Strong Women Would Rather Spend Their Time Alone Than In the Company of Assholes

Strong women are a lot more than they are given credit for. While a lot of people will say they are strong there are few who truly are.

Strong women are women who have realized that in life actions speak louder than words. They have been through so much in life that they know how empty the promises of those who claim to care truly can be. To be completely honest it is a lot easier to want to be a strong woman than it is to actually be one.

If you know a strong woman or are a strong woman you know that they will be the first to tell you to not waste time on assholes. Wasting time on assholes is spending your life in the dark and hoping for someone else to bring in the light. It gets you nowhere. A strong woman is a free woman, as she can be happy all on her own.

Strong women will spend their free time and energy on themselves before they will spend it on someone who is taking them for granted. They know their worth and are not afraid to make those who need to be aware of it, aware. They are amazing people who love to help those who truly appreciate them but you cannot treat them like a doormat.

Strong women are well aware that being in a relationship is not all that life is about. She has found that sometimes being alone is necessary. She can create a wonderful life for herself without anyone else if she wants to. That being said, after going through the things she has gone through, she is a great judge of character.

If someone sucks she is not going to let them be a part of her life.Sure, she is still open to love but she is not out searching for it like some people are. She wants someone who is capable of giving just as much as she does in the relationship. Someone who knows her worth and is not going to use her to move up himself. She wants someone who is looking to grow with her and help her create a life they both can share.

She will not give up who she is for any asshole. She knows what she needs and will accept no less. Some people may consider her a bitch but she is anything but. She is a strong independent woman who is not afraid to find happiness in herself. She does not need someone to ‘complete her’ she has already realized that she holds the key to what everyone else is looking for.

If anything we should all strive to be strong women, in life we seem to settle far more than we should. There is nothing wrong with chasing after your dreams. Be who you want to be, don’t be who anyone else wants you to be and don’t let some asshole control your life. It is your life to live, don’t waste it.


via Awareness Act