenth house of career. As you scurry up the company ladder, it’s useful to pause periodically and check in with yourself. Have your ambitions or values shifted? Are you still interested in that milestone you’ve been striving for? Since this is a balancing quarter moon, you probably won’t totally change direction—but you may want to make a few course corrections. Could you add more soul to your goals to keep yourself motivated—and your heart in it? Maybe you’ll find a worthy cause to donate a portion of proceeds to or hire a consultant to help you “massage” your vision into a practical and profitable plan. With these moonbeams coming from future-oriented Capricorn, staying focused on the long-range objectives and not just the low-hanging fruit will put the wind back in your sails. Hey, how about organizing a six-week mastermind group with a small squad to bolster one another’s goals?

But after a week of “foot on the accelerator,” ease off the throttle this weekend. Sure, you’re jacked to achieve, but take some time to yourself on Saturday and Sunday, maybe turning it into a private (or two-person) retreat. With the moon drifting through Pisces and your rejuvenating twelfth house, you can unwind and recharge your creative batteries. Some solitude and unstructured “me time” may be just what the holistic doctor ordered. If resisting the urge to pick up SOME project proves impossible, be highly selective and only devote your time to things you’re passionate about. And even then, resolve to move through it at a flowy pace that allows for creative experimentation (and frequent rest breaks). Closure and forgiveness are also themes this weekend, which might include writing someone a farewell letter—but one that you burn (responsibly) in a firepit, not actually mail. A major cleaning and clearing project—whether of lingering emotions or actual stuff—could be life-changing. The healing comes from your staying conscious and focused, and letting things go with love and a very open heart.


Taurus Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

You do the math! On Monday, October 15, flirty Mercury and your ruler, amorous Venus, link up in sizzling Scorpio and your relationship house, setting the stage for one VERY romantic encounter! If you’re newly dating, this could be the day you’ve been waiting for—to see if this has the potential to work out or whether this person is meant to be more of a “playmate.” Happy couples can talk about an important subject you never find time for—anything from a major new purchase to “hmm, would you be open to trying…?” But since Venus is retrograde, think of this as an exploratory dialogue, not something you have to rush to plan or bring to life. Single and searching? Drop in at a new (to you) venue, go out with a couple unattached friends and chat up the crowd, or just get into a right-swiping frenzy. Again, given Venus’ reverse commute, you still want to be selective and know that it might take until after November 16 to be certain of anyone’s potential. If love is truly the last thing on your mind (for now), pick one key connection you’d like to nurture with more quality time. Meet for brunch and a gallery stroll. Find a fun live show tonight or belt your karaoke hearts out. The whole point is to deepen a bond and both feel enriched as a result.

On Tuesday, a balancing quarter moon in Capricorn beams into your candid ninth house. In the sign of the guarded Goat, at first this might seem helpful in addressing a situation. And yet the ninth house is the domain of spontaneity and being “honest to a fault.” While many people think of you as a reserved earth sign, when you’re fired up, Bull, you’ve been known to charge without much of a warning. So stay in touch with your feelings mid-week. If you get the urge to tell someone off, put it in an email—that you probably should never send. But get everything off your chest, perhaps even going a little overboard to make sure it’s ALL out of your system. Next week, if you still want to say something, give it a good stiff (sober) edit and another think. And in the meantime, you can regain your equilibrium with a change of scenery. (Mental-health-day road trip, anyone? Or maybe just a heart-pumping night on the dance floor?) The ninth house also rules global adventures. WhatsApp a friend in Sao Paolo or talk to folks in your London office. Even if your suggestion to visit was mostly wishful thinking, you’re priming the pump, which can do you a “world” of good!

This weekend is all about #SquadGoals and group hangs! With the moon parked in easygoing Pisces and your community corner both days, you’ll shine as a true-blue people person. Play social director and organize a gathering—or a series of ‘em. Since this realm rules activism and humanitarian efforts, you’ll be in the mood to give back. Before you dive into the “entertainment” portion of your playdate, bring some woke friends to a political rally or neighborhood beautification project. You’ve been gaining clarity around who your REAL allies are ever since the August 26 Pisces full moon. Best use of this knowledge? Dedicate more time to the people who are uplifting and positive and less to the fair-weather types and especially the unapologetic frenemies. No need to stage a dramatic unfriending; just redistribute your time and affection as you FEEL fit. Another nice perk of Pisces energy? It helps you lean in to your heart more than your head. Amen to that!


Gemini Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Grab your yoga mat, lace up your trail-runners, find your bike helmet! On Monday, October 15, methodical Mercury and beautifying Venus buddy up in your sixth house of wellness and self-care (and work and service). Any activity that connects you to Mother Nature will do your mindbody a world of good. (And yes, that’s a word.) If you can start your workday a little later than usual, you can squeeze in some movement AND meditation (and maybe some self-nurturing bodywork?). But if that’s not possible, take mini “Zen” breaks throughout the day to get (and stay) centered. Make a habit of that and your whole approach to your job (and life?) could shift. You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle or move to India, but bringing more mindfulness to your daily routines can infuse the mundane with joy—especially since Venus is retrograde, helping you add more depth to all aspects of your daily life. You’ve heard it a hundred times before: Slow down and savor every bite you take. Stop and actually smell those roses (or night-blooming jasmine). Smile, make eye contact and chat with the person bagging up your organic veggies. Make a game of finding one thing to acknowledge about everyone you come into contact with. One small but sincere compliment can make their day!

On Tuesday, you won’t need lacy lingerie—or any props—to set the joint on fire. (Although feel free to dress up, bring toys, illuminate the boudoir with candles and keep a metaphoric fire extinguisher handy!) An equalizing quarter moon in earthily sensual Capricorn gets the party started in your erotic eighth house. Now all you need is a seductive playlist—and a sexy playmate. If you’ve got both covered, you can stop reading right now and get busy. But for Geminis who don’t quite have the particulars sorted, stop hiding behind those vague texts and sending the object of your affection mixed signals. You CAN admit to an attraction without leaving yourself vulnerable. In fact, cluing someone into your feelings is a great way to get the ball rolling. And this Capricorn-laced lunar leveling can help you find the “on” switch. On the flip side, if things are getting too heavy too fast—or you’re not feeling someone—this practical moon can help you cut ‘em loose without leaving scar tissue.

As eager as you may be to “weekend” like it was a verb, you may have some high-level professional tasks to attend to at “el fin de la semana.” With the moon riding high in Pisces and your ambitious tenth house both Saturday and Sunday, you’ll benefit from devoting a chunk of time to playing catch-up. Dive into some R&D on a project, polish a pitch, add some graphics and modern fonts to next week’s sales presentation. It’s not like you’re hyper-focused on your “competition”; it’s just that you always wish you had a little more time in your week… So “steal” a few hours this weekend to give your workweek some extra juice, and you’ll ace this! If you’re on the hunt for more gainful employment, update your profiles and resume and start spreading the news. You may be on the threshold of a major leap forward, but you’ve got to do your bit and meet the universe (at least) halfway. This is also a good weekend to socialize strategically, letting your brunches and cocktail parties double as networking opportunities. Nurture the connections with fellow movers and shakers—they’re the ones with the highest ROI potential!


Cancer Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

The week gets off to a glamorous start as amorous Venus (who’s retrograde) hooks up with flirty Mercury in your fifth house of amour and passion on Monday, October 15. Make a budget and give yourself permission to splurge at the nail salon, indie label boutique or shoe department. Under these luxurious skies, you’ll be susceptible to a little upselling, too. You may start off convinced you’re getting the weekday mani-pedi special, and the next thing you know, you’ve agreed to the full spa treatment—with a little waxing and herbal wrap action thrown in for good measure. And should you visit any “retail therapy emporiums,” set a strict spending limit in advance of walking in the door. With impulsive Mercury leading the way, you might forget to check price tags before using your perfectly polished hand to double-tap on that Apple Pay button. Retrograde Venus cautions against any major purchases or cosmetic upgrades, so if it doesn’t come out in a few washes, wait until after November 16 to experiment. This cosmic combo could also lead into someone’s waiting arms—but signals may get muddled, turning this into a hella awkward embrace. Try to keep your sense of humor in tow so you don’t short-circuit the attraction just because you had a bumpy takeoff. If you’re in a relationship, however complicated, blaming a backward-spinning love planet is not an excuse that will hold up in a court of law (or love). This applies doubly to any ex you’ve sworn off. In a solid relationship? Hack the “old married couple” syndrome with fun cultural activities. Make dinner reservations then find a Monday night comedy or open-mic…or go home and improvise some moves of your own.

On Tuesday, an equalizing quarter moon in Capricorn falls in your seventh house of partnerships, providing an opportunity to evaluate your closest connections. Even the happiest-married couples and most dynamic of duos can use some fine-tuning once in a while. As a deeply sensitive Cancer, you take the concept of bonding VERY seriously. But just because you’re committed (for business or pleasure) doesn’t mean you can’t—or shouldn’t—have the occasional serious discussion when you sense an imbalance in your power dynamics. This is tricky terrain for you, since you’re prone to putting other people’s needs before your own. Reclaim what’s yours, Crab. You and you alone are responsible for your own happiness. A bit of breathing room in a somewhat suffocating relationship can restore your equilibrium. On the flip side: If a noncommittal type is keeping YOU in limbo, you don’t have to silently endure it. Say something already! Single? Reevaluate what you think you’re looking for. Your “wish list” may have changed dramatically since that last time you actually checked it.

Leave some white space in your calendar this weekend! The moon will be backpacking through Pisces and your peripatetic ninth house both days, practically insisting that you leave plenty of time and mental space for spontaneity—which includes going out AND sleeping in. With your global zone lit up, you’ll enjoy diversifying your social life and gathering with people from varied backgrounds (and maybe pursuing one special cross-cultural connection). Break the mold by experimenting with some different world cuisines and watching foreign flicks. Your thirst for knowledge might even inspire you to sign up for a personal development seminar or how-to workshop. Learning is earning, Cancer, so jot down any enterprising ideas that crop up as you go!


Leo Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Lately, has your home felt like your sanctuary—or just another four-letter word? If you’ve been butting heads with a roomie or relative, Monday, October 15, could be the day when you finally hug it out, or at least wave a white flag and request a cease-fire. A peaceful pairing of practical Mercury and fair-minded Venus (who’s retrograde) helps you see things from a more harmonious perspective. When little annoyances come up, you don’t have to snap at anyone—OR sweep things under the rug. No two people are always in sync, but it’s how we deal with these disconnects that makes or breaks relationships. You need to talk things out soon after the “transgression” occurred—not after you’ve been stewing in your juices for months! Repeat “offenses” especially need to be hashed out. But don’t go mounting any high horses. What feels wrong-to-egregious to you might be NBD to the other person. Besides, making it about them will only put them on the defensive. So instead of scolding, let them know how this behavior makes YOU feel. That leaves room for creative, cooperative solutions to emerge. This cosmic coupling can also cause the home-decor bug to bite. But with aesthetic Venus in reverse, do your research and budget some things out now so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to impulse buys. In the meantime (until November 16), scratch your itch with some inspirational Pinterest boards.

On Tuesday, a restorative quarter moon in Capricorn fires up your wellness corner, motivating you to make minor (or major) tweaks to your routines so you don’t “forget” important things like eating a healthy breakfast, exercising regularly and meditating. As summer inevitably turns to fall (or spring to summer for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), switch up your diet to eat not just locally (the goal!) but seasonally. With temps dropping, you can rev up your immune system by adding more warming ginger, garlic and turmeric into your cooking. Legumes, root vegetables and other produce that’s being harvested now (e.g., squash, carrot, sweet potato and parsnip) are practically screaming to be made into soothing soups. But here’s a question almost no one thinks to ask: Are you relying on stress to keep you motivated? While there IS such a thing as “good stress,” that tends to help in the short-term but invariably leads to fatigue and burnout (and depression). Need a natural “upper”? Turn to oxygen (as in deep breathing exercises or walks in the fresh air) and green smoothies instead of caffeine and sugar as your uppers.

Draw the drapes and hang the Do Not Disturb sign! With a seductive moon in Pisces, a percolating attraction could sprawl into a weekend in bed—and not necessarily by your lonesome, Leo! You’ll be as solo as you want to be. That said, if you are craving your own company, clear your schedule and spend these two days dancing with the muse. Divinely inspired downloads could come fast and furious. You might even complete a song, painting or a chapter of your memoir before Sunday dinner. An investment that cropped up over the past couple months can bring a payout. Perusing financial books, like Barbara Stanny’s Sacred Success, could lead to a brand-new way of looking at money. You’re an attractive force for cash, Leo, so allow yourself to embrace the abundance that wants to flow your way. No guilt!


Virgo Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Top off your social tanks on Monday, October 15! That day, your ruler, outgoing Mercury, and people-loving Venus (who’s retrograde) sync up in your third house of friends, neighbors and associates, giving you all kinds of opportunities to deepen connections with people you admire. If you always chitchat with someone at the gym or yoga, invite her to walk with you to get a juice or cup of tea—at least exchange contact info. Tap a colleague to go out for lunch or maybe Happy Hour. If the vibe feels right, you might even loop your new plus-one into evening plans with your squad. And since Venus is one of the planetary pot-stirrers, if you’ve been secretly crushing on someone in the friend zone, Monday could bring some line-blurring developments. Proceed with caution—especially if one or both of you isn’t entirely single—since the love planet is retrograde until November 16. But there’s a lot to be said for the “getting to know you” phase!

Could the state of your union stand some shoring up? Tuesday’s balancing quarter moon in Capricorn might just give your love life the course correction you desire. But first make sure you know what you want—and be specific about the areas that these moonbeams might improve. For instance, you could be experiencing an all-out love fest every time you’re with a certain someone, but when you’re apart, you feel forgotten or neglected. Or maybe you’re only half in it, waiting for “something better” to trot up on a white steed. While the heart wants what it wants, it’s important to be realistic about what you’re likely to reel in. This grounded Capricorn moon can pull you back down to earth. Start by owning your role in this. Could you be projecting doubt or disappointment? Stop spinning your wheels and lay your cards on the table. Even happily coupled Virgos can benefit from some heart-centered tweaks. Shift out of old-married mode and do something that moves the needle in a more romantic direction. The element of surprise will work in everyone’s favor! And if there are no partners or eligibles on your radar, getting out (or right-swiping) more should be your first step!

Prioritize your love life—and all close relationships—this weekend! The moon is lingering in Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships both days, setting the stage for cooperation and harmony…and a whole lotta nooky. Give priority seating to the people who always have your back. Aim for one-on-one hangouts where you can give your inner circle your undivided attention and take a deep dive into intimate conversations. A connection that sparked near the August 26 full moon in Pisces could really heat up now—or an existing bond may hit another high point. On the flip side, if you’ve known for a while that your heart isn’t into something, you’ll have the courage to initiate a conscious uncoupling.


Libra Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

On Monday, October 15, the heavens hand you a cosmic permission slip to lounge in bed and indulge in sensual delights—as long as the boss isn’t going to come looking for you! Under the synergistic mind meld of communicative Mercury and your ruler, romantic Venus, your workweek could start with some sweet, old-fashioned loving. (Or, if you have to be up and at ‘em, save it up and look forward to THAT kind of evening.) If you can duck out during work hours, treat yourself to a spa pedicure or a hot-stone massage to melt away any tension knots. This elegant alignment sets the stage for a dress-up date or a reunion with one of your dearest wingwomen who may have re-entered your life, ready to “turn up” again ever since Venus spun retrograde this past October 5. If funds allow, splurge on a fancy dinner with wine pairings or upgrade to “premium seating” if you’ve lucked into show tickets. Whatever you get up to, keep your schedule as light and flexible as possible, leaving plenty of openings for bae or an unknown admirer to beam in—or least to say yes to a pal’s spontaneous invite to candlelight yoga or Happy Hour.

Your attention flows back to Chateau Libra on Tuesday as the equalizing quarter moon in Capricorn shines its lights in your fourth house of home and family. You can get life back in balance (the Libra mantra) by devoting a little time to tidying up, decluttering or tackling that long-procrastinated project. Roll up your sleeves and get into an organizing mindset. Throw away what you can—or set aside a big “Donate!” pile—and pack away the rest neatly but out of sight. For things you want to keep on display (your art glass or devotional-statue collection, say), hang floating shelves to best flaunt your treasures. Without even trying to, you could get the positive chi flowing and liberate any stuck areas of your life. And if you’re still celebrating birthday MONTH, this zhushing could attract some great weekday celebrants. If you live with bae or a roommate and there are some “things” to discuss, the tactful quarter moon will help you get things out into the open without sending anyone into a paroxysm of tears.

And if that little mission felt even better than you thought it would, you can dive into a more intense part deux this weekend! With the moon parked in Pisces and percolating your sixth house of organization and systems, you may already have a priority list for everything you want to get around to. Ever since the August 26 Pisces full moon in this realm, you have been thinking more and more like a minimalist. But now it’s time to get out of your head and put that sensibility into action in your home. Resolve to be as unemotional about “stuff” as possible, consolidating things into four piles: throw out, save, give away or sell, and “maybe” (which you can decide on during part three). You might want to invite a friend who enjoys this sort of thing, too, offering to return the favor another weekend. Be ruthless—but stop short of tossing any family heirlooms! While you’re rearranging your space, leave a little room for your weights, yoga mat or other workout props. Having a dedicated place—that’s always set up—is a great incentive to do more!


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Let love lead! Actually, you’ll be happy to slide into the passenger’s seat and let some peaceful and creative solutions take the wheel on Monday, October 15. That day brings a harmonizing hookup of communicator Mercury and gentle Venus in your sign, illuminating choices that blend logic and emotion. If you’ve been operating in low-power mode or have felt out of the loving loop since Venus turned retrograde in your sign on October 5, this alignment can give you a cosmic chiropractic adjustment. Don’t throw yourself a pity party or complain you can’t get anything going. There’s strength in numbers, as these social planets hasten to remind you, so surround yourself with people who can help flip the switch on your energy source. If something’s bothering you, don’t sweep it under the rug. Lean in to the messenger planet’s direct style of expression and speak your piece! And should you feel yourself slipping into a “helplessness hole,” reach out to someone in your inner circle who can literally lend a hand, pull you out and redirect you toward supportive resources and organizations. Was there something you wish you’d said to your S.O. or a date? Instead of kicking yourself for missing the “perfect” opportunity, give yourself a do-over. Meet for a drink or gather at the kitchen table and spill your heart out. Whether you want to ‘fess up to your feelings with someone new or sort out a longstanding issue with your partner, the only way to move forward is with honesty—and your trademark soulful intensity.

Could your social circle benefit from a little pruning? If so, slip on the gardening gloves and get ready to do just that. On Tuesday, a recalibrating quarter moon in grounded Capricorn may inspire an unflinching reassessment of the people you’ve granted all-access passes to. Everyone is “busy,” Scorpio, but that’s no excuse for not treating you like the gem of a friend you are! You can’t build a relationship with “friends” who keep blowing you off, and this moon’s message is that it may be time to thin the herd. You don’t have to do anything drastic, like unfriend them on social media; just take them off your priority list and use your time to nurture bonds with the interesting (and, more to the point, interested) acquaintances who keep trying to get YOU on their calendars. One of those budding connections could accelerate this week, sparking a potential collaboration. Why compete when you can combine forces? This could be the “scalability” solution you’ve been waiting for!

On Saturday and Sunday, the moon is aglow in Pisces and your fifth house of glamour, amour and fame. If you’re not performing onstage with your band, killing it at karaoke or bringing the mic drops at an improv night, your unleashed fashionista will stop the street-style bloggers in their tracks. This is a weekend to abandon your usual enigmatic M.O. and go “maximalist.” A romantic situation that sparked around the August 26 Pisces full moon could take flight now. Attached? With your fifth house lit, it’s a perfect time to reopen that convo about commitment, babies or other major milestones.


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

And you didn’t think things could get hotter? On Monday, October 15, mindful Mercury mashes up with vixen Venus in smoldering Scorpio and your dreamy twelfth house. Do you need a permission slip to indulge a few Sag-worthy fantasies? The only downside is that it IS the beginning of the workweek, and as liberated as you may feel, there are people depending on you to show up and perform. (If NOT, then by all means, have a leisurely breakfast in bed—ideally a deux!) Whatever you do or don’t get up to, don’t rush into the rest of your day. Even if you must punch the clock, you can add playful, flirtatious touches—especially if you’re unattached. Set your dial to the Cupid channel and make a point of mingling with intriguing people. After work, do something appropriately twelfth-house, like attending a spiritual or meditation circle—or getting into a holy rapture on the dance floor. In other matters, you can do some powerful self-healing work under this alignment simply by deciding it’s time to “get over it.” With Venus retrograde, you’ll have to dig deeper to release that resentment or grudge. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, of course, but remember that hanging onto anger only hurts YOU.

The next day, your quicksilver mind will already be onto other important matters, namely, your money. If that mojo has been in slow-mo, Tuesday’s quarter moon in fiscally savvy (and long-sighted) Capricorn and your income zone can help you get your cash flowing again! But it’s not a magic trick, Archer. This kind of serious fiduciary turnaround requires your full attention—and then a commitment to making some lifestyle shifts. Start by assessing your income: If you’re not being paid what you’re worth, request a sit-down with your supervisor. If you’re self-employed, give yourself a pep talk then evaluate whether your clients can handle a 5 percent rate increase (now or come 2019). You may want to invest in training or a certification that will warrant a higher pay grade—or hire a career coach or consultant. On a related note, where could you trim some “fat”? Small expenses add up, and you may be shocked to see how much you blow through every month on overpriced meals, impulse buys and “premium” services that aren’t justifiable. Tighten your chain belt and stay out of the red!

This weekend is perfect for clearing out your calendar and getting back into your nesting groove. (And if you’ve wanted an excuse to bow out of a commitment or three, this is it!) With the moon lingering in languid Pisces and your domestic fourth house both days, you’ve got an ideal set-up to get cozy with your inner circle, perhaps hosting a dinner party or game night. If you downloaded any epiphanies about your living situation around the August 26 Pisces full moon, you can get some action items in motion, Sagittarius, whether you’re hunting for an apartment or woodsy piece of land to call your own.


Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Open your door—and your mind! The week gets off to a social start, yanking you away from your office (or those mind-numbing spreadsheets). On Monday, October 15, expressive Mercury joins forces with Venus (retrograde) in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You might get invited to join a new group on a cutting-edge project or reconnect with former colleagues for social or professional reasons. Or both! Venus in reverse in this communal corner can dial up the nostalgia for those back-in-the-day friends you fell out of touch with for no apparent reason. Rally the troops for a “long time no see” get-together. On the outs with someone? Pick up the peacemaker’s baton, and a few metaphoric olive branches, and call a truce. This mashup of curious Mercury and artistic Venus sparks your inner culture vulture. No evening plans on the books? Check out an emerging art district, listen to some live music. Single? These cosmic seductrixes could change the way you’re seeing a certain friend (or their friend). All bets are ON under this flirty flare-up!

Tuesday’s quarter moon in your sign restores your groove—that’s assuming it was MIA in the first place! You can be your harshest critic, Capricorn, and you may have been logging overtime in that role for a while. But this week, la luna shines her balancing beams into your first house of identity, appearance and image. If you recently got swept into a (classic Capricorn) “all work and no play” cycle, this equalizing lunation can help you recalibrate the scales. Even if you’ve been on a growth-oriented mission, call a time-out ASAP and start spending more time with the kinds of friends who motivate you in ALL areas of life, not just your career. Maybe one of them wants to be your workout buddy or Pilates duet partner. Start a mastermind group together—or better yet, a wine tasting club. One of the best things your structured sign can do is leave plenty of white space for unscheduled roaming and mingling. A little spontaneous fun can fuel your future productivity.

Planetary PSA: If you were expecting to spend the entire weekend catching up on errands and work, prepare for a change of plans. With the moon parked in Pisces and your super-social third house both days, prioritize people—and take a deeper dive into community goings-on. You may have been feeling the desire to get closer to some new friends or to branch out into local social or cultural groups. So now, take that yearning out of your head and set it into motion. Those street fairs don’t just happen, and puppies don’t adopt themselves! Volunteering for some neighborhood activities can introduce you to some new like-minded friends and, if you’re unattached, answer that perennial question: Where are all the cool single people? Now you know where they’ve all been hiding—in plain sight!


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Your competitive side isn’t usually obvious at first blush, but it might be flapping in the wind this Monday, October 15! That day brings a rare meetup of clever Mercury and creative Venus (retrograde) in your tenth house of career ambition and success. Take a little time to research the latest trends and strategies that thought leaders in your industry are utilizing. (Actually, once you put your mind to it, you might come up with some better ones of your own.) Venus retrograde is a perfect excuse to reconnect with former female colleagues, perhaps over lunch or at Happy Hour. “How have you been?” can quickly morph into “So what if we team up on this project?” But since the tenth house rules all things masculine, don’t deliberately leave out the interesting and cutting-edge guys in your life. Romantically this could be the day to review your shared goal sheet, or your wish list, if you’re single. You don’t have to cleave to it like some golden rule, but having a few guidelines for the future can get you inspired about dating and mating again.

Tuesday’s message: Shield your field! A quarter moon in Capricorn shines its equalizing beams into your twelfth house of healing, introspection, transitions—and fantasy. You may think you’re confiding in a trustworthy person only to discover they’re not as true-blue as they led you to believe. Before you reach the “point of no return,” tune in to how you feel around certain people. If you’re on edge or feel like your vital force is being drained, you’re probably NOT being paranoid. You may have vibed out an energy vampire. This quarter moon can teach you valuable twelfth-house lessons, including listening to that little voice inside your head more than to random others—who likely have their own agenda. Also, o’ social creature, this realm shows you the joy of being alone with yourself. You don’t have to unfriend or ghost anyone. Just take a step back and get a clearer picture of what’s what…and who’s who!

This weekend, keep some free time in reserve. The moon will be parked both days in Pisces and your second house of practical magic—and duty may call! From reviewing your bank, credit card and department-store bills to finding health practitioners in your network to PAYING your bills…money matters may be front and center. But no one says you can’t enjoy yourself as you chip away at these “dutiful activities.” Take a break and visit an outdoor market, picking up your weekly haul from an actual farmer. When you are going over statements, cue up an upbeat playlist and maybe take mini dance breaks. And with la luna swirling through mystical Pisces, there’s more to all this “accounting” than meets the eye. Your income isn’t the only pathway to prosperity. You have all kinds of talents (and old STUFF) that have moneymaking potential. Anything from helping people get organized to building (or critiquing or improving) their websites to babysitting can usher in abundance.


Pisces Weekly Horoscope

10-15-2018 to 10-21-2018

Going somewhere? Not that you’re aware of? Hang on a sec, Pisces. On Monday, October 15, meandering Mercury and vogueish Venus share a magic carpet ride through your travel zone, planting the seed for a sweet little getaway. Chances are, you can’t pack a bag and wake up in Paris. But with this starry stimulation, even a quick scenery change will hit the refresh button on your perspective and enhance your mood. If you’re tethered to the office or base camp, do some symbolic acts that will mix things up, like sampling foods at new venues and hanging with a new friend. Getting out of your routine, even for a day, can help you look at situations and problems in a whole new light. This is a good day to just get some travel PLANS in the hopper. If funds are tight, think of good friends or relatives you could visit or find last-minute deals to places that are high on your radar. Attached? Venus retrograde (until November 16) is a perfect time to return to places that have sentimental meaning, like where you had your first kiss or vacation. In lieu of leaving city limits, single Pisces could swoon over a sexy accent that catches your ear at the neighborhood wine bar. Diversify your options and date like the international ambassador of amour that you are!

Tuesday marks the quarter moon in Capricorn, which shines its balancing beams into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Are you looking to buddy up with someone on a personal or professional project, perhaps something in the digital realm? This lunation could illuminate capable candidates—but the trick is believing that a perfect collaborator even exists! If you’re involved in a group mission that’s going nowhere fast, take it upon yourself to do a crew review. It could be that one person isn’t up to snuff or their dead weight is slowing others down as they try to compensate for them. You don’t have to play “bad cop.” That’s what head honchos and HR people are for. Just make sure you can point to the problem areas—and ideally have a solution in mind—and then get back to work. Things could change in a flash!

This weekend has your name on it—literally! The moon will be in Pisces both days, handing you the talking stick—and car keys, and credit cards—and granting you cosmic permission to do whatever your heart desires. Start by clearing your schedule of tiresome tasks and social obligations that you never asked for in the first place. What’s likely to make you happiest is a wide-open calendar with just one or two fun plans with your closest BFFs or beloved. If you have some pent-up energy and want to channel it into something, flash back to ideas that got sparked around the August 26 full moon in your sign. Did you get a glimmer of a more fulfilling path…or a creative project that you filed away as “perfect for fall”? Without pushing yourself (and adding stress, which will kill your motivation), take an exploratory step and see if you’re still feeling it. Or, if you want to laze around with a good book or catch up on your Netflix, that’s great, too. Repeat after us, Pisces: It’s not selfish to put yourself first!

Source: AstroStyle