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The Language Of Nature: How To Learn Telepathy

Do you believe in telepathy? Do you want to experience it?

Telepathy represents a mind to mind communication, which does not involve speaking. In fact, it represents a communication of the senses and thoughts. The empathic telepathy is a natural form of silent communication.

We know that these forms of silent thoughts can be carried from one person to another. New inventions have been created for this purpose, too. Moreover, there are spiritual entities and beings that can transmit their feeling and thoughts to us.

Nature uses colors, textures, sounds and aroma to communicate with us. However, we cannot understand and describe the panoramic and history complexities of perception. An infinite number of poems were written in the history. Even though the readers can feel their beauty, the writers transport their communication with the nature through the poems. Namely, the readers cannot feel what has been transmitted to the writer itself, only what the writer wants to transmit.

Empathic telepathy represents more than transmitting thoughts. It is a language of communication around and within the speaker, which involves an entire spectrum of communicated approach. During telepathy, people do not obtain only the thoughts, but they also obtain the knowledge and the feelings of the speaker. History is what has been transmitted.

Not only does telepathy include people, but it also involves animals, the Mineral Kingdom, the Green and the Etheric Kingdoms. It includes listening instead of hearing. These two represent two different things. The hearing represents the understanding of the spoken sound and its words may have numerous explanations. However, listening is complex and includes openness and filling.

Except mind to mind communication, empathic telepathy includes awareness to awareness, which needs a higher use of the brain.

Standardized forms of training and learning lead to telepathy and empathy failure. The empathic telepathy is a way to communicate openly and honestly. It listens with the entire body and mind, receiving plenty of information, cognition and wisdom in a nano second.

Can be become empathic telepaths? Who can teach us?
Nowadays, the forms of thinking can be carried from a group of people or technological innovations. In fact, it represents a way of arranging projects into another, without being aware of it.

In order to enhance our natural ability, we need to be approachable. We can start by opening our mind and expressing the pain we feel. It represents an intentional approach of training and determination. Then, we have to find a true telepath, who is more likely to be found in the Nature. In addition, the trees can be a source of communication with friends. If you do not believe in it, try to experience it on your own. Trees are incapable of lying.

The nature represents our connection to the soul and the veracity. Nature can teach us how to communicate. We do not only need to talk; we need to listen, too.

This is a great practice for those who are not familiar with receivers. This can help them learn to be attentive and to listen. They need to spend more time in the nature. Trees are always willing to communicate with us. Trees will help you to find the truth.

Opening your mind will help you to communicate with the trees. Sometimes, you may connect to nature quickly, but sometimes you may need time. You need to grow trust, to open you mind and to become spirited with the openness.

The process is different for everybody. However, empathic telepathy is gradually speaking to us. This represents the beginning of our connection to the true Nature, to the Divinity, the Source and to the home where we were born. We have to communicate with the people around us and to love them. When we learn to communicate and to share our feelings and thoughts through our beingness, we can sense our love and family.

Source: Off-Road Mind