These Rain Frogs Look Like Angry Avocados & Have The Most Adorable Squeeks

This grumpy frog isn’t sad or depressed, it’s just his face that constantly has a look of  disappointment. He could also easily be mistaken for a very ripe avo!

The Black Rain Frog is found in the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa, he lives along the mountain slopes up to 3,300ft high! He burrows beneath the plants of the Cape, known as Fynbos.

A SCREAMING, SELF-INFLATING FROG? The South African cape rain frog (Breviceps gibbosus) is a subterranean species that…

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African rain frog

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A black African rain frog

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He’s a loner frog, however, loves company during mating season when the females secrete a smelly substance to help the male stick to her!

When the Black Rain Frog feels disturbed and threatened, it will puff up and enlarge its body, adopting a more aggressive behavior.