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The Zodiac Signs As Lana Del Rey Songs

The controversial pop star Lana Del Rey, original name Elizabeth Grant, is a New York born artist who is one of the few who used her misfortune, alcohol addiction and romantic troubles to fuel her passion for a singing career. After graduating at Fordham University, Lana focused on her passion for writing and singing and released her first album named Lana Del Ray, but she didn’t get the attention and praise she now enjoys. Lana only became a sensation when she focused on her eccentric self and stopped caring of how will others perceive her. Her authenticity won the hearts of millions around the world.

Before we tell you what Lana Del Rey song are you according to your zodiac sign, let us start by revealing her zodiac sign: Gemini. Her sign is ruled by planet Mercury which is associated with Nabu, the god of writing, and that speaks volumes about where she gets her inspiration. As a Gemini, she is imaginative and of restless nature, which is why her failures have never stopped her from chasing her dream. Lana’s goal is to simply turn her whole life into a work of art – a typical Gemini goal. With no further ado, here are zodiac signs as LDR songs.

Aries: “Burning Desire”

You are an extremely passionate lover who loves with all their heart and won’t settle down for someone who won’t take them to the moon and back. As a brave, determined and confident person, you wouldn’t think twice to push your partner to the limit and squeeze all love out of them.

“I drive fast, wind in my hair,
I push you to the limits,
‘Cause I just don’t care,
You ask me where I’ve been,
I’ve been everywhere,
But I don’t wanna be,
Anywhere but here.
(I’ve got a burning desire for you, baby.)”

Taurus: “Money, Power, Glory”

These are three of Taurus’ favorite things: money, power and glory. You are a determined and will powered (read stubborn) goal achiever who wants to have only the best and most luxurious things. Your materialistic nature always gets the best of you and you cannot help it but succumb.

“I want money, power and glory,
I want money and all your power, all your glory,
Alleluia, I wanna take you for all that you got
Alleluia, I’m gonna take them for all that they got.”

Gemini: “Art Deco”

Restless, energetic and always down for a night out partying till the sun comes up, you live your life as if having fun is the only thing you’re interested in. You rarely stay focused on one goal only and would much rather try whatever comes to your mind, simply because you want more. Why? Cause you want more.

“Club queen on the downtown scene,
Prowling around at night,
You’re not mean, you’re just born to be seen,
Born to be wild,
A little party never hurt no one, that’s why it’s alright,
You want in but you just can’t win,
So you hang in the lights.”

Cancer: “You Can be the Boss”

While your exterior shell is really tough and makes you look as nothing can get to you, you’re actually really soft on the inside and even the slightest things hurt you. In order to keep yourself away from getting hurt, you keep your feelings well hidden and allow other people to take the lead while you take a more submissive role (yep, in the bedroom too).

“You can be the boss, daddy,
You can be the boss,
Taste like a keg party, back on the sauce,
I like you a lot, I like you a lot,
Don’t let it stop,
You can be the boss, daddy,
You can be the boss,
Bad to the bone, sick as a dog,
You know that I like, like you a lot,
Don’t let it stop.”

Leo: “Off to the Races”

This scene that Lana so vividly captures in the beginning of “Off to the Races” is a setting that only an individual like you, Leo, could enjoy immensely. You love being in the spotlight and you can handle all the attention in the world. Your passion for elegant, luxurious and materialistic desires is also something you share with this Lana Del Rey song.

“Swimming pool,
Glimmering darling,
White bikini off with my red nail polish,
Watch me in the swimming pool,
Bright blue ripples, you,
Sitting sipping on your Black Cristal, oh yeah.”

Virgo: “Young and Beautiful”

Being one of the most insecure people of the zodiac and one that cares so much about their youth makes it obvious what Lana Del Rey song you are. You are smart, analytical and practical individual, but you’re overly critical and insecure, especially in a relationship. Your fear of losing your partner because of your looks or aging process makes you clingy and always wondering if they will still love you when you’re no longer beautiful.

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will,
Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful.”

Libra: “Change”

As an Air sign, you are constantly changing, growing, improving and moving forward in life. Your efforts to achieve balance, harmony and justice in your life and in the world often makes you faithless, so you try to find the power in you to be faithful once again and change what’s wrong.

“Change is a powerful thing, people are powerful beings,
Tryin’ to find the power in me to be faithful,
Change is a powerful thing, I feel it comin’ in me,
Maybe by the time Summer’s done,
I’ll be able to be honest, capable,
Of holdin’ you in my arms without lettin’ you fall,
When I don’t feel beautiful or stable,
Maybe it’s enough to just be where we are.”

Scorpio: “Serial Killer”

You, Scorpio, have an intense personality like no other zodiac sign and you are known for loving too much. As a consequence, you easily get overly jealous, possessive and obsessive over your partner, which gives you the nickname sweet serial killer.

“Baby, I’m a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer,
On the warpath,
Cause I love you just a little too much,
I love you just a little too much,
You can see me drinking Cherry Cola,
Sweet serial killer,
I left a love note,
Said you know I love the thrill of the rush,
You know I love the thrill of the rush.”

Sagittarius: “Florida Kilos”

You see the world as a field full of opportunities that your exploring nature makes you wanna experience them all. You would gladly accept this invitation from Lana to go to Florida and see what it has in store for ya.

“Come on down to Florida,
I got something for ya,
We could see the kilos or the keys, baby, oh ya,
Guns in the summertime,
Drink a Cherry Cola lime,
Prison isn’t nothing to me if you’ll be by my side.”

Capricorn: “Radio”

You are always future-minded and not a day goes by that you don’t have your purpose in mind. Every little thing that you do is a part of your big plan, so no heavy words can bring you down. You’re never satisfied by your achievements, because you know you can do a lot more – and you will.

“Not even they can stop me now,
Boy, I be flying overhead,
Their heavy words can’t bring me down,
Boy, I’ve been raised from the dead.”

Aquarius: “Freak”

An eccentric and authenticity seeker like you is often described as freak, right? You are an outcast and you would definitely want a partner who is just as crazy as you to share your journey with. If you find a freak like you, you would definitely slow dance to rock music while kissing and talk about your ideas until you both turn blue.

“Baby, if you wanna leave, come to California,
Be a freak like me, too,
Screw your anonymity, loving me is all you need,
To feel like I do,
We could slow dance to rock music, kiss while we do it,
Talk ’til we both turn blue,
Baby, if you wanna leave, come to California,
Be a freak like me, too.”

Pisces: “Afraid”

As an emotional and utterly sensitive individual, it’s easy for you to get hurt, which is why you’re constantly in a state of fear. You love mystically, unapologetically and intensely, and when things don’t go well with your partner, you’re so afraid of losing them, because you will most certainly still don’t wanna stray.

“I am so afraid,
And I’ve had it up to here,
With the fighting, baby we’re,
Not fooling anyone these days,
I don’t wanna stray,
Boy, I’m so afraid”

Source: Culture Astrology