The Signs You’re Most Likely to Get Along With Based on the Zodiac

The Signs You’re Most Likely to Get Along With Based on the Zodiac
If you’re looking for a few more friends, you might want to turn to the stars. There’s a way to know who you’re more likely to connect with based on the zodiac, as certain signs have personality traits and core values that jive better with others. While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll have immediate chemistry with the sign you’re paired with, it’s worth giving the friendship a shot. Of course, you shouldn’t nix a Taurus because they don’t seem to have the highest marks for your sign – who knows? You could be missing out a great relationship opportunity. Instead, use this info positively as a way to seek out meaningful connections with others based on compatibility ratings in astrology.


When it comes to Aries, they get along well with Cancer, Aquarius, and Leo, said Joshua MacGuire, a psychic, astrologer, and life coach living in Los Angeles. “Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, and Aries is the baby of it. Cancer is great at giving the tender loving care that Aries often needs,” he explained. As for Aquarius, “both are confident, independent and love to share a good laugh,” he said. For Leo, “both fire signs, they have a similar excitement for life. Leo is really good at being a stable force in Aries’ life without putting out the Ram’s flames.”


MacGuire says that Aquarius, Taurus, and Libra are great choices for Taurus. “Both [Taurus and Aquarius] are stable, and Aquarius adds a freshness to a Taurus’s life, helping them to see things through a more innovative lens,” he said. You also can’t go wrong with choosing yourself. “The best match for Taurus is often another Taurus. Both are so set in their ways. Because they have similar values, this works out really well,” he said. As for Libra, “both ruled by Venus, they both really enjoy the finer things in life, and they share predilection toward love, abundance and harmony,” he said.


Gemini has a big personality and gets along well with others who do too. “A mischievous child at heart, the sign of the twins can become easily bored; hence they need a partner who will constantly keep them on their toes,” astrologer Valerie Mesa told POPSUGAR. Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Virgo are most compatible with them.

“Considering Gemini is one to make a fuss about the details and Sagittarius is solely focused on the bigger picture, some might automatically assume that this isn’t a match, when in reality, these two can rule the world together,” said Mesa. MacGuire agrees about Virgo: “Gemini also loves to talk, and Virgo is a great listener,” he said.


MacGuire said Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces are suitable mates for Cancer. “Libra gives Cancer the detached perspective to help them not take life so personally, while still understanding that’s what Cancer does and complementing their emotional investment in the relationship,” he said. Cancer also “gains groundedness from Capricorn, helping them to keep their head above water while understanding and respecting their self-protective stance,” he said. Lastly, in Pisces, Cancer finds someone who understands their emotional nature.


MacGuire said Leo can be great buds with Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Cancer. “In Aquarius, Leo can find a captive audience and someone who supports their creative expression,” he said. When Leo gels with moon-ruled Cancer, it’s a wonderful sight. “It’s their contrast that gives Leo both centre stage and the nurturing they’re often too proud to ask for that Cancer intuits they need,” he said. Mesa also agreed on Aquarius and Sag. “Highly compatible with their sister fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, the lion is always in the mood to play. There’s also something unique that they share with Aquarius,” she said.


MacGuire recommended Virgo snuggle up to Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer. “Virgo really enjoys Sagittarius’ light and fun nature, and how they can go with the flow; they help them to see the big picture and not take themselves so seriously,” he said. As “Virgo works so hard, and doesn’t always give themselves the TLC they need, in Cancer, they find someone who naturally nurtures them, enriching the earth beneath their feet which helps them grow,” he explained.


MacGuire said Capricorn, Leo, and Aquarius are all great with Libra. “Constantly making allowances for other people, Libra find in Capricorn someone strong that can be depended upon,” he said. As for Leo, “Libra is great at giving their partners in life a lot of attention, and Leo appreciates this and will often give back to the Libra to keep this going,” he said. Libra also has a special affinity for Aquarius. “They find them just as quick on the uptake who keeps them on their toes.”


Both Mesa and MacGuire recommended Pisces and Taurus. “Scorpio isn’t one to verbally communicate what’s on their mind. Instead, they keep to themselves and strategically choose who to share their life and soul with. This water sign is all or nothing,” said Mesa. “In Pisces, Scorpio finds someone who can go as deep as they can go emotionally,” MacGuire said. Taurus appreciates Scorpio’s dependability and honesty.


Sagittarius will easily bond with Aries and Aquarius, said both Mesa and MacGuire. “They’ve got that ‘you only live once’ mentality, and the people they surround themselves with should be just as freedom-loving and outgoing. Highly compatible with sister fire signs Leo and Aries, but they can’t help but find Aquarius’ detached and eccentric personality totally irresistible,” said Mesa. “Sagittarius is very optimistic and excited about exploring the world; in Aries, they find the perfect partner in crime who is up for anything and at a moment’s notice,” said MacGuire, while “Aquarius can lift them up and expand their minds without tying them down to anything – even their ideas, which can shift at a moment’s notice for philosophical Sagittarius.”


Both agrees that Capricorn does well with Virgo and Scorpio. “This earth sign has no time to waste, and they tend to surround themselves with people who are just as ambitious and determined,” said Mesa. “Capricorn’s down-to-earth nature gels well with Scorpio’s need for truth. They meet each other in the same place, coming from opposite starting positions,” said MacGuire. As for Virgo, “they both tend to share similar values and approaches to life. Virgo is great at keeping it all together, and Capricorn really appreciates people who can handle life well and stand on their own two feet,” he said.


MacGuire recommended Sagittarius for Aquarius. “Aquarius and Sagittarius both have a love for freedom, and they give each other support, inspiration and adventure without any strings attached,” he said. They might also like Aries, too. “Aquarius and Aries get along extremely well, as they both approach the world with an excited, can-do attitude in which anything is possible,” he said. Mesa suggested air signs. “Aquarius prefers to be social rather than romantic; however, they’re highly compatible with sister air signs Libra and Gemini, and other fire signs, especially Leo,” she said.


MacGuire recommended Gemini, Capricorn, and Virgo as good matches. “Pisces does well with Gemini because both of them are mutable, or flexible signs, and have the ability to meet each other half way, and do what feels right,” he said. “Capricorn offers Pisces a real-world grounded outlook, which can help give Pisces direction and focus that gets them swimming in the right direction,” he said. Virgo seems odd, as it’s Pisces’ opposite, but it’s actually a good thing. “Pisces does well with their opposite sign, Virgo, because both have in common the mission for service – they both want to help others, Virgo in practical ways and Pisces in more emotional/spiritual capacity,” he said.

by Isadora Baum

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