‘Time Traveller’ Claims He Knows When World War III Will Happen

Bad news guys, World War III is just around the corner. Well, at least according to a time traveller who was born in 2043 and he would know, right?

Michael Phillips uploaded a weird video to – where else? – YouTube, claiming he is from the future and he has some scary warnings from us.

Remember we just had to rely on psychics to give us the info on when World War III started? Amateurish.

Anyway, in the video, Phillips, who uses a voice changer, says he was sent back by a government agency (classic) using a time machine which could have ‘possible’ alien origin.

In the video, he tells us he was born in 2043 and that he joined the army aged 18, from here he was specially chosen to take part in ‘time travel experiments’. Amongst his claims he also says he was drafted into the 21st SAS Regiment, but, I mean, of all the stuff he says that’s probably the least outlandish.

He then goes on to issue a scary warning for all of us.

“There is a limited nuclear exchange in 2019,” he tells us. “March 2019.

“That does involve North Korea, they attempt to launch a nuclear missile to Honolulu in Hawaii and the US responds with two nuclear laden missiles.

“So Kim Jong Un was no more at that point and a lot of his guild was taken out too,

“With the turmoil [which] ensued after that, World War III did start in 2020.”

Try not to worry, too much, though, because he goes on to say it was only a ‘limited war’, lasting three years.

He continued: “Russia and China were against the UK and America and a few other countries and it was all in all a very fast but brutal war.

“Countless millions were killed. Nuclear weapons were used, but just in a limited capacity thankfully – just battlefield weapons.”

Now, our man Phillips is on a mission to make sure the world knows about the imminent dangers, so we’ve got half a chance of stopping of it all.

But even if we do manage to escape WWIII, there’s more bad news on the horizon, according to Phillips, who says there will be several massive natural disasters which will leave parts of Earth inhospitable to human life. Perfect.

He says: “In 2022, California, LA, to be exact – is to be hit by what is termed ‘The Big One’. There was a very, very massive 10.2 magnitude earthquake, which completely decimates the city.”

Adding that in the future, California sits 10ft lower than it used to as a result and, due to flooding, is no longer habitable.

Elsewhere, Donald Trump gets two terms, he’s succeed by a man called Michael McIntosh.

It’s not all bad, though, he reckons that by 2025 humans will be able to walk on Mars, thanks to SpaceX with bases built by 2032. So, I guess we can all just move there?