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The Most Adorable Images To Celebrate Hedgehog Day

Here’s an interesting hedgehog fact for you: hedgehog spikes are actually hair stiffened by keratin! Better be easy on that new keratin shampoo that you bought.

Even if you didn’t know that, we’re sure you won’t be surprised by this fact: hedgehogs are absolutely adorable!

To prove our point, and in celebration of Hedgehog Appreciation Day, we’ve put together some of the most adorable hedgehog images, ever!

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1 Hello, Human

2 My Hedgehog Drives Me Everywhere

3 The Happiest Little Hedgehog

4 Mummy Hedgehog With Her Mini-me Baby

5 Hedgehog Wearing A Tiny Knitted Pom Pom Hat

6 Baby Hedgehog

7 Hedgehog Muffins

8 Since A Lot Of People Enjoyed The Scraggly One Toothed Hedgehog Here He Is After His Bath Last Night

9 If I Fits, I Sits

10 A Hedgehog With A Strawberry On Its head

Source: ArtFido