Your spirit animal according to your Zodiac

Your zodiac sign is based on your birth and the position of stars at the time you were born. While some zodiac signs like the Scorpio and the Taurus are animals, their names are based on the shape the constellation and the story behind it, rather than the animals. Your spirit animal, therefore, is quite different from the shape of your constellation but closely related to your birth. Find out which is your spirit animal based on the day you were born.

#1 Aries – Tiger

Aries are people who are royal by heart. They have grand personalities and are truly graceful in the way they lead their lives. They are kind and gentle to those whom they love but can be ferociously dangerous for those who dare challenge them. Their personalities and their soul are as elegant as their spirit animal which guides them, the tiger.

#2 Taurus – Wolf

Taureans are stubborn souls who lead life on their own terms. Like the wolves, they have lonely spirits which love with all their hearts and just like the wolf, they would go to any lengths to protect those they love. Taureans are people who live simple but have complex personalities, just like their spirit animal, the wolf.

#3 Gemini – Black Panther

Geminis are mysterious souls. They are enigmatic with extremely layered personalities. You can try understanding them but just when you think you know them, they would reveal a side which will surprise you. Calm and composed from outside but fearless and thinking from within, Geminis match their soul animal, the black panther.

#4 Cancer – Dog

Cancer people are truly loyal and incredibly trusting. They value honesty in a relationship and they would always be there when you need them the most. Cancer people are the ones you may not want but you definitely need, for they are the kind of people who will have your back. Their deep sense of trust, loyalty, and affection makes them like their spirit animal, the dog.

#5 Leo – Peacock

Leos are high-spirited people who are truly independent by nature and have great confidence in their abilities. They know exactly who they are and what they are capable of and they do not mind flaunting their beautiful self. Leos, therefore, are very similar to their spirit animal, the peacock.

#6 Virgo – Eagle

Virgos are sharp, alert, and extremely smart. They are free souls who like wandering in a world of their own. They are bold and brave and they like scaling great heights beyond the reach of common souls. Leos, therefore, perfectly match their spirit animal, the eagle.

#7 Libra – Panda

Libra people are sweet, warm, and cute by nature. They are jovial, love having a good time, and they are adorable people in the way they treat others. They are laid back and take it easy, making them perfect companions and incredibly good friends. Libras, therefore, are very similar to their spirit animal, the panda.

#8 Scorpio – Lion

Scorpios are unusually brave and courageous souls who are truly the masters of their hearts and minds. They are fierce, outspoken, can be brutally honest. If there is one thing they value the most, it is their sense of freedom and truly they match their spirit animal, the lion.

#9 Sagittarius – Cat

Sagittarians are extremely intelligent people and are highly alert as well. They are good at reading situations and adapting to it. They are not only smart but also pragmatic which makes them highly resourceful. They are quick witted and have the unique ability to turn a situation to their advantage, just like their spirit animal, the cat.

#10 Capricorn – Horse

Capricorns are wild, raw, and free people who like living on their own terms. They are free souls and they do exactly what their heart tells them. They cannot be bound in chains as their spirits are truly free and it is the liberated soul that matches their spirit animal, the horse.

#11 Aquarius – Bear

Aquarians are people who can be extremely caring towards those they love but highly dangerous for those who cross them. They can tear apart their competition but can also nurture people like their cubs. To be on their wrong side is to invite danger and that is what makes Aquarians like their spirit animal, the bear.

#12 Pisces – Fox

Pisceans are calm and gentle people who like keeping to themselves and out of the way. They live in their own world and do their own thing. But when they need to, they can also be shrewd and extremely cunning. Quick-witted and alert, they can easily go from gentle to ferocious when provoked. Pisceans, therefore, mirror their spirit animal quite closely which is the fox.