Signs That You May Be A Clairsentient

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In the world of clairvoyance, there are actually several different – levels, if you will – of psychic abilities in general. Just as in life, we are all different and as such, have different abilities in terms of “seeing” things beyond the obviously visible. One of the most common of these – the feeling of knowing – is known as clairsentience – and you’d be surprised how many people have the ability.

Sense of Feeling. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling you should avoid something (or someone) or felt drawn to something (or someone) else, you’ve experienced clairsentience. In most cases, we call it a “gut feeling” that something is “off” or that you should do one thing or another – but we can’t explain WHY.

Gut Feeling. Often times, you may feel like you should take a different route to work, or you might be off-put by someone’s general attitude even though they haven’t said anything offensive. Other times you may find yourself feeling oddly at peace in a certain home or environment that you were unfamiliar with.

Clairsentience. “Clairsentience is on the spectrum of psychic abilities. It is sometimes called ‘clear feeling’ or ‘clear sensing.’ Often used interchangeably with Clair-cognizance; ‘clear knowing,’ it is the perception of information beyond that which you can physically see or hear,” explains Exemplore.com.

Based on Feelings. The difference between clairsentience and the other forms of “seeing” in the psychic sense, is that clairsentience is based solely on feeling. It is that feeling that tells you a certain situation or person is dangerous, lying, or generally peaceful for that matter. It is a sixth-sense of feelings.

The Experience. “People who experience clairsentience are affected by a myriad of different influences, but it all comes down to being sensitive to changes in energy. These changes may be connected to human emotions, or they might be caused by some imperceptible atmospheric disturbance,” Exemplore.com writes.

Reading the Room. Essentially, people with sensitivity to clairsentience are a sort of “human barometer” who are able to instantly read a room or person. It’s the ability to pick up on unseen vibes and emotions in the air that give you a more accurate read on a space or person than others in the room with you.

Frequency. “It may happen all the time, or just occasionally. The more you recognized its occurrence, the more likely it will happen. Empaths, those who experience other people’s emotions, may well be clairsentient, or will become clairsentient over time,” explains Exemplore.com.

Professions. Some people who have the ability will find themselves entering careers which cater to it – often without knowing. There are a high number of medical professionals and criminal justice professionals who find themselves with the ability, according to Exemplore.com.

Other Careers. “Medical doctors who seem to have an uncanny ability to hone in on the problem… (and) detectives whose ability to read people is well-developed,” are just two of the professions which seem to contain the clairsentient ability, Exemplore.com writes.

Other Examples. The clairsentient can also be an explanation for a mother’s intuition. Moms often feel an unexplainable feeling of intuition when it comes to what their child needs or when a diagnosis is incorrect, for example. This “intuition” is just another form of clairsentience, the author explains.

Signs. So what are the signs of being a clairsentient? There are several different “versions” and it is different for everyone, but there are some commonalities. You may experience different variations on the following, or you may only experience one or two of them, but they are all signs.

What Are the Signs? If you were ever told when you were younger that you were “over-sensitive,” that’s a good indicator of psychic abilities. Others include “feeling overwhelmed by crowds and noise… sensing the atmosphere of buildings, including homes and places of work,” explains Exemplore.com.

More Signs. Other signs include things like having a “heightened perception” or easily understanding and anticipating what others are saying without them having to deeply explain themselves. You may also “sense undercurrents of emotion and seem to be able to intuit information from them,” says Exemplore.com.

Physical Signs. There are also physical signs that can be present for clairsentients. Some of these may include feeling “nauseous, dizzy or deeply uncomfortable… (or) physical signs, such as tingling anywhere in your body” that will cease when you leave the room, Exemplore.com writes.

You Just Know. Above all, people who are clairsentients are basically just equipped with an uncanny ability to “just know” something without a true explanation for their knowledge. It’s a feeling of truly understanding something without a word being spoken, and it’s much more common than most of us realize!

Source: Rebel Circus