Weekend Love Horoscope For Each Sign – May 25 to May 27


As the planets move through your chart this weekend, exploring and discovering new things will be the key theme for you, Aries. If you are in a relationship be sure to include your partner and this will open up the chance to share much needed time for bonding and delighting in each others company. Likewise, if your love is careful about pursuing something you feel strongly about, don’t allow them to hold you back. Sometimes, you have to make it happen on your own, Aries.

Single Aries, there is a chance that there will be a lot happening around you this weekend. The alignment in your chart shows that your mind might be swirling from an abundance of ideas. Be certain to think things thoroughly before rushing into a new venture. Go ahead and explore the new options that open up to you and always confide to those who want the best for you, Aries.


Taurus, self-fulfillment is likely to be your strong focus this weekend as indicated by your chart. If commitments from the workplace look to be reaching an uncontrollable point over the weekend, do what you can to alleviate this. While it’s a welcome opportunity to get ahead, keeping a good balance at the same time is essential. If your weekend looks to be fully booked, make way for some time with your love – you will be rewarded by their love and it will be beneficial for both of you, Taurus.

For the single Taurus, there is a strong likelihood of a new romance finding its way to you this weekend. It could present itself to you at any given time so don’t allow yourself to hide away this weekend. Be on the lookout and take notice of those who might be vying for your attention. Be open so that you give yourself the chance to recognize all the possibilities that love brings into your life this weekend, Taurus.


Gemini, you will be surrounded by some powerful vibes this weekend that will likely heighten your emotions. If you feel like retreating a little this could be the best time for some quiet alone time. If you feel distressed about something don’t wallow in it – feel what you need to and then move forward. Do not retire into your shell – it’s alright to show vulnerability and open up your feelings – particularly with your love. They will appreciate this and be supportive and provide you with needed inside if you need it, Gemini.

Single Gemini, this weekend as the planets move through your chart get ready to welcome love into your life. It could be in the form of subtle flirtation, or a full on love affair. Get clear on what you want so that you can make space to call it in. The planets will be supporting you so get excited. Friends will be important to you also, and you will enjoy deep conversations with those you love the most so make time to be social, Gemini.


This weekend, you will be in a good position to deal with unsettled issues from your past, Cancer. You will enjoy being on the same page with your love which makes it unlikely for any conflict to spoil the peace and harmony that you will enjoy this weekend. If you have friends in particular who are trying to create issues – don’t allow them to get to you. Steer clear from drama and gossip! Make a conscious choice this weekend to be around people who fill you with positive vibes, Cancer.

This weekend looks to be interesting in the love department, single Cancer. With the high energy swirling around you, now is the perfect time to get rid of any expectations and go with the tide. You might take note of a new surge in confidence so employ this coupled with all the positivity it brings. Share time with close friends and seek their advice or opinion if you need it, Cancer.


Leo, endeavoring to do things that restore balance and harmony into your life is likely to be your key theme this weekend. Participate in what feels good and right for you and don’t allow yourself to do anything that you don’t take any pleasure in. Be heedful about how you approach life this weekend. Plan to share time some quality time with your partner such as communing with nature or having a quiet intimate night together at home. Connection will come easily to you both, Leo.

This weekend holds the likelihood of a scorching hot time for you, single Leo! There is a chance that you will be feeling highly energetic and will carry an aura of self confidence with you. This will aid you in communicating your wishes whether in life or love in general. You are set attract attention from other people so be courageous and prepare to embrace life’s adventures. Be bold this weekend and step into your true potential, Leo.


Virgo, there is a likelihood that your health and general well being will be held in high regard this weekend. If you have higher energy levels than usual make use of this and do active things that make you feel good. If there is a fitness class you have been meaning to give a try – go for it! Small gestures of self love over the weekend will lead you to get in a better and healthier lifestyle all throughout the coming week when things start getting chaotic, Virgo.

Single Virgos, you will be feeling flirtatious and gearing up for lighthearted adventures this weekend. A chance meeting with a stranger could be the start of something that has the likelihood of turning into something more meaningful down the road. If you don’t have plans yet, contact your friends and go on an out of town trip this weekend – get yourself out there and let love come and find you, Virgo.


Libra, a strong focus in your chart this weekend centers on communication. If you are in a relationship, this might see you having some deep and significant conversations with your love. It will result in developing a stronger bond between the both of you. These discussions are great to have as they certainly give you an idea as to where your relationship is headed. Have fun and take pleasure in your friends presence this weekend, they will boost your spirit and energy, Libra.

For the single Libra, your patience and persistence will probably bear fruit this weekend. If you have been attracted to someone special, there is a chance that you will be in the right place at the right time and bump into them. Take note of subtle signs from the universe – these signs will benefit you. You will have great energy so utilize this and have a fun weekend. Don’t forget to listen to your gut instinct – it won’t let you down, Libra.


This weekend has the capacity to develop into good times, Scorpio! The energy around you may result in you seeking out adventure – have fun and be spontaneous. If you are in a relationship, delight your partner and do something thrilling and exhilarating together. If you have been getting too serious with life lately, now is a good time to hang loose and create excitement. Let go of any inhibitions and experience the most awesome time with your love, Scorpio.

The same applies for the single Scorpio – this is your moment! Chill and get yourself out there. When you welcome new things into your life this can result in a domino effect that will have you realizing new things about yourself. This weekend there may be someone from your group who has been crushing on you. Be on the lookout for the smallest signs of flirtation and if you find it to your liking then go with the flow and see where the road takes you, Scorpio.


Sagittarius, taking the time out to get organized might benefit you this weekend. This will make you emboldened and ready to take on any new challenges that come your way. Your love will be right by your side creating plans with you and you will realize that together you make a great team. Be sure to create space to have significant conversations about your hopes for the future. As a couple working together, your relationship will reach a new level, Sagittarius.

This weekend is likely to be a hectic time with an abundance of social invites heading your way, single Sagittarius. There will be positive energy around you that is likely to recharge you and provide the stamina to attend all social events that you are interested in. A particular someone might be a match and you will find them alluring – take note of those you are attracted to. Let things develop organically and see where it leads, Sagittarius.


Capricorn, make certain to start the weekend on a high note. If you feel somewhat deluged it will be essential for you to slow your pace and take a breath. You might sense that you are feeling more sensitive than usual – so if you notice that you are getting affected by something that usually wouldn’t bother you, this might be the reason for it. Give yourself the space and time this weekend to realign yourself and be prepared for a big week ahead, Capricorn.
Nurturing relationships will be a big priority for you this weekend, as suggested by the alignment in your chart.

If you are single and ready to mingle there is a strong likelihood that you will meet someone who you have a strong connection with. If you deal your cards right this someone could have an enduring impact on your future. Be cautious that you don’t commit yourself excessively this weekend. Too many coffee dates with friends may take its toll on you, Capricorn.


Aquarius, you might be turning in a new leaf this weekend. If you sense that you are entering a new phase in your life this is likely to make you feeling pumped and fearless. Utilize this energy and strike while the iron is hot. If you are in a relationship plan a fun date for you and your partner and let them know how much they matter to you. It’s essential that you make use of your time on weekends to spend with your love. Take pleasure in lightheaded fun – you’ve earned it, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, make a promise to yourself to get rid of anything that has been holding you back this past week. This will attract new and exciting things into your life. Continue to let your heart open to welcome love. If you open yourself up, there is a strong likelihood of love finding you. This weekend you might be lucky when it comes to love. Be ready for some lighthearted flirtation and enjoy the moment, Aquarius.


Pisces, if you find yourself with abundant energy, utilize this wisely. Use it and apply it to what you want to achieve this weekend – even if this means cleaning out your house or sorting through your wardrobe. You may find this process fulfilling. If you feel that you have been clocking up a lot of time on your phone lately, maybe you should be open to trying out a digital detox. Turn off your laptop and phone and focus your attention onto intimate encounters with your partner, Pisces.

For the single Pisces, it will be an ideal moment to make changes to your living space or get that DIY project you’ve started at the beginning of the year done this weekend. This weekend is not necessarily about finding romance, instead take pleasure in the friendships that come along and take delight in other people’s company without having any expectations. Have faith that everything will happen when the time is right, Pisces.