The Zodiac Sign You Love To Hate, Based On Your Own Sign

Some people just click with you instantly. Others are very clearly your nemeses from the get-go. Then there are those who fall somewhere in between, who you think you can tolerate, but only for a little while. And once that thin shell of tolerance cracks, frustration starts to seep out.

According to the Astrotwins’ comprehensive compatibility tome Compatibility Secrets: How to Get Along with Anyone (Yes, Even THAT Person), those who fit this description may belong to the sign that squares your own (aka, is separated by three signs on the Wheel of the Zodiac). Based on their compatibility theories, this is the sign that you really struggle to mesh with. There might be an air of friendly competition between you, or you might not agree with their deepest principles. They aren’t completely terrible (let’s be real, no sign is), but they aren’t BFF material either.

As sound as this theory is, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a Gemini to find common ground with (or even befriend) a Virgo, but some of their personality traits and values will be at odds. In some cases, a little tension can produce serious chemistry — you might kind of, sort of, hate each other but still recognize where you really connect. In others, that same tension can build up into real conflict — sometimes, annoying little differences are too great to overcome. This is the way of frenemies.

Ahead, we’ve paired up the signs with their friendliest enemies and broken down what makes them good (and bad) together. Read on to discover yours — and don’t forget to read for your moon and rising signs, too.

Aries & Capricorn

Why you’re friends: If you want to see an unstoppable duo, put a goal and a deadline in front of an Aries and a Capricorn. The former’s unbridled energy is matched only by the latter’s tenacity. Sure, these two can be a little, shall we say, intense together, but as long as their values are aligned, sailing should be smooth.

Why you’re enemies: Aries people view rules more as guidelines — and Caps prefer to follow rules to the letter. Naturally, this difference can be problematic if the Ram in the friendship sees a chance to cut corners and does so without telling the Goat. Sometimes, the Capricorn ends up feeling the overbearing older sibling to the Aries’ reckless baby of the family.

Taurus & Aquarius

Why you’re friends: When a Taurus is fired up about something (usually when their personal status quo is under attack), they go to their Aquarian friend. Water Bearers and their power-to-the-people mindset is perfect fuel for wronged Bulls who need their anger to be validated (otherwise, they’d just push it down until they forget about it).

Why you’re enemies: Speaking of that Aquarian righteousness, this sign likes to #disrupt, while the steady sign of the Bull likes things just as they are. When change is a cause for celebration to one and a cause for alarm for the other, there’s only so much these two can agree on.

Gemini & Virgo

Why you’re friends: They may seem like polar opposites, but Geminis and Virgos are naturally bonded by their shared planetary ruler, Mercury. Where Geminis express this planet’s energy in their communication skills, Virgos do so in their ability to receive and process information. Together, they’re like a seamless input-output wisdom machine.

Why you’re enemies: If there’s one thing Virgos look for in their relationships, it’s consistency. Otherwise, they tend to overthink their own actions while overanalyzing the actions and words of others. Unfortunately, consistency is pretty low on Geminis’ list of priorities.

Cancer & Libra

Why you’re friends: These two signs share a romantic streak and likely swap poetry collections with each other on a regular basis. Plus, Cancers who know they’re prone to moods look to their diplomatic Libran friends for a healthy dose of perspective.

Why you’re enemies: Things could be going great, but if the Libra in the friendship asks the Cancer to come out to the bars multiple weekends in a row, that friendship is on its way out. Homebody Crabs need more time alone (and preferably at home) than social butterfly Libras. Even the kindest, lowest-pressure invitation can come off as needy to a Cancer who’d rather stay in their shell.

Leo & Scorpio

Why you’re friends: When this astrological pair hits it off, it’s like that rare occasion in high school when you saw the cheerleader hanging out with the goth. Leos feel like they don’t have to perform around Scorpios, and Scorpios feel free to lower their air of mystery for a bit. When they find common ground, these two signs can make each other laugh until it hurts.

Why you’re enemies: Without that common ground, however, Leos can find Scorpios snobbish and aloof, while Scorps may write Leos off as extra and dramatic. Or, when an extreme extrovert meets a total introvert, it’s easy to see why they’d rather avoid each other than try to coexist.

Sagittarius & Pisces

Why you’re friends: In short, Sags and Pisces are both explorers, though of very different stripes. Where Fish like to plumb the depths of their psyches and experiment with their thoughts, Archers crave new experiences in the outside world — and they love nothing more than swapping stories of their past adventures with each other.

Why you’re enemies: You know who really dislikes getting pressured and pushed? Any Pisces ever. You know who tends to get a little pushy when they have a great, if vague, idea? Most Sagittarians. They’re never intentionally mean or rude, but Archers have a very different idea of boundaries than privacy-loving Pisces.