The “Zodiac Killer” Reveals Your Best Personality Traits

What if you could talk to the Zodiac Killer? Like, sit down and have a one-on-one? Better yet, what if he could identify what he liked about you most? Though the Zodiac’s identity remains unknown, a contributor by the name of Hannah McDonald took to Thought Catalog in October 2017 to take on the serial killer’s persona— and identify every zodiac sign’s best personality traits. The catch? It was done so through the eyes of his victims. Read on below.


Writing as the Zodiac, McDonald describes Aries as “wild and full of energy.” She writes: “People love your excitable spirit. You are not an easy one to corner and that makes the hunt so much more exciting. I will enjoy stalking you and outwitting you.”


When it comes to Taurus, McDonald notes that the bull is “loving and reliable,” yet also “patient and determined.” She says: “You keep your promises and are always on time, so I will have no trouble finding you. I will study you and learn your routine and then interrupt that very routine.”


The Gemini is communicative and smart— a unique combo, to say the least. “With all you know, you are adaptable and versatile which will make you hard to trap,” McDonald notes. “You will most likely find a way to turn the situation around on me, but not for long. I will be one step ahead.”


Cancers are known to be emotional and full of love, in addition to extremely sympathetic toward others. “I get awfully lonely when ignored so maybe you will show me the care I crave,” McDonald notes. “Maybe you will feel sorry for me and I will catch you that way. You are cautious so this will not be easy. But I will make it work.”


Describing Leos as “generous” and “creative,” McDonald notes that they find their happiness in being selfless. “I too am creative,” she warns. “I have created a cipher that the Blue Meanies will never crack. When I write to say it was me who got you, they will not know me other than as the Zodiac.”


The Virgo sign is, in a nutshell, humble— the Zodiac, however, is not. “I need to brag about my accomplishments,” McDonald writes. “We are both meticulous though, with an eye for detail. Only my eye for detail means no one will catch me after I catch you.”


As romantic as they are charming, everyone loves a Libra. But the Zodiac doesn’t. McDonald says: “You make everyone feel at ease, and will try to charm me into letting you go. It will not work. Like I have always said, I am crack proof. I cannot be broken, I will never be caught.”


Even though Scorpios are known to be one of the more powerful signs in astrology, they cannot be outdone by the Zodiac. “You are so determined that you will run,” McDonald writes. “Maybe you will get away. One got away from me once. But I learned from her, so I don’t think it will happen again.”


The Sagittarius sign is known for its good-humor and jovial nature. This sign loves to love— and laugh. The Zodiac loves neither. “Maybe you have good taste and think this too,” McDonald writes. “Despite your humor I will have no remorse killing you. It will make me laugh like you make others laugh.”


It’s no secret Capricorns are as practical as they are logical— they’re born to plan things out. “You are also disciplined which helps you to succeed,” McDonald writes. “But you cannot plan for what you don’t see coming. You won’t know where or when I will get you.”


Ah, Aquarius. While this is certainly one of the more friendlier signs, this won’t deter the Zodiac form hunting it down. McDonald writes: “Your independence means no one will notice when you first disappear. They will find your body, but not right away. They will think you went off on your own and did not tell anyone.”


And last, but certainly not least, is Pisces, the most imaginative and creative of the bunch. “You are also compassionate and love to help others,” McDonald writes. “You are so selfless. I wish I could be selfless but I cannot, I must collect my slaves for the afterlife, where there is a paradise waiting for me.”


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