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These Plants Look Like Tiny Flamingos And We Need Them!

OMG!! Cute plant alert! Also, if you love Flamingos, you are going to love this…

This is the Musa velutina — the Pink Dwarf Banana plant — and it kinda looks like a flamingo, right?!?

This pink beauty is actually a fruited plant from the Himalayas.

When it’s fruit is ready, it peels back, revealing its soft banana like contents.

The pink fruits are about 3 inches long, and they are pink, fuzzy, and have seeds.

The have a flower that stands erect out of the middle of the fruit. This gives the plant its flamingo like head.

You can try your hand at growing your own Musa velutina. They sell the seeds right on Etsy. I love that Etsy has all the cool things!