Research Shows That These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Most Prone to Depression

Depression is often a serious disorder that causes a long-lasting sense of sadness, worthlessness, anxiety and loss of interest in everyday activities. Depression is a disorder that can occur in everyone, for various reasons.

According to astrologers, depression is associated with our zodiac sign, and because of this, some signs are more prone to depression than others. Often these signs are more sensitive and more intuitive. In addition, several personal characteristics play a role, such as low self-esteem, self-criticism, pessimism and the like. See what signs it is.

#1 Pisces

Pisces have the greatest chance of suffering from depression. They are inclined to be martyrs and to sacrifice. These people are very good, but they can destroy themselves, too much to depend on others, and sometimes lose touch with reality. Usually the world sees it through “pink glasses” and their view of life is not real. This very often leaves them disappointed. When the Pisces are depressed, it is most often because they can not control their lives as much as they want. However, they always choose to suffer in silence, even when it’s hardest. To avoid depression, the fish should stop sacrificing and not try to satisfy everyone around them.

#2 Cancer

Cancer is another sign that is really prone to depression and sorrow. These people are very sensitive, caring and compassionate. But they often feel that nobody cares about them. Because Cancer is the “mothers” in astrology, they need to be needed and loved. They need recognition and attention to make them feel happy and secure in their lives. Their depression is often the result of too much involvement in the lives of others and that they can not control their grief. It’s hard for Cancer to open up to others and to tell their needs, so they also choose to suffer in silence. This, of course, results in depression. The cure for their grief is to surround themselves with people and family who will support them and who will understand their feelings.

#3 Scorpio

Scorpios are people who feel the emotions deeply and intensely, so it is no wonder that they are prone to depression more than other signs. Scorpios are always emotionally involved in their relationships. This means that if something is wrong in the relationship, they immediately become sad and anxious. One of the biggest causes of depression in these people is loneliness, loss and parting. However, the Scorpios will never admit that they are depressing or vulnerable because they are afraid that someone will use this against them. In order to avoid sorrow, it is important to learn to control their intense emotions. It will also be helpful if you have a friend who can share their deepest thoughts and feelings.

#4 Capricorn

Capricorns are prone to depression for several reasons. Although these people usually remain calm and under great pressure, when their emotions are not expressed, they may end up depressed. Capricorns are usually with a gloomy mood and a tired mind and are almost accustomed to depressed situations. Well, depression is not something serious for them. These people often feel responsible for everything and everyone, and when they do not reach their high expectations, feel guilty, and become depressed. They need to learn to trust both themselves and others. Some close and loyal friends should be chosen to share their feelings when they are sad.

#5 Gemini

Geminis are complicated people who are prone to intense emotions, whether good or bad. The very name of this sign tells us that they have 2 different sides of their character. Geminis are intelligent, dynamic and conversational, and become depressed if they find themselves in a boring routine, or if they are in a position where they can not speak freely and say their ideas. For the most part, their lush fantasy helps them not to get into a routine, but even the most creative minds can face this. While some signs prefer to suffer in silence, the Twins project their depression to the outside world or deal with it, doing various things that distract them.

#6 Taurus

And Taurus are people who have great chances of suffering from depression. These people love the familiar and enjoy the routine comfort of their lives. They feel best when they are at home or surrounded by their loved ones. When depression develops, it can be really intense. Then these people sleep a lot, tend to overeat, and want to be left alone. However, even if they feel too sad and hopeless, the Bulls are very private with their emotions and have a very small circle of people they trust. Cooking or any kind of aromatherapy can greatly improve the mood when in such a situation.


via The Zodiac Stars