Rare white giraffes caught on camera for first time in history

For the first time in history, a pair of rare white giraffes have been caught on camera in Kenya. And honestly, they’re pretty remarkable.

In the clip, the mother and child – who both suffer from Leucism, a genetic condition which prevents pigmentation – can be seen wandering around the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy. The remarkable video was filmed by staff after locals tipped them off. Rumours had been circulating claiming that a white giraffe and her baby had been spotted in the local area, but it wasn’t until June that rangers finally got to see them.

A ranger said: ‘While observing the magnificent long necked animal looking at us, I could not help but see the fading reticulates on their skin. ‘It was evident that the colouration, especially on the mother giraffe, was not as conspicuous as the baby.’

The very first reports of a white giraffe in the wild were reported in January 2016 in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. A second sighting was reported in March 2016, in Ishaqbini conservancy, Garissa county, Kenya.