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The Map of Your Life Lies in Your Hands – Read Your Palms Carefully

Reading from the palm pulls its roots from an ancient past. It does not matter if you believe in what your palm tells you or not, reading from the palm is primarily done for entertainment and entertainment, and our ancestors worshiped it as an activity.

Your palm has 3 main lines. The love is at the top of the palm, the line of the head is in the middle, and the line of life at the bottom of the palm. As you progress through life, lines can change along with your personality, attitudes, and experiences.

Life is what determines the appearance of the palm, and not the palm that determines life. For example, some traumatic experience can make a small break on the headline.

Reading the palm is not a prediction. So, he can not tell you what will happen to you, just to remind you of something that has already happened.

Reading from the palm can be very entertaining with friends. Take a look at your palm and see what she is talking about. Then look at the hands of your friends to see what their stories are.

Line of love

Your line of love refers to all emotions and situations that are related to love. It lies above the line of the head and the line of life, just below the fingers.

If the line starts directly below the index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life.

If it starts below the middle finger, it points to selfishness and materialism when the love is in question.

If the line is right and short, you have a high sex drive and you’re not too romantic.

If the line starts right between the index finger and the middle finger, you can easily give it your heart.

If the line goes down, it means you have a broken heart.

If the line is long and curved, it means you can easily express the emotions.

When parallel to the line of the head reveals a person who is well worn with his emotions.

If your line is wavy, you are a good lover, but you miss a serious relationship.

A circle on the line is an indicator of a period of depression in the love life.

The tiny lines that extend over the line of love are a sign of happiness in love, and the lines below the line of love are a sign of disappointment.

Line of head

This line does not show how smart you are, but the way your thoughts are. It points to your beliefs, morals and the general attitude towards life. The headline begins right above the line of life.

The short line of the head reveals that you want to work to achieve physical rather than mental goals.

Curved, that is, the lowered line denotes creativity.

If the line of the head and life are completely separate, it means you enjoy adventures and you have a great life enthusiasm.

The wavy line indicates that you can not keep your attention for long and that you do not enjoy deep thoughts.

If you have a deep line that extends vertically through your palm, it means you are focused and that you have clear thoughts.

If you have a circle or cross on the headline, it means that you have undergone an emotional crisis.

A broken line is a sign of inconsistency in the way of thinking, and you may have experienced a nervous breakdown.

Lines that cross the line of the head signify important decisions in your life.

Line of Life

It starts at the edge of the palm, between the index finger and the thumb. It stretches to the bottom of the palm. It is located below the line of the heart and the line of the head and describes the quality of your life.

A line that passes close to your thumb indicates that you are often tired.

If the line is curled, it means you have a lot of energy.

The long and deep line means that you will have a long, healthy and vital life.

If the line is short and shallow means that someone else is managing your life.

If the line is straight and close to the edge of the palm, you are careful when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

If you have two or three lines of life on your palm, it means you are positive and vital.

If the line goes into a semicircle, you have incredible strength and enthusiasm.

A circle on the line means that you have been in hospital or injured.

Fate line or the Line of Destiny

The main vertical line running up the palm toward the Saturn finger (middle finger) is called the Fate Line. Sometimes it is referred to as the “Saturn Line”, because it points to Saturn finger, and sometimes it is called the “Luck Line” because it deals a lot with success.

Fate Line.This line may be long and run the full length of the palm or just a short piece down to less than an inch long. Generally it is on the “heel” of the palm or it is missing from one hand or the other. In any case, the Fate Line is considered one of the major palmistry lines on hands.

If you have a short Fate Line, or no Fate Line, it means you feel free to take a break in the middle of any job and redirect your focus and energies to something completely different at any time. You don’t feel the urge to complete your projects in one setting. Letting things go until tomorrow is easy for you to do. Fortunately, a short or missing Fate Line reveals that you are very easy to get along with and willing to play anytime and have fun.

There is nothing to worry about if the Fate Line is absent on either hand. The worst thing is that you may appear to be not very dedicated to serious things in life. You may be seen as a “Free Spirit” by your more serious friends who have long Fate Lines.

A missing Fate Line on only the right hand shows that the Free Spirit attitude is mostly associated with work or career. If missing from only the left hand that shows the Free Spirit is mostly associated with family and closest friends.

The Fate Line overall condition, length, and end termination points tell us about how you deal with accountability, self-worth, and completion of tasks and goals. These factors have great influence on your successes in life. A palm reader can pretty accurately tell how you stay on track to finish what you start (signs of a strong Fate Line) or how you tinker around doing a little on one thing and then easily slip off into the next task before completing the first task (signs of a short or missing Fate Line).

Source: Facts’NPranks