This $11,000 Male Sex Robot Has ‘Superhuman Performance’ And Makes Jokes

Older folks often tell you to ignore looks, money and Nandos Black Card memberships when sizing up potential love/life partners, arguing instead that you should be with someone who makes you laugh, namely to get through the ordeal in one piece.

With this in mind, a US company called Abyss Real Doll has developed a male sex doll that can not only do the four-legged fandago, but is also able to crack hilarious jokes, or at least something funnier than Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Called Henry, the doll is reportedly set to cost thousands, though you can’t really put a price on laughter.

Henry is able to reel off a number of romantic phrases, song lyrics, love poems and welcome messages, which if anything just makes him sound like a creepy Tinder account, if a little less anonymous.

Not only does Henry come equipped with a fully loaded cannon of mad bantz, he’s also a bit of a looker, with washboard abs, pert nipples (yeah, I did just write that) and pecs that you don’t get by sitting around on your arse.

Sex robots are a controversial topic. In 2013, chess champ David Levy predicted that they would become commonplace, while also arguing that it would be a good thing for society.

“I believe that loving sex robots will be a great boon to society… There are millions of people out there who, for one reason or another, cannot establish good relationships.”

Others have argued that their existence is demeaning to women (though perceptions on this may change if both male and female models become common), and that they also have a negative impact, furthering people’s alienation from wider society rather than compensating for it.

In his 2017 podcast The Butterfly Effect, Jon Ronson explored how the dawn of readily available, free streamed porn has affected both the industry and society at large.

One of the most interesting changes to have taken place was a noted growth in the number of people buying sex dolls since streamed porn became the norm, with Ronson even meeting a married man who had bought a doll strikingly similar in appearance to a woman he’d dated years earlier who left him.