These Stunningly Unique Images Can Only Be Seen Once In A Lifetime

Today the Internet is touching lives everywhere. Information that once reaches the Internet soon reaches millions of people. Some of the things the Internet has made possible are rare pictures being clicked once and being circulated. Some events don’t occur twice.

Those who get to click a picture do a great service by posting it on the Internet, so billions of people can view it. This article includes some rare photos or pictures which are stunning and not just average. They are one of a kind and either were clicked only once or are photos which got lost in history.

1 Two worlds in one image

This is a photo of the world’s tallest man alongside the world’s shortest woman. Sultan Kosen stands at an impressive 8ft 1 inch or 246.5cm and is a part-time farmer in his native land of Turkey. The lady on the side is the world’s shortest woman. Born in 1993 in Nagpur, India, Jyoti Amge stands at 2ft 0.6 inches or 62.8 cm.

2 Highway to heaven

On first glance, you may think this image was edited or Photoshopped to make it look like a never-ending road stretching up to the heavens. But, in fact, this is a real road and it also happens to be one of the longest roads in the world. The never-ending look that this road has is because of its length and the straight line it is going in.

3 The inside of the Leaning Tower

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is currently a landmark and tourist attraction due to its unintended tilt. Sitting behind the Pisa Cathedral, due to the poor foundation and soft ground, the structure began to achieve its now world-famous tilt. This photo shows the inside of the tower which is something not many of us have seen.

4 Galaxy in a bottle

You may have seen a ton of DIY, home projects like this on social media as well on YouTube. The process of making something like this quite easy. A bottle filled with liquid soap or clean oil has a few drops of colored water added to it. Since the two don’t mix completely, it floats or takes time to mix.

5 A road on the clouds

This image looks a road built on clouds. This is actually just a road built on a snow-covered region. The road looks so clean due to the constant cars traveling on it. It looks like the road is slicing the snow and leading off into the distance. We’re not sure where this is but we would love to go there for a drive.

6 Blade runner in real life

This image looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie with a man walking on a road with large neon lights glowing in the background. You can put this still beside any movie set in the future and you will not be able to tell them apart. This is a real location in Toronto and not from a movie but we have to say it looks very impressive.

7  That sky

Just take a look at this beautiful sky. We believe we’re looking at a parallel cloud up above as it is going in a straight line. The sky has a beautiful pink hue and it looks breathtaking. We hope we can see this beautiful view ourselves in real life and this is one of those sights that take our breath away.

8 A bridge on fire

This looks like a scene from a movie with a big action sequence coming up but in reality, it’s just light along the bridge that makes it more visible for travellers. As we look at the other end it looks so mesmerizing and looks like fire. This is such a surreal look that we hope they use this idea in a real movie and it won’t even need special effects.

9 Shampoo river?

Before you think maybe a tanker filled with shampoo leaked into the ocean and cause this, this is completely natural. Sea form is what this is called and it is caused due to the agitation of seawater. When the water has a high level of dissolved organic matter it acts as a foaming agent.

10 Nature’s village

This is an old abandoned village that was left decades ago. Nature has reclaimed these concrete structures and now every building is covered with grass and nature. This looks like a village that held at least 100 people. We don’t know why the people left this village as it looks quite beautiful and we cannot see a reason why they had to leave.

11 A tree with a ring

Do you remember when you saw old cartoons and a character would swallow a large ring, their stomach would take the shape of the ring. This is what this tree looks like. This is hard to explain but we’re sure this is natural and has been reported a few times.

12 A baby blue marlin

Look how tiny this fish is. This is a baby blue marlin and there are claims that some babies are even smaller than this. Most Atlantic blue marlin that fishermen encounter are large and ferocious. Each one can reach weights of around 1,500 pounds and wage battles lasting hours. It is amazing to see how tiny these fishes are at birth.

13 A lumberjack’s art

This is a creative work of art by a lumberjack who really spent time deciding how to place his cut logs along with a few branches and a whole trunk of a tree. This is some real dedication to make a great looking work of art. The completed work looks like a full grown tree and is truly a beautiful sight.

14 The tree that survived the atomic bomb

Yes, as the title suggests, this tree survived the Hiroshima attack. It looks dead but was the only tree that remained intact after the blast. This tree was located in the open and still able to survive the full blast. After the blast that took the lives of over 100,000 civilians, we wonder how this tree was able to survive.

15 Fallen but not dead

This image is the perfect example of the strength of nature as even after this tree fell over, it continued to grow and four more trees came out of it. This is how innovative and improvisational nature can get. It can grow easily and no matter the odds, it will prosper and grow.

16 Young Trump and young Obama

Yes, that is the present President of the United States of America and the former President Barrack Obama. They look so different from their current, older versions. Looking back at them in their teens, we couldn’t believe how they turned out in their older years.

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