Sculptor Darius Hulea “Draws” Portraits Of Historical Figures Using Industrial Metal Wires

Traditionally, sculptors are using conventional materials such as plaster, concrete, wood, solid metal, and stones in creating sculptures. But contemporary sculptors are slowly embracing other unorthodox materials such as paper and glass. Over the years, we’ve seen stunning sculptures that are made of uncommon materials.

Just take a look at the sculptures of Darius Hulea.

His creations are certainly different from most sculptures we’ve seen so far. With the use of industrial metal wires, the Romanian sculptor can bring his sketches of historical figures come alive in 3D. Without a doubt, his metal wire sculptures are impressive and unique.

While different types of metals have been used in many sculptures before, Hulea adds a twist to the classical mode of sculpture. By molding the industrial metal wires, he creates three-dimensional portraits of influential artists and other legendary figures in history. Using metal wires of different widths, he creates lines to sculpt the portrait.

He cleverly applies thicker lines to produce bold contours while he uses fine lines to create shading. Due to the pliable property of the metal wires, he can easily weave and solder them into their desired forms. Hence, the artist can freely execute his sketches of classical figures and transform his drawings into sculptures.

Hulea realized his interest in arts and crafts at an early age. His grandmother was weaving traditional geometric fabrics while his grandfather was working with agricultural tools. This exposure to the crafts inspired him to combine arts and industrial materials.

“I discovered during my second year of college that the great artists of modern history used the principle of drawing in space or drawing the space through different metallic structures,” he shares. “Some, like Picasso, used recycled materials or, like Calder or David Smith, industrial materials.

That moment was the turning point of the sculptures that I am doing now. For me, this type of drawing is what we find in the sketches of the great artists of the Renaissance like Michelangelo and Da Vinci—serious and realistic compositions that anyone can understand.”

Take a look at his stunning metal wire sculptures that depict some of the greatest artists, philosophers, and leaders in history. You can also visit the artist’s Instagram page to see his entire collection of remarkable sculptures.

Darius Hulea uses industrial metal wires to give portraits of historical figures a three-dimensional rendition

Hulea weaves and solders metal wires to sculpt his metal wire sculptures

Source: Awesome Inventions