Swimming In Self-Hatred? Then You Need to Read This

Self-hate stems from a lot of things.

It could be disappointment with your appearance, the way you speak, the way you think, or any other reason that you might think is valid enough to hate yourself enough.

But not all reasons are internal.

There are several external reasons for self-loathing.

The way you were treated during your childhood could be a major reason why some people end up hating themselves.

And as soon as we come out of childhood, we think what others think of us is what we are, and that leads to more self-hatred.

And, if we do not handle this in time, the damage to our sense of self-worth could be permanent.

Here are some signs that you could do with a dose of confidence:

-If you are trying too hard to fit into a group.

-If you get uncomfortable with compliments.

-If social media makes you feel terrible.

-If you compare yourself to others all the time.

-If you pity yourself too much.

-If you are too afraid of dreaming big in life.

A study that involved 3000 adolescent girls showed that seven out of 10 believe that they are not good enough.

They were insecure about their appearance, academic performance, and personal relationships.

The same study also pointed out how 75 percent of girls had eating disorders, and indulged in self-cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking because of their low self-esteem.

Some people never come out of this and the result can be fatal.

It’s important to remember that we are all flawed in our own ways and that self-hatred really helps no one.

Yes, there are phases in life where we feel disgusted about ourselves but wallowing in that feeling won’t get us anywhere.

All you need to listen to is your positive inner self to turn things around.

Life has much more to offer at every stage.

Everything can be mended.

All you need is a direction that can lead you to the positive side of the pool.

Source: India Times