The Emotions That Rule Her World, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Even when you’re an expert at dealing with your feelings, we all have that one emotion that drives us. We might be able to handle every other feeling in the book, but when we’re hit with our weakness, it ends up taking over us and provoking us to act in ways that we would never otherwise choose.


When it comes to the signs in Astrology, some are naturals at handling emotions. Others find it difficult not to act from their hearts instead of using rational thinking. Though some of us may feel things more strongly than others, and may be more prone to a wider range of emotions, but the truth is every sign has at least one feeling that acts as their Achilles’ heel—the one emotion they can’t help feeling, the one that takes up the majority of their time, and the one that pushes them to act in certain ways.

Some of us are lucky enough to be ruled by emotions that help us in life and make things easier. And sadly, there are other signs who are driven by emotions that can be harmful if left to fester. Read on to find out which emotion rules your world, based on your sign.


20. The Fire Signs Are Ruled By Strong, Blazing Emotions

The fire signs are definitely among the more emotional of the signs. Though confident and proud, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are actually quite sensitive and are capable of feeling really hurt by words and actions.


They tend to operate from their hearts and emotions rather than from their heads, and typically have more than just one emotion that dominates their lives.

When they’re overtaken by positive emotions, they are joys to be around and truly enrich the lives of those around them. And when they’re negative emotions? Well, let’s just say they take a lot out of the people in their lives.


19. Aries Is Controlled By Rage

Rage and anger are big things for Aries. This sign is proud, which means it’s very easy to hurt her. And when she’s hurt, look out. Some people’s natural reaction is to cry or feel sorry for themselves, but Aries’ is to attack. She often puts her foot in her mouth and earns herself harsh consequences for saying things out of anger, rather than waiting for the storm to pass. The funny thing is she’s always the first to forgive and hates having ongoing hostility, so she’d save herself a lot of trouble if she’d just wait before reacting.


18. Pride Rules Leo’s World

Leo is the proudest sign in Astrology. That only makes sense, since she’s represented by the Lioness.


Pride is her go-to emotion, whether things in her life are going well or not.


When things work out, of course, she feels proud of that. But when things aren’t going so well, she is able to focus on the things she loves about herself, inflate her own ego and get herself back to a position where she’s beaming and feeling good. It’s very hard to make a Leo doubt herself, and sometimes, she can take it too far and be a little egotistical. But that’s why we love her!


17. Sagittarius Is Driven By Curiosity

There is literally no end to Sagittarius’ curiosity. You’d think her symbol was the cat, considering she has a constant desire to know what’s going on and find out new information. At times, this can get her in trouble, since she can fall into the trap of meddling with things that will come back to bite her. But because this sign is so spiritual, she normally has a strong intuition and can tell when to back off and not get involved. At times she can be nosey, but most people love how genuinely curious she is about basically everything.


16. Fire’s Ability To Control Emotion: Not Great

The fire signs feel a very wide range of emotions, and though they’re good at many things, controlling these emotions is not one of them. While other signs can suppress or healthily deal with the feelings they’re sometimes flooded with, the fire signs have a tendency to lash out.



Though they’re intelligent signs, rational thinking and logic go out the window when they’re feeling overly angry, overly proud, or overly curious.

They sometimes make decisions they regret in the future because they act out of emotion, rather than out of what makes the most sense for them.


15. The Earth Signs Keep Their Emotions Hidden Most Of The Time

All humans feel emotions, but that doesn’t mean you can describe all humans as emotional. When it comes to the earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—they’re considerably less emotional than other signs. Of course, they feel things, but they usually don’t allow that to dictate what decisions they make. It’s also hard to tell what an earth sign is feeling a lot of the time because they’re experts at keeping those things hidden. They have the ultimate poker face skills and life can be a bit of an act for them since they like to maintain manners and etiquette.


14. Taurus Feels Calm Like Other Signs Wish They Could

Feeling calm is a blessing, and Taurus has it down. Very rarely, she can lose her cool (especially when she doesn’t get her way). But the majority of the time, she’s good at accepting situations and staying chilled through all circumstances.


She’s able to relax in situations where others panic, and smile when others want to yell.

Sometimes, she’s even a little too relaxed and her warning bells don’t work well enough, which can land her in trouble. But she’s definitely not going to have to take stress leave any time soon. Tranquillity and peace just come naturally to her.


13. Virgo Is The Anxiety Queen

Virgo is the stark opposite to Taurus in that she’s the queen of all anxiety and worry-warts. Stemming from her tendency to overthink absolutely everything, Virgo is more often than not struck down by stress and nerves. She imagines every possible situation in her head (including the worst possible outcome), then forgets that she’s imagining them and treats them as reality, causing her to freak out much more than the average person would. All the stress makes her highly-strung and a tad neurotic, but the upside is she’s always prepared. It’s nearly impossible to trick a Virgo.


12. Capricorn Runs On Determination

Some people spend their lives trying to find the determination and motivation to make a difference. Capricorn, on the other hand, has it in her blood.


She can’t help being driven by determination, which usually pushes her to the highest point she can go.


It’s because of feeling so driven and determined all the time that Capricorn is usually so successful. At times, she can be a little obsessive about achieving her goals and she tends to be a bit of a workaholic. But still, others would give everything they have to just have a taste of the motivation that burns inside Capricorn.


11. Earth’s Ability To Control Emotion: Amazing

Unlike the fire signs, the earth signs are especially gifted at controlling their emotions and don’t usually let their emotions control them. Even when they’re feeling anxious or ambitious or angry, they are still able to think clearly. If somebody upsets them, they can still be civil. If they feel like tearing up, they can hold it in long enough to make it to the bathroom where nobody can see them. They stop themselves from going on a bragging tangent when they’re feeling proud. The one problem they have is sometimes suppressing their emotions and not dealing with them at all, but they certainly don’t lose control.


10. The Air Signs Feel Emotions Briefly, But The Same Ones Reoccur

In terms of being emotional, the air signs fall somewhere in between fire and earth. They aren’t dominated by feelings to the point where they can’t think clearly, but they also don’t suppress the feelings that are trying to come out.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius definitely feel emotional at times, but that doesn’t tend to take over their lives.

Rather than going through all the emotions in the book and experiencing mood swings all the time, these signs tend to feel one particular emotion over and over again. Though their influence is brief, it is usually reoccurring.


9. Gemini Has The Key To Happiness

If you’re going to be ruled by any emotion, you probably want it to be happiness. For many, this is just a fantasy, but not for Gemini. This sign has truly cracked the code for genuine joy, and on the whole, experiences it more than other signs. We’re not really sure what her secret is—it could be because she knows how to forget her worries and live in the moment, or it could be because she has the energy to fill her life with meaningful experiences. But whatever it is, Gemini has worked out how to be truly happy.


8. Libra’s World Is Ruled By Love

Out of the twelve signs, Libra falls in love the easiest. She can’t help being taken over by those strong feelings that occur when love strikes.


In most cases, Libra’s end goal is to find that happy relationship and just enjoy being in love with her soulmate.


She’s one of those people who is hardly ever single because she just prefers to have someone by her side, and she genuinely develops real feelings much more quickly than the average person. Though she’s normally objective and balanced, that can all turn to mush when she’s feeling especially lovey-dovey.


7. Aquarius Can Feel Irritated By Those Around Them

A lot of the time, Aquarius is very easy going. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t prone to feeling irritated. The truth is few people really understand this sign, which means that they are always unintentionally doing things that annoy her. They don’t realize how much she craves her own personal space, or how much she wants her alone time, and they bother her in the process. As a result, Aquarius spends a fair amount of time feeling irritated. But she doesn’t lose her cool when people do annoy her. Instead, she’s more likely to distance herself from them.


6. Air’s Ability To Control Emotion: Pretty Good

The air signs are pretty good at controlling their emotions. They are more impulsive than the balanced earth signs, but they’re not prone to lashing out, the way the hot-headed fire signs are.


They aren’t likely to fall into the trap of suppressing their emotions either, because they just don’t care how they appear to other people the way the earth signs do.

Their approach is to acknowledge how they’re feeling and sometimes express it, sometimes deal with it quietly, and then move on. They don’t usually dwell on their emotions and feelings the way other signs might.


5. The Water Signs Are Taken Over By Their Emotions At Times

It is often said that the water signs are the most emotional. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces actually do get flooded by how they’re feeling inside until it pours out of them. Even more sensitive than the fire signs, these signs also lose all rationality when they get carried away by their feelings. As a result, on bad days they can be exceptionally moody, say venomous things they’ll later regret and even become hysterical over things that don’t seem like a big deal to anyone else. On good days, they shower those around them with love and happiness.


4. Thanks To All Her Feels, Cancer Can Feel Overpowered

Cancer is ruled by many emotions, so she actually spends most of her time feeling quite flustered and affected. Being super sensitive, she tends to feel things more strongly than others.


She takes things personally, and can’t stop thinking about them long after everybody else has forgotten.


The world can be very overpowering for someone so sensitive, and this can result in Cancer experiencing a lot of mood swings rather than processing all of her feelings and dealing with them in a healthy way. At times this sign can say things she doesn’t mean, but that’s just the emotions talking.


3. Scorpio Can’t Help Feeling Envious

We all feel jealous from time to time, but this is hands down Scorpio’s default emotion. She can be possessive when she cares about someone or something and then become defensive and territorial, which leads her to feel envy more frequently than others. There are things and people she loves so much that she just wants them all to herself! She also looks into things much more deeply than others would, so she finds things to be jealous of that other people wouldn’t even notice. Though she sometimes swallows her envy, Scorpio usually isn’t shy about voicing her opinions and speaking up when she feels hurt.


2. Inspiration Strikes Pisces More Often Than Not

As the creator and artist of all the signs, it should come as no surprise that Pisces spends a great deal of time feeling inspired.


She doesn’t always follow that inspiration since she’s a bit of a procrastinator, but it doesn’t take a lot to stir her up and fill her head with ideas.


She can find inspiration in conversations, in books, in television ads or even just looking outside her window. Her creative mind sees things in a different way to most people, which helps her to get excited and passionate about things much more easily than the average person.


1. Water’s Ability To Control Emotion: Little To None

Sorry, water signs! Controlling emotions isn’t a strong point of any of the water signs. But that’s what makes them who they are. These signs are usually artists and creators in some form, and it’s those feelings that sometimes flood them, which are responsible for their inspiration. Yes, they may sometimes make others uncomfortable when they lose themselves to emotion, but if they didn’t feel things so strongly and get so carried away, they wouldn’t be able to create the things that they do. If we’re being honest, they also wouldn’t be half as fun to be around.


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