The Biggest Flaw Of Each Astrological Sign

Let’s face it: nobody is perfect and everybody has their own set of challenges. Insecurities and uncertainties linger in all of us. Some of us need to be the center of attention while others tend to be shy. Some of us are totally stubborn while others forgive way too easily. There are different issues that hold all of us back in life.

Why do we react the way we do in hard situations? What qualities hinder us? The answers can totally be found in the stars. Many people turn to astrology and discover new aspects of themselves in the process. Perhaps our past experiences affect how we see the world. Maybe when we are born can determine some of our personality traits.

The more we know about what makes us tick, the better. Some seekers believe that our best and worst qualities are predestined. Astrology can help us understand our tendencies on a deep level. Discovering our own weaknesses can prompt growth and change.

It can be hard to look at ourselves and see what makes us struggle the most but there are gifts to be found in our shortcomings. Please enjoy this list of the biggest flaw of each astro sign.

Aries Woman: You Tend To Be Guarded

You demand freedom and seem to be extremely self-sufficient but deep inside, you totally hide your insecurities. That fake self-confidence can get you far in life but when it comes to relationships, self-doubt creeps in and makes you question yourself. Once a problem arises, you’re quick to take on all the blame.

You crave a loyal partner and if they don’t step up to the plate, you can get jealous. A girl like you tends to guard her heart, so it takes just the right person to earn your trust. Luckily, you don’t stick around if a relationship takes a negative turn.

Aries Man: You’re So Opinionated

The Aries man always has an opinion and likes to share it every chance he gets. You have quite the personality and prefer to be the one in the driver’s seat. You’re the alpha male and it can be OTT, but you like it that way. This can make a relationship with you a bit frustrating.

You have to be in total control and see anything less as a challenge to your dominance. Independence is important to you and you’re certainly not afraid to demand space from your partner. Nothing annoys you more than a needy person and you’re not afraid to walk away.

Taurus Woman: You Demand Affection

The Taurus woman craves affection above all else. It’s not your fault, though. You’re ruled by the planet Venus, the empress of love. If your partner doesn’t hold your hand or rub your back, you feel neglected. This can make you come across as a bit desperate and clingy.

Dedication is a must if someone wants to be in a relationship with you. If you’re not feeling fulfilled then you don’t hesitate to call things off. You know exactly how you want to be treated and will settle for nothing less. So, you’re totally high maintenance.

Taurus Man: You’re Such An Overachiever

The Taurus man is very practical and although you come across as determined, underneath it all, insecurities often fester. You’re so goal-oriented that you tend to be an overachiever. Success can give you an air of confidence but most of the time, you struggle internally.

The truth is, you have a deep-rooted fear that you’re boring. Stability is nice but we all know that it doesn’t keep things spicy in a relationship. It’s hard for you to throw caution to the wind and do something spontaneous. Planning a fun date night just doesn’t come naturally for a guy like you.

Gemini Woman: Your Complexity Is So Confusing

The Gemini lady is a complex creature. One moment, you’re demanding space and the next you need reassurance. If you feel like your thoughts aren’t being heard then you get super upset. It can be really confusing to be in a relationship with you.

If your partner isn’t completely focused on you, then you have a tendency to become defensive. You’re not one to put up with a distracted lover and can become demanding. Although, you’re quick to forgive if a person is willing to change to suit your mood. Once you’re both on the same page, you totally chill out.

Gemini Man: You Can Be Unpredictable

You’re such a flip-flopper that it’s hard to predict what comes next with you. The Gemini man craves freedom but then can suddenly want constant attention on a whim. You’re a bit emotional so your partner has to pay attention to your mood and be willing to give in to your unpredictable demands.

You have some serious needs and if you feel like they aren’t being met then you have been known to pitch quite a fit. You need a partner that can go with the flow and give you space but is also willing to bounce back by your side when it’s required.

Cancer Woman: Overthinking Gets You Into Trouble

The Cancer woman overthinks things all the time. You long for constant contact with your partner and start to feel insecure if you feel neglected. It’s all about trust with you and security is number one in your book. Once you feel like you can count on someone, you don’t hold back.

That’s great if your passion is returned but it’s easy for you to feel like you’re being taken for granted. Your brain is always busy processing your emotions and it can get messy. If you feel like someone has done you wrong then you’ll totally hold a grudge.

Cancer Man: You’re Totally Needy

The Cancer man is totally intense and you often throw yourself into relationships. What may seem like dedication to you can sometimes come across as desperation to others. Your neediness makes you prone to jealousy. There is no one more sensitive than you, so you have an undeniable vulnerability about you.

Confidence isn’t your strongest quality so you let others take the lead and you end up being passive when it comes to love. You’re ruled by your emotions and are very open about your needs. A person has to be willing to do a lot of work to be close to you.

Leo Woman: You Need Constant Approval

We all know that the Leo lady is a total lioness and you love getting tons of compliments. Flattery goes a long way with you and if your lover doesn’t shower you with sweet nothings, then the claws come out. It’s all about respect and you demand nothing less than the best. So, your significant other better adore you.

You don’t mince words, so you need a lover that can handle your brutal honesty. You’re very clear about your requirements so there aren’t any surprises. Yet, you’ll leave in a heartbeat if you feel like you aren’t being tended to.

Leo Man: You Overshadow Everyone

The Leo man is a bit of a show-off and loves being the center of attention. If your partner isn’t giving you their undivided attention then you become hurt or defensive. You cast a big shadow so it’s easy for people to get lost in your presence.

It takes a secure person to be close to you and they have to be willing to stroke your ego.

Yet, underneath that song and dance is an authentic guy who craves a deep connection. As long as they let you hold the spotlight then you’re more than willing to have a serious relationship. It just has to be all about you.

Virgo Woman: Quit Selling Yourself Short

The Virgo woman is a sensitive person who has been known to put her needs last. You tend to focus on the happiness of others, which is super-sweet, but that can mean that you often sell yourself short. Your self-sacrificing nature can cause trouble for you because you dream up problems that are only in your mind.

Approval is so important to you that you base your self-worth on what others think of you. If you think that your partner has a wandering eye, you’ll totally call them out on it. This can become a problem if they’re actually innocent.

Virgo Man: You’re So Neurotic

The Virgo man is extremely perceptive and spends a good amount of time keeping score when he’s in a relationship. You’re totally devoted, almost to a fault, when it comes to matters of the heart. Your neurotic nature rears its head often and you sometimes criticize your lover for things that they actually didn’t do.

You have a tendency to smother people you love, so it takes a tolerant person to embark in a relationship with you. They have to appreciate your loyalty. Since romance isn’t your strongest quality, you can be a bit guarded until you get to know someone.

Libra Woman: You Hate Conflict

There is nothing that a Libra lady hates more than conflict. You’ll do just about anything to avoid a confrontation so you’ve been known to be passive-aggressive. Snide comments fly out of your mouth often when you don’t get your way. Yet, you thrive on human connection and hate being alone so you tend to be clingy in a relationship.

Your need for attention can make you insecure. As long your partner is willing to give you the validation that you demand, you’ll stick around. Security is important to you so the more attention you’re given, the happier you are.

Libra Man: You Have A Wandering Eye

The Libra man can be confusing. On the one hand, you love feeling connected when you’re in a relationship and on the other, you tend to grow restless. You can have a wandering eye and settling down is a challenge for you. Although, deep inside, you are drawn towards marriage, despite your aimless ways.

You struggle with self-doubt so it’s easy for you to feel insecure but you’re not really the jealous type. As long as your significant other can handle your indecisive ways, then you can actually be a very attentive boyfriend. You need a lot of attention from your lover or you’ll find someone new.

Scorpio Woman: You’re Totally Possessive

The Scorpio woman loves passionately but has a sting if she feels like she’s being crossed. Since you feel so deeply, you tend to be possessive in both love and friendship. If you’re with someone then you’re totally devoted and that intensity can be a lot to handle. It takes some serious patience to deal with you.

If you feel cornered in any way, you let your feelings be known. Although, you’re prone to give the silent treatment and can hold onto a grudge forever. A relationship with you requires a deep connection and you won’t settle for anything less.

Scorpio Man: You’re Just So Moody

As a Scorpio man you can be a bit moody, but it’s just because you feel so deeply. People are attracted to your intensity but underneath that mysterious grin is a very sensitive person. You fight with insecurity which makes you prone to suspicion. You’re always judging the situation and often see the worst in people.

Your moody nature can leave your significant other walking on eggshells. As long as a person is willing to prove that they’re dedicated to you often then you’re quite a steadfast boyfriend. You just have to resist your possessive ways to make it work.

Sagittarius Woman: You Get Bored Easily

Your self-assuredness lures others to you but it can also backfire in a big way. Since you get bored so easily, it’s tricky for people to keep you around. If a person doesn’t treat you the way that you know you deserve to be treated, then you simply move on. No questions asked.

You crave freedom and require a ton of space, which can make a partner feel taken for granted. It wouldn’t hurt for you to slow down and let your significant other know how much they mean to you. Independence is a good thing but balance is the key.

Sagittarius Man: You Hate Feeling Tied Down

The Sagittarius man refuses to be pressured into settling down. You tell it like it is and have no problem letting your partner know when you need space. Freedom is your number one priority and if you feel stifled in any way, then you often push others away.

Couple that with your resistance to receive help and you’re quite challenging to be close to. Your idealistic nature often leads to unrealistic expectations, which can cause some tension when it comes to love. It takes a confident person to keep up with you but once you strike a balance, you’re more than willing to compromise.

Capricorn Woman: You Have Trust Issues

The Capricorn woman tends to be in denial if a conflict arises in her life. You’d rather think on a situation than confront the problem. This means that you spend a lot of time playing out arguments in your mind. You tend to give people the benefit of the doubt but not everyone is so deserving of your trust.

You struggle with heartache and have an internal battle that makes you prone to putting your faith in the wrong person. That said, you do know your value and won’t put up with being mistreated. It just takes you a minute to realize it.

Capricorn Man: You Can Be Such A Workaholic

The Capricorn man has a serious work ethic. Focusing solely on your goals can get in the way of being in a healthy relationship, though. You’re self-reliant to a fault and demand plenty of time to dedicate to your job. It’s all too easy for your significant other to feel neglected.

You’re a thoughtful person but your stubborn streak makes you come across as a bit inflexible. The thing is, you’re actually a sensitive guy who craves a deep connection with your lover. They just have to be willing to help you communicate your feelings since it’s hard for you to express yourself.

Aquarius Woman: You Bottle Up Your Feelings

You come across as a laid-back lady but you’re actually a very complex person. Underneath that cool exterior is a fiery temper just waiting to burst forth. You have a tendency to bottle up your feelings because you don’t want to burden others but it comes back to bite you later.

You have a lust for life that sends you off on great adventures but this means that you have no problem taking off on a whim. If you find yourself feeling stifled in any way then you totally cut people out of your life with little, or no, explanation.

Aquarius Man: You Demand The Upper Hand

The Aquarius man likes to have the upper hand at all times. You have to win and are very competitive. If you’re not the one running the show, then you become really moody.

You’re always on the move and are so energetic that you need a lover who can match your pace.

Predictability is a turnoff for you. If a relationship feels stagnant then you’re out of there. You pride yourself on being an original person and prefer to be around quirky people who can match your wit. They can’t be too clever, though. You prefer to be the funniest person in the room.

Pisces Woman: You Forgive Way Too Easily

The Pisces woman is vulnerable and often finds herself mending a broken heart. You hide your insecurities well because it’s hard for you to admit when you feel hurt. It’s just not like you to call people out when they’ve done you wrong. You’d much rather forgive and forget than hold a grudge.

Your kind nature can lead to problems in relationships because it’s easy for others to take advantage of you. It wouldn’t hurt for you to stand your ground in an argument. Although, that really just isn’t in your nature. Much to your chagrin, you see the good in even the worst situations.

Pisces Man: You’re Just So Idealistic

The Pisces man has his head in the clouds and it affects his relationships in a big way.

You’re such an idealist that you place your partner on a pedestal and they aren’t always worthy of your worship. Insecurities pop up often in your life but you still trust people, wholeheartedly.

You can be a bit smothering when it comes to love because you care so deeply. Boundaries are a challenge for you because you’re just such a romantic. It can be endearing but it mostly just makes you look desperate. It wouldn’t hurt for you to take on some self-preservation skills.

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