Starbucks Releases New Adorable Animal-Inspired Merchandise Collection

What if you knew a Starbucks branch in China has released cute merchandise in the form of mugs and tumblers under its Summer Collection 2019?

Will you travel to Asia?

For years of observing them, we now know how millennials behave themselves.

They take photos of anything and with anything – even with the iconic Starbucks cup.

The coffee chain has long noticed this and tried to jump into the bandwagon.

To keep the trend going, Starbucks went on to produce various tumblers and mugs with designs that are Instagrammable enough.

And, you know where to locate the prettiest ones? Yep, you’ll spot them in China.

Yep, it’s Starbucks China that has caught everyone’s attention.

Their latest merchandise additions are quite catchy and delightfully cute.

Managers at the Starbucks chain in China know how countless customers love the adorable representations of tiny animals.

As such, as they included a lot of these cute animals in their latest merchandise collection.

Termed as the Summer Collection 2019, the set consists of a raccoon, hamster, alpaca, squirrel, and sloth!

Each animal design is just too irresistible! There’s a catch, though.

You know they’re in China, but you must also know that they’re only available in China.

So, would you be willing to take the trip?

The Summer Collection 2019 has coasters, tumblers, and mugs on the list.

To match the summer feels, they’re all in pastel colors.

Plus, the designs feature fresh drinks, ice cream, and fruits – all pointing to the vibe brought about by the hot summer sun.

By the way, some of the mugs have a lid that doubles as a drying base.

What about these magnet coasters?

Of course, they’re too precious to forget.

As you would expect, limited edition cups sell out the fastest.

So this unique and adorable collection from Starbucks China might get sold out pretty soon, too!

If you would like to have a full list of the special merchandise, checkout out the Starbucks China page.

You may also visit Instagram, and the search results will tell you how people have adored these products!

Source: Awesome Inventions