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Pick a Tarot Card and We’ll Reveal What the Future Holds For You

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to reveal the future and is an important part of psychic prediction in various cultures. The cards reveal elements of the future based on your own choice and it has a history of revealing things which were earlier unknown to us. So, go ahead, pick your card and we’ll reveal what it has to say about your future.

This is what the choice of your card reveals about your future.

#1 Strength

If this is the card you chose then there may be serious trials lying ahead of you. Odds may be completely stacked against you and you may be facing a lot of concerns in the near future. You will need a lot of mental and spiritual strength to come out of this phase but there’s a very good chance that you’ll find the strength through the people close to you, and they will be there when you need them the most.

#2 The Sun

The sun symbolizes a new beginning and growth. If this is the card you picked then chances are that you will be looking for new opportunities in near future (be it job, love or something else). It may be that you will grow tired of the routine in your life and look for new pastures. A new beginning may just be the thing to get you rejuvenated. Be aware of those opportunities, you never know what will click for you.

#3 Judgement

If this is the card you chose then chances are that you may have to make a major life-choice in recent future. You may have to use your judgment and your experience to make a choice which will, in turn, decide how your future will shape. Be careful though, the options in front of you may not be easy and you’ll really have to be sure about your choice before you make it.

#4 Death

If this is the card you chose then chances are that something negatively dramatic may happen to you in the near future. This card does not imply your death nor someone close to you, but of dangers which may be impossibly difficult to handle. Keep your calm when trouble approaches, you’ll need every ounce of your strength to fight back the bad times.

#5 The Hierophant

A hierophant is a person who tries to understand and reveal the mysteries of the future. If this is the card you chose then chances are that you may have to really understand the things that may happen to you before you react to them. Things will happen which may be beyond your understanding and that is when you’ll have to be even more sure of their meaning before you make a move.

#6 Wheel of fortune

If this is the card you chose then chances are that your near future would depend a lot on your luck. You may have planned a lot of things but luck will play an important factor in all of them. Your planning, strategies etc. would all be important but if your luck chooses to stand against you, your endeavors may fail. Keep calm, however, as this impact is known not to last too long.

#7 The Hermit

If this is the card you chose then chances are that you would be approached by many people for advice in the near future. Things will happen where people would look at you for guidance and your suggestions would have a long-lasting impact as well. Make sure you remain calm and alert to their problems as any bad advice may really hamper lives.

#8 The Magician

If this is the card you chose then chances are that you would be needing superhuman abilities in near future to deal with the challenges coming your way. You would need to perform at your very best level, and give more than a 100% to whatever may come your way, for you to excel. The opportunities would reveal themselves only if you win over the challenge which, in turn, would require every bit of your mind, body, and soul.

#9 The Fool

If this is the card you chose then chances are that you would be feeling like one real soon. It may be in love or in your profession, but things may happen which would be embarrassing for you and would remain as a lesson in your life. Just make sure that you treat others well and remain extremely calm in the near future to avoid any such situation.

#10 The Lovers

If this is the card you chose then two things may happen. If you are looking for love, it may make its way into your life but if you already have your love, you may have trouble keeping them close in the near future. There may be tensions and stress in your relationship but this aspect, too, is known not to last for long. All you’ll need to do is be wary of your words and actions and things may not take a bad turn after all.

by Anand Prakash

Source: Thedailynet