The first thing you see reveals what kind of person you are

Observe the pictures below and identify what you see in them. Pick an option which is closest to what you see in the image. We’ll reveal the kind of person you are.

Image 1

Observe closely. What do you see?

1. Dancing women

If you see dancing women in this picture, you crave independence. You’ve been feeling very pressurized lately and you wish to be free. All you want is some moments of peace and relaxation.

2. Leopard

If you see a leopard’s face in the image, you’re aware of your qualities and know that when the time comes, you have the strength to face anything that life throws at you. You’ve had a hard life, but you’re still going strong.

3. Reproductive parts

If you see female or male reproductive parts in the picture above, you’re artistic and creative. You find beauty in everything and nature fascinates you. You’re great at making friends and a very good kisser.

Image 2

1. Two men bowing down

If you see two men bowing down to a primary figure, you think that you are better than everyone else. You’re not a narcissist, but most of the people you’ve met in your life are not up to your mark and you feel superior. You could either be a great manipulator and you can lie like a fox, or you believe in surrender to something higher than you.

2. A crab

If you see a crab in the image above, you’re having relationship problems. You feel trapped. Not just your love life, your relationship with your parents and friends aren’t doing so well either. You’re constantly trying to please everyone but it’s just not working out.

3. Bulls and birds

If you see bulls and birds in this picture, you long for companionship. All you want is a person you can trust blindly and completely rely on. You’ve been hurt so many times. People come in your life, use you, and then leave when they please. You want to break this pattern.

Image 3

1. Vagina

If you see a vagina like structure in the image, you’re a simple person. You don’t like complicated things. The human body fascinates you. You’re minimalist and you live for yourself. You don’t believe in showing off to others.

2. A face

A girl’s face, ram or panda’s face? If you see a face in the image above, you take face life with intensity and passion. Every little thing in your life is of immense importance to you. You have faced a lot of hardships in your life, but you’re still going strong, and you always will.

3. Magical clown riding a bike

If you see a clown riding a bike in this picture, your imagination runs wild. You’re highly creative and you love all things art! People around you don’t really understand you and that’s okay. Intelligent minds work alone.

Image 4

1. Birds and rabbits

If you see birds and rabbits in the above picture, you’re affable and you love making people happy. When you’re around people, you are always smiling; even when you’re in pain, you don’t want others to know about your sorrow. You hate bothering others.

2. Deer

If you see a deer in the image above, you have an eye for detail. You’re the kind of person who can read people’s face and gestures. When something is wrong, you can feel it. When someone lies to you, you can catch them.

3. The angel of death

In the image above, if you see something dark, an angel of death, you love being alone. You’ve been feeling pretty low lately and you just want to be alone. You are a lover of all things unusual and mysterious.

Image 5

1. A bat

If you see a bat in this picture, you’re extreme in your social life. At times, you prefer being alone. In other times, you’re an absolute charmer. You have a way with words and you mesmerize everyone. You talk people into revealing their secrets while remaining a mystery yourself.

2. Pelvic bone

If you see a pelvis in the picture above, you’re passionate about everything you put your mind into—be it work, relationships, hobbies, and life. You are a person of wisdom and you know your worth. You don’t mind saying “no” to things you don’t want.

3. A Cow

If you see a cow in the picture above, you’re kind and gentle. Your thoughts are pure and you don’t wish evil upon anyone, not even your enemies. You’re loving and you forgive people easily. You’re gullible and sometimes people take advantage of your kindness.

Image 6

1. Butterfly

If you see a butterfly, you’re confident and you know what you don’t want. You take criticism well and most of the times, you hardly pay attention to what people might have to say. You mind your own business and don’t interfere in anybody else’s life.

2. Darth Vader

If you see a Darth-Vader-like figure, your self-confidence can overpower others or make you irresistible. You have amazing leadership qualities, and your thoughts are the usual and the ordinary. You’ll excel in everything you put your mind to.

3. T-rex

You’re classy and sophisticated. You like keeping everything organized. You’re the kind of person people approach when they’re confused and need advice. You’re reliable and your thoughts are stable, not scattered.