Signs You Have A Negative Spirit Or Entity Attached To You And How to Get Rid of It

Do you wonder what is blocking you from healing or living the life you desire?

Could you be under the influence of other energies or attachments that are NOT yours and don’t even know it?

You may be surprised to hear that you are NOT always as free as you could be.

The information shared here can be life changing! So please read on with your Heart!

Over 97% of people & their environment are extremely prone to negative entity attachments, especially among young children, Lightworkers, healers, and their homes and/or businesses.

It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, socio-economic status, or where you live but what matter is your overall energetic vibrations.

Why it is so important to be aware of this…and to actually have effective techniques or tools to clear yourself, your loved ones, your home, and/or environment of these negative attachments that are not for your Highest Good?


Three common challenges negative entities can cause:

Stopping your healing progress

Preventing your success

Interfering with your relationship with God Source/Creator

What are negative entity attachments? Why should we care?


Negative entity attachments are when these low vibrational or negative spirits piggyback onto our energy fields and/or enter into our personal spaces. Entities are essentially Spirits. There are COUNTLESS good Spirits, like Light Beings such as Angels that are available to help all of us at any given time unlike so-called negative spirits.

There are 2 categories of Entities: Earthbound & Dimensionals/Extraterrestrials (ETs) beings. Earthbound spirits are souls that were previously in the physical bodies, like our loved ones including pets that are trapped here on Earth for various reasons after death. Dimensional spirits are beings from other dimensions or planets. There are more negative dimensional (ETs) attachments now than before.

These negative entities can cause a lot of interferences and so called setbacks, most unknowingly when they are attached to us, affecting to the way we feel, think, behave, and live.

How Do You Know If You Or Your Loved Ones Have an Entity Attachment?

This is such a common phenomena yet often most people are not aware or worst even acknowledge. You may have negative entity attachments if you or your loved ones have been feeling any of these symptoms:

Self-sabotaging one’s progress or success

Sudden onset of aches and pains in the body including chronic pain

Unknown diagnoses or mysterious causes to real physical, mental, and emotional symptoms

Feeling drained or low energy

Difficulty sleeping or unable to go back to sleep

Unexplained fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and/or personality changes

Suicidal thoughts, depression, and persistent sadness

Addictions, violent, abusive, and bullying behavior

Chronic unhappiness, worrying, and/or negative outlook on life

Trouble focusing or symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Persistent tantrums and those evil eye looks

Frequent bad dreams and/or nightmares

Relationship issues and fighting

Irrational thoughts or unexplained disturbances


Why are we so susceptible to these negative energies or entity attachments? Can we be free?

Simply put, we are susceptible because of our weakened energetic immune system. Our Life Force Energy (Hara line), auric fields around our energetic bodies, and our overall vibrations are weakened and/or damaged hence make it easier for these lower vibrational energies to enter our energetic bodies. In addition, these natural self-defense mechanisms or barriers are further damaged with the electromagnetic fields/radiation that are unavoidable in the modern world.

Like the analogy of your physical body immune system, when your immune system is healthy and strong, harder to ‘catch’ a cold or infection, but when it is weak like your energetic immune system, very easy to catch or be at the vibrational match of these negative entity attachments.

Furthermore, the best ways to ‘fight’ off a physical body infection are handwashing and strong immune system. Hence one can be ‘free’ from these negative energetic attachments as much as possible by implementing daily effective energetic cleansing, strengthening your energetic immune system, and maintaining a high vibration.

Here are some tips on how you can best reclaim your Life & transform your life:
Keep yourself free of negative entity attachments throughout the day

Release (neutralize) negative “gunk” energies effectively, like hurts/sufferings, energetic cords, physical and psychic traumas, heartwalls, trapped emotions, frozen emotions, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, etc that are no longer serving you in all your bodies, generations, and dimensions.

Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and God Source hence coming more into alignment of who you really are, your True Nature/Essence of calm, peace, and love. There are Infinite celestial beings available to help us as we become open and receptive. So deeply know that you are loved and supported always from God Source even when you don’t think so.

Keep your vibrations high. Live life more from your Heart space and be happy, grateful, loving, grounded/centered,etc. Love is the highest vibration. Divine love heals all.

Maintain a strong energetic immune system: Life Force Energy functioning at 100% and Auric Fields repaired to 100% in all your bodies.

Step into your full empowerment. Deeply know that you and everything is part of the ONE creation. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions create your reality and ultimately no one can harm you..

Whatever you do, it is so important to keep the above in mind, so you can release those energies that no longer serving you, including negative entity attachments which may be preventing you from achieving optimal health, wealth, love and happiness.

Times have changed, the energies are changing rapidly, you are more aware than before. So it makes sense to have more effective and comprehensive tools to simultaneously complement or help you with all the above bullet points to further reclaim your Light and transform your life as you so choose.

What can you do to free yourself from the spirit?

If you or a loved one have been experiencing the signs above, there are steps that you can take to free yourself from this spirit and reclaim your life. Begin by taking steps to free yourself from negative energy in your own life, increasing your vibrations.

This can be done through any exercise designed to help you stay grounded and centered including meditation and yoga. The healthier you are on a spiritual level, the more likely you can build up the necessary walls and barriers to protect yourself.

Focus on your spiritual journey, and the connection that you have with the Universe and your Higher Self. It may take time, but you will feel the relief as you begin to distance yourself from this negative influence on your life.