Pick An Animal And Reveal Your Dark Side

We’re back with another interesting picturesque quiz. All that one needs to do is select any of these animals and know the dark side of their personality. One needs to choose any of the images from the collage shown below and find out about what is the dark secret of their own personality. These tests help us understand ourselves in a better and meaningful way.

So, find out what does chosen animal means.

If You Chose The Vulture

Vultures are known as opportunity criminals. They are generally seen waiting until they find a weak prey and then they strike. If you chose this as an option, then you are a very patient person, just like the vulture, which is also considered to be a dangerous predator. You are likely not the hot-tempered person but instead you can be quietly vengeful. On the other hand, you also wait for the perfect moment to strike.

If You Chose The Black Cat

You are as aloof as a person. You tend to be a bit of a loner and generally isolate yourself. Your best strength is your attention to detail. Apart from this, you have an amazing ability to organise and execute your plans no matter what they are.

If You Chose The Black Widow Spider

If you chose this, then you are the ultimate manipulator. You are a master who can spin a web of deceit and lure your unsuspecting enemy right into the trap. You let the prey bring themselves right to you. People do not realise that they are doing exactly what you want them to do, until it is too late.

If You Chose The Black Jaguar

You have an element of mysteriousness that draws people into you. If you chose this mighty animal, then you are known to be fierce and mighty and can also strike fear into those who do not know you.

If You Chose The Raven

You are smart and intuitive of other people’s needs and you exactly know what to do. You exercise great caution while dealing with others. Apart from this, you have a deeply private and personal side to yourself, which the world does not know.

If You Chose The Bat

If the bat is your choice, then you have a very intricate personality and you live your life exactly the way you want to. Apart from this, you are a very elaborate person who sees the world differently than the others. On the other hand, you are unique and you understand how different you are from the rest of the world.

If You Chose The Wolf

Since wolves are the alphas of the forest, you are no different if you chose this animal. You are powerful and know exactly when to strike, but you lead a loner’s life. You know your own strength, and you also understand that your actions have heavy consequences. On the other hand, your actions are swift and your allegiance is unbreakable.

Source: Boldsky