The Week Launches on a Fierce & Flamboyant Note Thanks to Monday’s Full Moon in Proud, Regal Leo

The week launches on a fierce and flamboyant note thanks to Monday’s full moon in proud, regal Leo. Not only is this lunation a supermoon (a full moon that lands at the closest possible degree to Earth), but it’s the broadly buzzed-about blood wolf lunar eclipse! There are so many directions we could fly off in on Monday that it could feel a tad overwhelming. And with heavenly heavyweights Mars and Saturn at odds all day, we might not be certain whether to hit the gas or step on the brakes. With so much energy whirring, it’s probably best to keep calm and remain at a cruising altitude instead of doing something totally rash. The right path WILL reveal itself, and quickly, so take a few centering breaths and trust in the universe.

If you live in the Americas or Western Europe, you might be a bit groggy on Monday morning after staying up to watch this spectacle in the skies. As the Earth centered perfectly between la luna and the Sun from 10:36 PM until 3:49 AM EST, a blood-red shadow was cast on the full moon. This total eclipse has impactful significance astrologically since it is the final eclipse in a series that has been striking the Leo-Aquarius axis since February 10, 2017. (This cycle included the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, that sent hundreds to the Oregon outback with special glasses in tow to watch the day go dark!) Narratives that have been developing since then could reach a dramatic conclusion this week. But hey, it’s better than a baffling cliffhanger.

With awards shows and Valentine’s Day on deck, the glamour, romance and passion of Leo will reverberate through Hollywood, one of the Lion’s favorite earthly dens. And since eclipses are known for revealing all that is hidden in the shadows, there could be some surprising take-homes in the 2019 SAG Awards and Grammys—and some unexpected winners (and losers) in the game of love. We may get a front-row seat to the underside of life during eclipses, but these are things we actually NEED to see. For the past two years, the Leo-Aquarius series has highlighted the divide between Leo’s gilded elitism and Aquarius’ “one love” community spirit. The battle between the haves and the have-nots could finally come to some resolution over the coming two weeks as we catalyze the important lessons of these lunations, including the impact our modern lifestyles have on the Earth’s climate. Can we enjoy glamour responsibly—and sustainably? How can we preserve our selfhood and still be part of the collective human race? Is it possible to have a system of power that doesn’t suppress individual expression? These questions have been on the table in a big way since February 2017—and have sparked a resurgence in the arts, activism and technological innovation. When united in the best possible way, the hybrid of Aquarius and Leo can bring a full-on revolution of love. Serendipitously, this lunar eclipse dovetails with the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, who reminded us that love is “the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.”

The fast-moving current of the week won’t stop with the eclipse. “Bigger, stronger, faster” Jupiter will make two important connections this week, ratcheting up the creative and romantic energy even higher. On Tuesday, the red-spotted planet plays Romeo to swooning Venus as the two connect at the same degree of Sagittarius. This couer-a-couer, which hasn’t occurred in the Archer’s realm for 12 years, could put some major dreams on the table for couples and anyone who works in a creative field. Then, on Friday, intrepid Mars in Aries dances into a confidence-boosting trine with Venus in Sagittarius, daring us to push the envelope even further. Time to start talking about all those bucket list plans that are ready to be brought into real-time action! Allow your independent spirit to lead these discussions. Is there an adventurous trip you’re dying to take with bae…or by yourself? Maybe an artisan’s workshop in Italy or India…or a mind-expanding spiritual trip to Bali or Costa Rica. With messenger Mercury winging through experimental Aquarius from Thursday until February 10, it will be nearly impossible to keep our Toms planted on familiar ground. Rapid results might follow, leaving us all feeling a bit unmoored. Pro tip: Drop a few pins on your Maps app so you don’t forget where home base lies!


Up and at ’em! The wee morning hours of Monday, January 21, will feature the year’s only Leo full moon, which also happens to be a potent lunar eclipse. Since it falls in your fifth house of amour, glamour, creativity and fame, it can bring a successful completion point to something you’ve been working on for the past six months. This could be an artistic endeavor, a relationship or even a baby-making project! Eclipses bring things out of hiding and can introduce surprising plot twists. And because this is the final eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017, you have a huge chance to wrap something up with a flourish and possibly a drumroll! People will begin to take notice of your ideas—or maybe just of YOU! If you perform or make art, this is an auspicious time to take a risk and put yourself out there. Go the extra mile over the next two weeks: Show up at every audition and jam session, talk to reps and gallery owners about showing or presenting your work. Send out press releases and hang your message out like colorful laundry on social media. In the sign of forthright Leo, this lunation encourages you to be anything but shy. If you have to fake it till you make it, so be it! Over the two weeks following this eclipse, publicize your work and pitch like crazy. Romantically speaking, this eclipse could be one of the brightest moments in the first half of your year. Couples should prioritize your union this week and next, doing sweet little things for each other. Bonus points for sexy surprises! If you’re single, torn between two options or scratching your head over whether a certain attraction is love or lust, this lunar light can guide you to smart choices. Also on Monday, go-getter Mars in your sign squares off with cautious Saturn, making it hard to know whether to hit the gas or step on the brakes. When in doubt, ask for more time!

Tuesday’s skies turn your thoughts to the open road—or skies—as ardent Venus merges with global Jupiter in Sagittarius and your venturesome ninth house. This fusion of the planetary “benefics” can expand your perspective, draw interesting characters into your life or send you packing for an arty, romantic, spiritual or educational getaway. If you can’t leave town this week, start researching and planning an epic trip. You can also widen your horizons metaphorically by engaging in multicultural activities right in your backyard. Check out local listings for foreign films, stimulating museum exhibitions and food fests. And if you’re single, chat up people with a nice smile and sexy accent!

Some days you’ve got to compromise for the sake of the team, and other days, Ram, the best thing you can do is stand your ground and fight the good fight! This Friday is one of THOSE days, as your celestial custodian, unyielding Mars, mashes up with philosophical Jupiter in your candid ninth house. If you’ve thought this through and are 100 percent convinced your way is the right way, don’t apologize or demur. But remember: Might does not make right. People are more likely to come around to your way of thinking if you walk them through it one point at a time. Luckily the day before, on Thursday, messenger Mercury moved into Aquarius and your teamwork zone, issuing the all-important reminder that sharing is caring.


If home and family haven’t been your tippy-top priorities lately, watch for a big switcheroo on Monday, January 21. The pre-dawn skies feature the year’s only Leo full moon, which doubles as a potent lunar eclipse that powers up your domestic fourth house. This is also the final eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017. The next few weeks could bring a simmering issue to a boil—or trigger resolution. While you may have to navigate some speed bumps, at least you’ll know if you’re on the right road. This eclipse can illuminate any fault lines in relationships and inspire bull-headed Taurus who’d rather stew silently in their juices to address an emotional conflict head-on. If such a problem involves someone living under your roof, you might need to sit down together and talk through household responsibilities and expense-sharing. There’s an upside to all this: Thanks to the creative Leo energy, you can make some aesthetic changes to your bullpen and then show them off with a dinner party. Or just invite your crew for a spontaneous potluck and let things unfold organically. Been mulling a move? Over the next few weeks or months, you might hear about the perfect place to relocate to. If this means selling your current digs, get busy cleaning, decluttering and staging now! Also on Monday, action-oriented Mars in Aries and your restful twelfth house squares off with cautious Saturn. Even if you THINK you’re ready to make a big move, make sure you read the fine print and nail down all the details well in advance.

Flying solo? Not for long! On Tuesday, the celestial “benefics,” amorous Venus and fearless Jupiter, hold their annual snugglefest in Sagittarius and your erotic, intimate eighth house. Regardless of your status, your personal bonds will intensify under this cosmic confluence. It’s essential that you know what you want and need—as well as what you aren’t willing to settle for—because this magical mashup could help you manifest it! Are you in it for the long haul? Be clear about that, with yourself and with new folks you meet. Single? Don’t feel like you have to “settle.” Set the bar high and don’t let anyone through who doesn’t reach it. If you feel a strong connection, bring up important issues early on to suss out whether their potential extends beyond chemistry. Couples might be ready to talk about deeper levels of commitment, like cohabitating, pooling finances or making a major purchase together. If things are shaky, don’t feel funny about drafting a legal agreement. It could save major headaches (and money) down the road.

Your attention may turn to more personal, creative endeavors on Friday, so be sure to stay tuned in to the muse channel! A rare and animating alignment between action planet Mars and visionary Jupiter in your intuitive houses can spark brainstorms and breakthroughs! This is a good time to follow your own guidance and not worry about others’ opinions. (They might not be able to keep up with or understand your mold-breaking ideas!) Trust that you’re onto something, and share it with your inner circle and perhaps a handful of influencers who can help you reach a new audience. This could lead to a major payday, but take it one solid step at a time!


You’ll be so in your element this Monday, January 21, it’s almost not fair to the other signs! The year’s only Leo full moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, lands in your collaboration corner in the wee hours of the morning. This potent lunar lift is the final in a two-year eclipse series that began on February 10, 2017, and has been lighting up the Leo-Aquarius axis. In your third house (the “Gemini house”), this affects how you think, communicate and play with others. Eclipses illuminate things that have been hidden, and lunar eclipses bring completion to projects or relationships you’ve been working on. If you’ve vibed that you and someone might have synergy, don’t stand on ceremony. Make a bold proposal that could lead to a win-win—and ideally do good for others. On the flip side, if it’s time to walk away from a connection that’s reached the point of diminished returns, stop wasting time and find a gracious way to end it. Not everything is meant to last forever, and it’s important to know when to “fold ’em.” This lunar lift is especially helpful with writing or media projects as it can guide you to the perfect words (and images) to convey your message. Been thinking of launching a blog or podcast? Do something toward that end in the next two weeks. Don’t let your energy get zapped by Monday’s other aspect: Motivated Mars in Aries is clashing with cautious Saturn, making it hard to know whether to hit the gas or step on the brakes. One suggestion? Keep driving but stay in a slower lane.

Tuesday’s annual mashup of romantic Venus and auspicious Jupiter can make magic happen! For the first time in 12 years, this merger arrives in Sagittarius and your seventh house of committed partnerships, so you could be in for a pleasant surprise. If you’re single, you might find someone you wrote off as not your type suddenly wildly appealing. With the cosmic “benefics” so sweetly intertwined, you may be far more accepting about previous deal breakers, like distance or an age gap. If you’re just starting to date someone, give them a chance! Not everyone is as “on” 24/7 as you are, Gemini. What you’re vibing as aloofness could simply be shyness. Couples might get thunderstruck by this cosmic connection and be ready to take a next big step down the commitment path. Regardless of your status, the best way to keep the flames of desire stoked is by focusing on all the qualities you adore about the other person and refuse to get “hooked” by the negative, petty stuff.

Single? Don’t rule out platonic pals! On Friday, lucky Jupiter in your partnership realm connects with lusty Mars in your friendship corner. Someone you “never thought of that way” may be the hottest thing in your line of sight. Just be careful you don’t wreck a solid connection for a night (or weekend) of unbridled passion. Honest communication will help you navigate this terrain. Already attached? This sweet sync-up may remind you of all the things you LIKE about your mate in addition to everything you love. By leaning into the friendship part of your relationship, you can add another dimension to your already strong bond.


Make it rain, Cancer! You’ll acquire the Midas touch this Monday, January 21, courtesy of an electrifying Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse in your second house of finances. This is the final eclipse in a two-year series that began on February 10, 2017, and activated the Leo-Aquarius axis. As such, it will draw your attention to your bottom line and inspire you to earn—and save!–more. As a goal-oriented cardinal sign, you’re motivated by the concrete. Over the next two “manifesting” weeks, put the word out about whatever you’re looking for, whether a new job or a sideline gig. If you’re happy at your current position, talk to a supervisor who respects your work to see what opportunities might be available now or could be opening up soon. Don’t be shy about recounting your accomplishments of the past six months. If you’ve been a good little squirrel and have hoarded enough acorns, this could be the perfect time to reward yourself. What’s on your bucket list: a big trip, new bike, furniture upgrade? Your home is your castle, Crab, and when you’re happy in your sanctuary, you’re more centered, joyful and creative. Also on Monday, driven Mars in your career corner is squaring off with cautious Saturn in your partnership house. Someone close to you may feel threatened by your success or like they’re not getting enough attention from you. Before you react, think about what they’re saying. Honor their feelings—but also your own!

Tuesday’s headline news is almost stop-the-press-worthy! The planetary “benefics,” values-oriented Venus and expansive Jupiter, form their annual merger, this year in Sagittarius and your sixth house of hard work, service and healing—which includes self-care. These planetary powerhouses only convene in this sector every 12 years, so you have a stellar opportunity to make changes or adjustments to anything that’s not as helpful as it could be. Start here: Are the people in your life supporting you or bringing you down? You don’t have to clean house with all your personal connections, but you should be more discerning about who you grant inner-circle status to. Your compassionate sign sometimes struggles to erect firm boundaries with people you care about, but have a look at who’s got your back and who’s just a walking crisis center. Cleaning your actual house isn’t a bad idea if there’s so much clutter you can never find what you’re looking for. Set aside time this week to tackle one or two major messes. That act alone can spark larger initiatives. While you’re taking care of Numero Uno, get some massages or healing sessions on the books. Not only have you earned this, but it’s a great stress-buster, which is the most important preventative medicine out there!

You might glimpse tangible results of self-supportive initiatives by the week’s end. On Friday, optimistic Jupiter fist-bumps motivational Mars in your career corner, and you might see firsthand how health can equal wealth! For one thing, if you can tame the stress monster, you’ll be more creative and productive. And by making a smart diet and regular exercise higher priorities, you’ll have more sustained energy throughout the day. Caffeine and sugar can give you power surges, but they’re short-lived—AND you’ll crash when their temporary effects wear off, keeping you in that “wired and tired” state. Small, doable changes will carry you to the finish line!


This week could be one of the brightest of the season for you, Leo! Monday, January 21, erupts with a Leo full moon lunar eclipse, which can bring a suitably dramatic end or completion to something you’ve been working on for the past six months. This is the final eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017, so don’t be surprised if drumrolls and trumpet blares follow you all day. Eclipses bring things out of the shadows, from secret information to accomplishments you’ve downplayed. Don’t be afraid to unveil one of your passion projects—you might receive more kudos than you expect. Not that that’s the goal. Making art, delivering a message or letting the world know what you’re up to is the real point. If you need to refine things before your big reveal, take up to two weeks to hone it. This eclipse will pour jet fuel in your tanks, so you’ll want to be ready to take a leap of faith when your muse—or an agent or the media—comes a’calling. If you’re unhappily unattached, make the necessary internal adjustments to get your groove back. Get a new hairstyle, sign up for dance classes, test-drive a new boudoir toy. Remember, this is about stoking your own embers, not “luring” anyone to your lair. When you’re in full Leo swagger mode, you’re simply irresistible. In an LTR? Take the grown-up approach and talk about your feelings and needs candidly and with kindness. How you deal with them is the mark of a healthy relationship. Also on Monday, passionate Mars in your ninth house clashes with steady Saturn: Make sure you’re acting on your authentic desires, not rebelling against a perceived limitation. That might not end well at all!

Tuesday’s starmap brings even more exciting news! Amorous Venus makes her annual merger with supersizer Jupiter in your flirty, fun-loving fifth house (AKA the “Leo house”). While these two “benefics” meet up for one day every year, it only happens in sizzling Sagittarius and this love zone once every 12 years! If you’ve been playing it safe lately, it’s time to turn up the heat, whether on your love life or your creative impulses. Shapeshifting to accommodate other people doesn’t look good on you, Lion. Take a cue from Leo style savant Coco Chanel and reinvent every rule of fashion. Or knock down all the walls and redecorate to your heart’s delight.

Come Friday, you won’t be able to think—or act—small if you wanted to! And thanks to a confidence-boosting trine between expansive Jupiter in your passion house and lusty Mars in your boundless ninth, you’ll be thinking AND acting globally. While there’s nothing wrong with a calculated risk, be sure to check in with your logical side to avoid getting carried away with your big ideas or others’ rhetoric. Things are opening for you now, but you still have to do your due diligence. But it’s worth pursuing a heated attraction or promoting your own entrepreneurial ideas. In fact, this is the moment to cast the widest net possible!


Welcome to the surreal world! In the wee hours of Monday, January 21, a full moon lights up the night sky, and it’s doubly significant because it’s the last eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017. And for you, Virgo, this lunar eclipse falls in your twelfth house of dreams, the unconscious, healing, fantasy and transitions. Whew! The next two weeks have “KonMari” written all over them. What do you want to release from your life, move on from, step into? This lunar light stokes your imagination and can bring on a surge of divine downloads. Pro tip: Stop filling every second of your life with work, chores and even fun stuff (and yes, we realize that work and chores ARE fun to your industrious sign!). To make the most of this potent event, you need to declutter your mind of all that noise and busyness. Make time over the coming weeks to meditate and burn off anxiety with regular exercise. Pour your prodigious energy into a creative project; see if there’s some forgiveness work to be done…or perhaps YOU need to extend an apology to someone. This can be a highly romantic time, too. Just check that you’re not seeing someone through fuchsia-colored lenses. On the flip side, if you’ve given a certain relationship your best shot (repeatedly), this eclipse can make the parting sweeter and less sorrowful. Also on Monday, passionate Mars in your eighth house of intimacy and seduction clashes with restrained Saturn in your courtship sector. It may be hard to know how close to get and how much to hold back. Don’t try to analyze this, Virgo. Go slow and vibe your way through it.

Tuesday’s skies act like a gravitational force keeping you anchored at home or at least in close touch with your nearest and dearest. A galvanizing gathering of expansive Jupiter and affectionate Venus in upbeat Sagittarius and your domestic quarters is an ideal time to show your appreciation for your inner circle. These heavenly “benefics” merge annually, but they won’t be back in this arena for another 12 years! You can make a major change regarding your living situation, take a budding relationship to a deeper level or share some feelings you’ve been bottling up. Blunt Jupiter helps you get those emotions off your chest without coming off heavy or intense. If you’ve been missing a special person, stop pining and get proactive. Pick up the phone, shoot a message or, better yet, book a trip to visit them.

Whether you’re single, in an LTR or involved in something that defies categorization, you have a lot to look forward to on Friday. Auspicious Jupiter in your warm-fuzzy fourth house gets in formation with insatiable Mars in your erotic eighth house. If you’ve already got a date, it won’t matter what you do. Simply being together is all the sustenance you’ll need. Avoid contentious topics and stick to your shared interests—and passions, which may just be each other! Single? While you could stay home and swipe your way to a cramped index finger, you’ll have more luck meeting folks face-to-face. Tap an unattached pal to join you and make the most of this mojo-boosting energy. Lean in to the confident swagger of Mars and Jupiter and let your only “plan” be spontaneity!


Gentle Libras, start your engines! Monday, January 21, marks 2019’s only Leo full moon, which can bring a project you’ve been immersed in to a dazzling finish. It’s also a lunar eclipse, a mighty stellar phenomenon that illuminates hidden truths and can bring YOU into the spotlight! This is the final eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017, and has been shaking up everything involving your creativity, romantic life and collaborations. Take time today or over the next two weeks to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and sacrifices—and to celebrate in glamorous style. For Libras who’ve been toiling on a solo venture, this eclipse may inspire you to invite more people to join. The two weeks following an eclipse are prime “manifesting time,” so take advantage of this lunar power surge and pull together your dream team. Knowing you, you’ve already got an impressive list of candidates. But make this a meritocracy and don’t just surround yourself with friends and “yes men.” You want a healthy balance of people who share your values and work ethic but who can also introduce different ideas and concepts. Note: You might not hit the ground running on Monday and may need another day to shift into high gear, as impassioned Mars is squaring off with restrictive Saturn in your key relationship houses that same day, and you may be forced to play referee in some family or romantic tussles.

On Tuesday, your natural eloquence gets bumped up to a whole new level as your ruler, charismatic Venus, holds her annual summit with candid Jupiter in your communication corner. As a walking Hallmark card, you won’t struggle to find the right words for any occasion. This is a perfect day to organize that brainstorming session, client meeting or any interaction where you can get your message across. Bring on the bon mots and mic drops! Venus lends sparkle and warmth, and Jupiter helps you speak from your heart—and even take a risk. Is there someone you would seriously like to woo? Everyone from amorous interests to prospective clients will find you appealing, never intimidating, as love goddess Venus brings more playful energy to your romantic life, and Jupiter supersizes everything it touches. Stay mindful of how much you’re flirting and how people might be taking your lightheartedness too much to heart. And when you ARE interested, make sure they’re actually available, both physically and emotionally. Attached? When’s the last time you and bae sat down and had a deep heart-to-heart? You don’t have to wait for issues to arise in order to discuss important matters. Think of it as giving your relationship a tune-up—to prevent problems from building up and spinning out of control.

Keep a foot near the brakes on Friday. A buoyant angle between self-determining Mars and free-spirited Jupiter could make you want to break, or at least change, some of the rules in the game of love. “No strings attached” is fine and good—provided you’re upfront about your preferences. It’s bad karma to lead someone on when you know perfectly well that you’re not planning to stick around. If you get the distinct impression that someone wants more from a relationship than you do, let them know before lines are crossed. That holds true in the platonic realm, too. Don’t double-book (only to cancel later) or be too fast to say yes to an opportunity before you’ve had a chance to research it and weigh it against existing obligations. Magic words of the week? “Let me get back to you on that!”


Get ready for a momentous, meteoric shift in your professional life anytime from Monday, January 21, onward. The year’s only Leo full moon is also a game-changing lunar eclipse, and it falls in your tenth house of career ambition and success. This is the “grand finale” in a two-year eclipse series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017, and may bring you recognition, a promotion, raise or new job. But the million-dollar question is: What would make you happiest, Scorpio? Are you comfortable at your current gig but need new challenges—and responsibility and money? Talk to the top brass and discuss what you’re interested in, bringing a few big ideas to the meeting. If you’re ready to make a move, discreetly chat with friends or former colleagues about what’s going on at their company. Sometimes just letting people know can move energy and open doors. For Scorpios who’ve been chomping at the bit to do your own thing, this is a good time to test the waters. Give yourself at least two weeks for the first feedback, and even six months to see your efforts hit pay dirt. That’s not permission to slack off, however. The sooner you start following your career bliss, the sooner you’ll be living the dream! One word of advice: Don’t come off too aggressive or like a loose cannon. You want to let people know they can rely on you and not have to worry about you misfiring.

If like Oscar Wilde you can resist anything but temptation, you may want to leave your wallet at home on Tuesday. That’s the annual meetup of aesthetically oriented Venus and spendthrift Jupiter in your second house of money and possessions—and decadence and luxury. Good luck finding ANY willpower in the face of beautiful “objects,” gleaming household goods, delicious food and vintage wine. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, steer clear of the boutiques and your favorite online emporiums. Of course, if you have the funds or have been saving for a specific item and finally hit your magic number, it’s safe to splurge, especially if this is potentially an investment piece. Think timeless classics over trendy flash-in-the-pans that you’ll cringe over in another year or two. This cosmic confab also shines a light on ways to increase your earnings, whether by taking a onetime dreary but profitable freelance gig or launching an ongoing side hustle. Think creatively, like coughing up the dough for a pricey but elusive membership to a social club that might lead to some valuable professional connections.

The urge to splurge may be hard to rein in on Friday, when untamable Jupiter in your money sector lock-steps with impulsive Mars. This harmonious trine could bring on a spontaneous bout of over-enthusiasm behind the rallying cry of “Treat Yo’ Self!”—which could have running, not walking, for some immediate retail therapy. But that’s a recipe for buyer’s remorse, Scorpio. Try to sate yourself with a small indulgence, like a nice meal or fancy after-work cocktail. (Or a sweet little something that’s on sale yet still stylish.) Then remove yourself from the temptations and focus on your grander financial goals. Remind yourself that this is just an itch and you don’t HAVE to scratch it! Once distracted, redirect your attention to more modest activities, like a movie and home-cooked dinner with a friend or bae.


Going somewhere, Sag? You might be packing a bag and exchanging currency on Monday, January 21, when the year’s only Leo full moon illuminates your ninth house of travel and adventure—AKA the Sagittarius house. This also happens to be a potent lunar eclipse, the “grand finale” in a two-year eclipse cycle across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017. For the past two years, you may have been mulling ways to see more of the world, launch an entrepreneurial venture, expand on a more global scale or go back to school—or teach something yourself! This doesn’t have to look like traditional education, unless that’s what you want. You could take (or lead) a masterclass, workshop or just get involved with mentoring. Whichever side of the desk you’re on, the right subject matter can help you grow emotionally and spiritually. Also on Monday, impassioned Mars in your amorous fifth house locks horns with cautious Saturn in your security zone. Are you holding back TOO much—or could you use a tug on the old emergency brake? Try to see things objectively, and don’t do anything rash or irrevocable.

Talk about being under a lucky star! Actually, Archer, make that TWO. On Tuesday, the celestial “benefics,” charm magnet Venus and your ruler, abundant Jupiter, hold their annual summit meeting, and this year, it’s being hosted in YOUR sign. It might seem like you have the Midas touch and that opportunity is knocking on your every door, window and heating vent. And while this is definitely one of the most auspicious days of the year for you, nothing’s gonna happen if you’re snoozing. Go meet the universe halfway and show you’re serious—and ready to spring into action. What message do you want to put out there; what aspects of your work, services or personality have you been keeping under wraps? This is your moment to toot your horn and launch a serious PR campaign on your own behalf. Because love goddess Venus and global Jupiter only connect in your sign once every 12 years, anything is possible—from a long-distance affair to the successful launch of a business to a gig that pays you to travel. The first step is knowing exactly what you want; the next is taking concrete steps to make that a reality. Ready, set, manifest!

Whatever Tuesday’s star-kissed sync-up brings, Friday’s starmap will turn your thoughts to love as lusty Mars in your fifth house of passion embraces Jupiter in your sign. Single? A new romance could spark up out of the blue or, if you’re just getting something off the ground, it might reach cruising altitude. But don’t go looking for someone to “complete” you, Sag. That’s an inside job, one that only you can do. Your ability to love another person is equal to your ability to love yourself! If you’re in a solid union, plan a sweet, sexy surprise for your S.O. Unexpected, bold and even out of character will get your blood racing. The fifth house also rules creativity, so if you’re in the midst of an artistic project, give it a little more gas. You’re on the verge of something major!


Is it getting hot in here? If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, get ready for some major fire-stoking! Monday, January 21, marks a sizzling full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, which lights up your erotic eighth house. This is the grand finale in a two-year eclipse series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that began on February 10, 2017. Since then, money, security and intimacy have been big themes in your life, and this one could bring the kind of changes or culmination you’ve been waiting for. But remember, o’ hard-toiling Capricorn: Life isn’t meant to be all work and no play. This is the perfect moment to put your funny, sunny side on display. Under this lunar light, you’re magnetically irresistible, and by being just a little bolder, you might be amazed by the quantity—and quality—of people you attract. Just be clear from the get-go about what you’re looking for. Whether you want to play the field, take it slow or dive right in, let interested people know. If you are seeking something with the potential to go the distance, be prepared to make yourself a little vulnerable. This eclipse can pave the way for a deeply intimate connection that will stand the test of time. Coupled Caps could take a significant next step—or at least talk about what that might look like. And since the eighth house also rules shared resources and long-range wealth, you may feel ready to merge your funds or make a major investment together, like real estate. Also on Monday, impassioned Mars in your home zone clashes with your ruler, cautious Saturn, in your sign. While you might be tempted to do something rash, do think through all the possible consequences.

Tuesday is a good day for deep inner healing work. Compassionate Venus makes her annual merger with philosopher Jupiter in your twelfth house of release, transitions and forgiveness. If that just elicited a “yikes!” from you, it’s likely that you’re ready to let go of something or someone that no longer fits into your life. While it’s never easy to walk away from a long-running relationship, habit or situation, it’s often necessary for your own growth. If you can’t get out of your own way, look for a “secret” benefit you might be deriving from this—perhaps not having to be alone (even if you’re miserable together). But are you sacrificing your self-worth in the process? This is a stellar time to work with a spiritual healer or therapist to get to the root of the attachment—but please be kind and gentle with yourself. On the upside, this one-day mashup can bring on prophetic dreams or messages. But it’s up to you to find some quiet time to decode those messages!

You might find the motivation you need to slow down long enough to capture those downloads on Friday, when passionate Mars in your domesticity zone aligns with Jupiter in that introspective twelfth house. Have a leisurely morning—or cancel evening plans and come straight home—and let your intuition flow freely. Write in your journal, make a vision board, listen to an inspirational YouTube talk. When you stop doing and allow things to just “be,” you might discover that the thing you were pursuing has been right in front of you all along.


Bring on the dynamic duets! Things could go from zero to mind-blowing on Monday, January 21, when the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Leo electrifies your seventh house of partnership. This is the final eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that’s been rocking your personal life since February 10, 2017, and these next two weeks could bring the changes you’re craving. Single Water Bearers should put themselves out there, both IRL and on dating sites. You can meet someone with keeper potential—and this could heat up fast! Business or creative partnerships may reach “critical mass,” so make sure you know what you need and what your deal breakers are. New couples might decide to make things official over the next two weeks. What else should you discuss to finalize this? If you’ve been together forever, do something to celebrate the union—perhaps a recommitment ceremony or second honeymoon. Since Leo is the sign of loyalty, you may want to really honor your long-loving mate. Conversely, for Aquarians who’ve been waiting for the courage to end a relationship, this eclipse can give you the boost you need. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but if you’ve done everything and then some, stop wasting your energy and just pull the plug. Also on Monday, a tense square between action-oriented Mars and cautious Saturn could give you cold feet. You don’t HAVE to do anything immediately; this eclipse’s peak manifesting time is over the next two weeks, so sit tight and vibe out the perfect time.

Teamwork will make YOUR dream work this week! On Tuesday, a rare and empowering alignment of tactful Venus and visionary Jupiter in Sagittarius and your collaborative eleventh house can help you pull together the perfect people for a work project or a social initiative. The eleventh house is associated with your outgoing sign, so you’ll really be in your element! These planetary “benefics” meet up every year, but they only hold their masterclass in Sagittarius once every 12 years, making this the perfect moment to majorly advance a dream. Reach out to friends; post something on social media to rally like-minded people to your cause. If you’re not formally “recruiting,” tap the creative, exploratory power of this mashup to figure out what’s missing in your social or digital life. The eleventh house is associated with technology, so if you’ve been waiting for a sign to upgrade a device or download (or master) new software, this could be it. Give your website or online profiles an update: Are your photos recent and have you added all recent accomplishments? People ARE searching for you, and you won’t get a second chance to make a strong first impression!

When passionate Mars fist-bumps generous Jupiter in your people houses on Friday, you might want to reach out and hug everyone on your friends list. This is a heart-opening moment, and you’ll enjoy spending time with your nearest and dearest, but there’s probably not room at the table for all of them! These expansive planets aren’t so good with limits, so think twice before you open up that guest list to everyone. You’ll be happiest if you rein yourself in and prioritize the people who make you feel the most independent and creative. No need to apologize—it’s your birthday party!


Your caring sign is always there for everybody else, but here’s a question for you: How are you doing when it comes to SELF-care? If you’re a typical Pisces and put yourself at the bottom of the priority list (which you never seem to get to), things may start to shift on Monday, January 21, when a Leo full moon lunar eclipse illuminates your sixth house of work, service and self-nurturing. This is the grand finale eclipse in a two-year series across the Leo-Aquarius axis that’s been rocking your inner world since February 10, 2017. Over the coming two weeks—peak manifesting time for this eclipse—you can make good on all those promises you keep making to yourself. But don’t try to reinvent the wheel overnight. It took a while for you to reach this stage of (fill in the blank: exhaustion, stress, overwhelm), so it’s going to take some time to recover. But setting a serious intention to do so is a good start. Cancel all unnecessary obligations. Get some healing bodywork or other holistic treatments on the books. And what personal passion have you not “found” the time for lately? Here’s a hint: We don’t “find” time, Pisces; we create it. And this eclipse can serve you an important reminder that you’re not just here to toil and take care of others.

At work, however, you’re a Fish on a mission this week, and you could hit the bullseye on Tuesday, during a galvanizing mashup of the most auspicious planets, charming Venus and expansive Jupiter, in Sagittarius and your tenth house of professional success and prestige. And while these two cosmic “benefics” mash up annually, they haven’t canoodled in your career corner in 12 years! Ride this celestial power surge to connect with movers, shakers, mentors and influencers in your field. Even if being a joiner isn’t usually your M.O., this transit may inspire you to network more strategically. Not sure how to get your well-shod toe in the door? Volunteer to help out someone who could open them for you. And if you’re already at the top of your game, think about what your next big challenge might be—and how you can give back to up-and-comers.

With all this self-directed energy in the air this week, don’t overlook your bottom line! Your finances get a cosmic boost on Friday as driven Mars in your money house teams up with auspicious Jupiter in your career corner. Since “tightening the belt” is generally the last piece of advice your luxury-loving sign likes to hear (let alone follow), you’re more interested in finding ways to increase your income. Scrutinize your spending habits and find any places where you’re wasting precious funds. Are there subscriptions, premium services or, ahem, crippling interest on debt that you can get rid of? Commit to being more mindful and careful about what you do spend money on. Instead of paying full price, can you find sales, deals or similar beautiful objects at designer consignment shops or eBay? Not only is there no shame in saving, but once you pay off those credit cards, you’ll be able to start socking away funds for that dream big-ticket item!

Source: Astro Style