Struggling Woman Has $375 Worth Of Groceries Covered By A Kind Stranger, Later Finds Out It’s Ludacris

A widow living in Georgia was shocked when she learned that a generous man who paid $375 for her groceries was actually rapper Ludacris.

Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo, a British writer based in Atlanta, was in a check-out line at Whole Foods when she had the chance encounter on June 30.

In a Facebook post that has garnered more than 19,000 reactions, Jaramillo described that she had been struggling to make ends meet since her husband died of a brain tumor in 2014.

Last week, the woman shared that she ‘ran into a financial hit of almost $4,000 within one month’ after having to buy a new water heater and failing to get a check for a freelancing job she had done.

She added: ‘It’s just me who is responsible for taking care of everything now – the house, the property, four rescued dogs, two rescued cats, an elderly, blind chicken named Dixie Licklighter, my disabled brother…and myself.

‘There is no one else to do it. It’s all on me. I was too embarrassed to say out loud I was having financial difficulty but it was a solid problem.

‘I was making rice for me and the dogs to eat. I was losing sleep. I was crying daily. I rationed gas in my car.’

Jaramillo then explains that a friend – who she calls ‘Miracle Mary’ – gifted her with a $250 Whole Foods via text message.

‘I was so grateful I sat down and wept,’ she continued.

The woman rushed to the nearest Whole Foods, excited to shop for ‘hummus and fresh food.’

But the woman would shop with her heart and not her budget, approaching the check out line with far more than $250 worth of groceries.

Jaramillo added: ‘While in line, I was so tired and the food for my pets kind of ended up in with the stuff of the guy ahead of me on the conveyor belt.’

And when Jaramillo tried to apologize to the cashier, the ‘guy’ quickly chimed in ‘I might as well get it.’

‘He wanted to buy food for my pets. I even clumsily tried to stop the cashier at a certain amount, because the gift card was for $250 and I had gone way over, which at Whole Foods is far too easy to do,’ said Jaramillo.

‘I was out of a lot of things at home and I hadn’t added things in my head correctly. My head hasn’t worked all month due to stress. Nothing has worked all month.’

The ‘guy’ would tell the woman yet again that he had the transaction, a gesture that moved Jaramillo to tears.

She said: ‘I stared wide-eyed at this handsome young African-American man, this stranger, as if he’d just dropped through the ceiling like a black James Bond, like a Batman, like the Black Panther. Then I started to cry.’

When she asked for the Good Samaritan’s name, all the rapper would tell her was ‘Chris.’

The two talked, with Ludacris – whose real name is Christopher Bridges – asking about the woman’s dogs.

Jaramillo couldn’t help but continuously ask the 40-year-old rapper who he was, but Ludacris insisted that he was ‘just a guy’.

After paying the woman’s $375 check, Ludacris asked the woman if she needed any help getting the groceries to her car.

Insisting that she didn’t, Jaramillo thanked Ludacris again. The rapper told her that she was ‘sweet’ for rescuing the dogs but Jaramillo asserted that she was ‘lucky’ and that he was the one that was ‘sweet’.

Ludacris then left and it was then the woman learned just how lucky she was.

She said: ‘The cashier came around to put the last of my treasures into my cart and said casually to me, “You know that’s Ludacris, right?”’

Jaramillo was stunned and as folks behind her started talking about the moment, she couldn’t believe that the rapper had stepped in to help her out.

‘“I love him!” I yelled and in my hysteria launched into the worst possible white-woman rendition of his hit “Rollout (My Business).”’ she said.

Jaramillo hugged the cashier and made her way back to her dogs, chicken and brother.

‘Ludacris. This guy is awesome run amok. You know why? He was just doing something kind for a disheveled, harried stranger,’ she said. ‘Showing the love in his soul. Shining a light in the world. But there’s something else.’

‘What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that I’m Hurricane Katrina survivor and I lost my mother because of that unnatural disaster.

‘What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that his quiet kindness and generous gesture came at a moment when my candle was out.

‘He used his personal light to fire up my own. Isn’t that what we should be doing for each other?’

Jaramillo’s long post concludes with a simple message: ‘Be like Ludacris y’all.’

‘I know I’m gonna do it. Pay it forward. We can, every one of us, do SOMEthing for others,’ she added. ‘You never know a stranger’s full story when you reach out a hand and yank them into a better place.

‘Thank you, Chris. God bless you.’

Source: Daily Mail UK