This Tricky Dot Quiz Is Tough, How Long Did It Take You?

There are several different types of intelligence that are believed to exist and depending on the particular theory there may be anywhere from three to nine, and possibly even more.

Some of them include abilities that are based on things like logic and math, music and rhythm, interpersonal, verbal and linguistic skills, and visual-spatial abilities.

That last one, having to do with vision and spatial judgment, is what the quiz below uses to analyze an individual’s intelligence.

The type of test is called a ‘hit-the-dot test’ because you are looking to find the one dot that is located smack dab in the middle of all the other surrounding dots.

If you find the correct one, you’ve managed to hit the dot on the head and can also determine how visually intelligent you happen to be.

The key to tests like this one is all in the approach you take to solving it.

Some people rush through and rely on their gut instinct to figure out and answer the questions, while others take their time and carefully work out every image presented to them.

Lots of people will also use a combination of guesswork and calculation, it all depends on the techniques you employ when attempting to answer and solve the dot quiz.

Furthermore, this quiz presents a great opportunity to test out your eyes and see how well you’re visually perceiving things.

While the common assumption is that vision takes place all in the eyes, the brain also plays a major part as well.

Human vision, perception, and our ability to both process and understand what we are seeing is a function performed in an area of the brain.

That means you can actually exercise the perception part of your brain visually, and therefore you can keep it activated and functioning at a strong level.

This is perhaps one of the most entertaining and fun ways to test your intelligence while simultaneously helping to maintain your eyesight and working out your brain!

The quiz starts off super easy but quickly builds in terms of difficulty and that’s what really tests your visual-spatial intelligence.

Remember, all that you have to do is look at the dots in each of the pictures and then pick the one colored dot that you think is located exactly in middle.

Take it now and pass it on to friends and family so they can test themselves as well.

Enjoy and good luck!