The Crystal You Need, According To Your Sign

They’re believed to change the energy in the room. They come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. They’re extremely ‘grammable. Really, the only problem with healing crystals is that there are too many to choose from if you’re just starting to use them.

Luckily, a fool-proof way to make your selection has been hiding in your horoscope all this time: your Zodiac sign. What might seem like blindly blending two separate spiritual interests, actually makes a lot of sense. Certain crystals share their traits with certain signs (like aventurine and Aries), while others can help fine-tune and improve a sign’s habits (we’re looking at you, moonstone and Cancer). Besides, you can use your sign to determine your makeup choices and lunch prep, so why shouldn’t the Zodiac have a say in which crystal should be your go-to?

Ahead, we’ve consulted two of the latest (and greatest) crystal handbooks (Yulia Van Doren’s Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing and Devi Brown’s Crystal Bliss) to select the perfect stone for every sign of the Zodiac. Read on to start (or expand) your collection


This green stone is thought to keep you energized and excited about life, which, if you ask us, is in keeping with your fiery attitude, Ram. But aventurine also comes with a dose of perspective — something your hotheaded sign might need every so often. With an aventurine pendant around your neck, you might not get so hung up on the little obstacles and failures that come your way. Let this stone save you from yourself, dear Ram.


This grounding stone comes with a side of sensuality, for when you’re feeling out of touch with your earthy roots, Bull. Van Doren even recommends tucking a small garnet under your mattress to reinvigorate your libido. But this blood-red crystal is believed to be energizing outside of the bedroom, too, which may come in handy if you normally move through life at a Taurean (read: careful to the point of glacial) pace.

Clear Quartz

Gem, we love you for your mile-a-minute conversational style and ability to flit from subject to subject in a matter of a few breaths. But doesn’t that get exhausting for you? Pocket a clear quartz for an added sense of clarity when your thoughts feel a little too scattered. Even those with the greatest gift of gab need to brighten and lighten their mental load from time to time.


It may be on-the-nose, but we can’t think of a better crystal for the moon-ruled Crab than, well, moonstone. As one of the most emotionally sensitive signs in the Zodiac, you process information with your heart first, Cancer, so receiving surprising news can be overwhelming. This crystal is believed to sharpen your emotional awareness and help you sort through your feelings to reveal what they’re really telling you.


Whether you’re turning a story about your coffee run into the performance of a lifetime or convincing your roommate to take your sweater in case it gets cold later, you’re a giver, Leo. And as much as you’d like to think that trait comes without consequence, you do need something to recharge your heart and spirit at the end of the day. Hematite, with its powerful rebalancing and confidence-boosting properties, is just the stone you need.


In true to-the-point Virgo form, you make your needs and priorities perfectly clear: Your well-being, safety, and strength of mind must come first. When you’re not hiking, paying renter’s insurance, or keeping your vocab sharp with Scrabble nights, you’d be well-served to put in some time with a so-called lucky, revitalizing stone like emerald. Not only is this stone gorgeous, it’s also believed to be a token of good fortune, whether you keep it in your home or in your carry-on while traveling.


All that glitters is not gold, Libra — no matter how much you love the shinier things in life, what you need to thrive is substance and a sturdy foundation on which you can balance your scales. How fitting, then, that pyrite, aka “fool’s gold,” catches the eye with its shimmering exterior, but earns a place on our list for its purported ability to inspire creativity, confidence, and a sense of self-worth. Libras get a bad rap for being indecisive — this stone will help you hold tight to your convictions.


Cars have brakes. Rock climbers have ropes. Skydivers have parachutes. We all need the right gear to keep us safe, Scorp, and you’re no exception. As much as you enjoy delving into the depths of your subconscious (or just Wikipedia’ing as many serial killers as you can think of) spending too much time in darkness can do a number on your psyche. Add a protective, negativity-absorbing stone like shungite to your collection to ward off at least a few nightmares.


Made from fossilized resin, amber is a demonstration of what time can do. It’s thought to hold the wisdom of history in it, having passed through eons to make it to your crystal collection. And yet it grows warm when you hold it in your hand, as if it’s about to come alive itself. In a sense, this stone unites the two sides of the Sagittarian persona — your passion for new experiences and your thirst for knowledge can coexist, Archer. Keep your amber handy to remember that.


As an entrepreneurial Goat, you need to keep your ladder-climbing, ceiling-shattering, all around no-prisoners-taking brand strong. That’s why citrine would look right at home on your desk. In one fell swoop, it’s said to boost your mood, creativity, motivation, and earning potential. Driven Caps can be relaxation and self-care averse, so a crystal like citrine, that can multitask as well as you can, will strike a happy balance.


You’re a mad scientist, Aquarius, letting your thoughts and ideas flow from your mind to your mouth to… Well, sometimes even your loftiest dreams end up on the back burner, no matter how inspired you are to see them through. Enter fluorite. Nicknamed the “genius stone,” this is the crystal you need to cultivate focus, maintain tranquility, and finally execute your harebrained schemes.


The sign of dreams and the imagination deserves a stone to match, don’t you think? Amethyst, with its legendary connection to the mystical and the sacred, might as well have been made for you, Pisces, considering you tend to go through life half in your own head. You value your privacy and seek to make your home as comfortable and personal as possible. Keeping your amethyst in your bedroom, living room, or wherever you take the best naps will imbue the space with a quiet reverence and sense of the other-worldly — which is truly the Pisces vibe.


Source: Refinery29