The Most Introverted Zodiac Signs – & The Ones Who Can’t Keep To Themselves, Ranked

When you walk into a party, you might light up the room, chatting with everyone and making friends easily. On the other hand, you might shy away to the side, waiting for others to bring you out of your shell and approach you. There’s nothing wrong with either tendency: they are just different!

Some people have bolder personalities and thrive off of big groups and social settings, whereas others might need more solo time to unwind or tend to get overwhelmed in a crowded room. You might know which category you fall into — whether you’re more extroverted, introverted, or maybe even ambiverted — but in case you don’t, you can get a hint by looking into the stars. The zodiac can predict how certain signs will behave, so you might as well see what it says about you and those around you.

Starting from most introverted, we’ve ranked the 12 signs below.


As a Pisces, you are one of the most naturally introverted signs in the Zodiac. You’re timid and prone to melancholy, and therefore feel most comfortable when spending time alone, doing things you know you like. This does not mean you’re anti-social or not well-liked; by contrast, most Pisces are very charming and personable. You just need lots of you time.


The complex, reflective, and mysterious Scorpio is generally a very introverted person, preferring great amounts of alone time with which to think and feel. You likely become cranky when working or hanging out with too many people, and prefer to be self-employed and self-reliant.


As a Capricorn you’re calm, cool, and collected, enjoying hard work and serious concentration. If you’re not working on completing your various responsibilities, you like quiet, thoughtful hobbies, like puzzles, knitting, gardening, or playing complicated video games. You’re independent and prefer your friends/significant others to be independent too.


As a Virgo, you live predominantly in the mental realm — planning, organizing, daydreaming, problem-solving. Your brain is always whirring, and so you need plenty of quiet, alone time with which to just think. When you do find yourself in social situations, though, you are good-humored and a skilled, smart conversationalist.


As a Cancer, your sensitive and thoughtful nature drives you to seek out time to yourself. At any given moment you have a lot to process, and you find it easiest to do so alone. You are also, though, a deeply family- and love-oriented person, and enjoy spending time with one or two other people. Just not too many at once.


The free-spirited and easy-going Sagittarius is more extroverted than introverted, enjoying conversation and traveling more than most things. Your childlike spirit and sense of fun means you like being around others, and are in no great need of alone time. Still, you’re a dreamer, and can have a bit of a temper, and both traits are well-suited to the occasional night in alone.


As an Aquarius, you’re one of few signs that can safely claim to be both introverted and extroverted. You are independent and self-reliant, and can spend a great deal of time alone when you need to, but you also thrive in smaller social settings, and enjoy feeling part of a wider community.


As a Taurus, your adaptable nature means that your introversion fluctuates to fit your surroundings — you definitely benefit from personal time and meditation, but you can do quite well with prolonged social stimulation should the occasion call for it. However, you can become emotional and short-tempered if you go TOO long without alone time.


As a Gemini one of your most dominant traits is your sociability — you’re lively and often considered the life of the party. You’re a people pleaser, so if you’re around anyone at all, you’ll stay out as long as (if not longer than) they will. You should remember, though, that your dual nature requires a little space to yourself now and again, too.


As a flirtatious, gossipy Libra, you thrive in social settings, and are therefore not very introverted at all. You are a natural mediator, and are therefore in fact called to attend other people’s parties and events as a peaceful, genial, and well-liked guest. You love to charm, and do it well.


As a Leo your true home is on the stage (whether literal or figurative), standing in the limelight. Generally speaking, that means you don’t need or want much alone time, because who will give you attention when you’re alone? You can be alone while you’re sleeping/dead.


As an Aries, you’re anything but an introvert. You’re a commanding presence and feel most at home at the center of every social situation you enter. You also enjoy near-constant companionship and are less likely to need space from a romantic partner than that partner is.


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