Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language

People with higher intelligence are different from people with average intelligence. They are different in acting, thinking, as well as an approach to situations.

Scientists say that highly intelligent people do not care about everyday things like going to bed on time, being tidy, and be careful of their language, that most of the people are preoccupied with.

So, in this article, we will talk about three things that people with high intelligence do.

1. They Go to Bed Late

Even from the childhood, these people cannot go to bed early. One study that included young Americans says that the higher intelligence a person has, the later they go to sleep. Also, the study says that kids that are more intelligent grow up to be night owls as adults.

The outcomes of the study revealed that kids whose intelligence quotient was lower than 75 go to bed around 11:41 pm on weeknights and kids with intelligence quotient higher than 125 go to sleep around 12:29 am.

2. They Love Chaos

Studies say that people who are creative usually have untidy desks. So, a person in the untidy environment is able to think of more creative ideas.

Also, messiness is related to getting free from conventional thinking as well as attitude, so there is the capability to think of new ideas about so many things we usually do not appreciate.

3. They Swear a Lot

Even though because of their intelligence, highly intelligent people know when to swear, they swear like sailors. Usually, people think that those who swear are not intelligent enough, and are not capable of having a proper conversation, so they use swearing.

Anyway, one study says that using swearing words is connected to rich vocabulary as well as fluency. And, this disproved the idea that not being fluent is connected to swearing.

The truth is completely different, swearing is related to rich vocabulary and high fluency, and people with high intelligence have this.

Well, when you see someone who is highly intelligent, just imagine them in the middle of the night on their chaotic desk, swearing while thinking and working on new ideas. Sounds interesting right?