This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Will Make Your Day

Mame is a Japanese girl who is only 1-year-old. Her best friend is a huge poodle named Riku.

The grandmother of Mame has been taking pictures of Mame and her poodle together and they are the cutest pictures ever.

The grandmother has even published these pictures on Instagram for the world to see and the account has already gotten roughly 407,000 followers because of it.

There are two other dogs in the home too but Mame seems to be mostly attached to Riku.

They read together, sleep next to each other, and play together on the trampoline.

It is rare that the two are ever separated.

This is probably a better friendship than most humans have with each other.

Huge poodles like Riku are called royal poodles.

A lot of people think they are a different dog breed than ordinary poodles but they are not.

Marketers just like to label them differently to attract customers.

Any poodle that weighs over 60 pounds is a royal poodle.













Source: The Mind Circle