Puppies Explore An Aquarium To Meet Fish While It’s Closed To Public

While us humans stay behind closed doors, the dogs from Atlanta’s Humane Society have been living their best life.

A pair of adorable pooches, called Caramel and Odie, were taken on a field trip to Georgia Aquarium after it was closed to the public as part of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately, the furry friends’ adventure was captured on video, showing their excitement as they met the fish that live in the aquarium.

Puppies Explore Aquarium To Meet Fish While It's Closed To PublicAtlanta Humane Society

Sharing the adorable video on social media, the Atlanta Humane society wrote:

Our puppies just had the best. day. ever.

They got to explore the Georgia Aquarium while it is closed to the public. They made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends!

It really doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Kristina Hill, from the Atlanta Humane Society, said, as per NBC29:

We were just looking to bring brightness to people’s days.

Puppies Explore Aquarium To Meet Fish While It's Closed To PublicAtlanta Humane Society

‘In times like these, we at Georgia Aquarium want to bring joy to peoples’ day, and what better way than with puppies?’ the aquarium said in a statement. Adding: ‘We teamed up with Atlanta Humane Society and invited them to the Aquarium for a ‘day out’ while we are closed to the public.’

Their visit came after penguins were allowed to roam free at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, taking in many of the sights they would never ordinarily get to see.

Shedd Aquarium shut its doors on March 15 ‘in the best interest of overall wellness for our community and for each other,’ as part of the preventative measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.

And it seems while the humans are away, the animals will play, as other exciting ‘field trips’ around various parts of different attractions have also been shared on social media.

At the Texas State Aquarium, for example, flamingos were allowed to explore the empty aquarium, ‘including the underwater exhibits of the Caribbean Journey’.

Flamingo Texas State Aquarium 2Texas State Aquarium/Facebook

Much like the Georgia Aquarium and the Shedd Aquarium, Texas State Aquarium vowed to close its doors throughout the entirety of March. While this will no doubt be a bummer for keen sea-lovers, it means other animals can check out places they’ve never been, and bring a smile to out faces – from a distance, of course.