Pick a Star to Receive a Message

1. Write down all the things that make you happy and dedicate yourselves. The results may not be instant, so think about your thoughts as a boomerang that throws you straight to heaven and then waits for you to return, continue with positive thoughts and intentions.

Take the present moment into your own hands and do everything you can. You have the power to change the future, and the only way you can do this is to change your awareness and focus on the present moment.

2. The borders are not bad if they are well placed. It’s time to set up exactly this kind of borders. With their help, you give the life structure and direction that you need to focus right now.

You should also start taking responsibility for your actions and stop wasting time and energy on people and situations that you have no benefit. It’s time to get into the adventure and although it looks terrifying, it will be your best decision that you have ever brought.

3. It’s time to connect. It is time to connect with people around you, with yourself, and with nature.

You are not alone, on the contrary, you are part of a very large universe and you must remember that everything on the planet, from plants to animals, is associated with greater strength. This power can be felt, and sometimes even be seen if you really betray it.

4. If you chose this star, you probably do not express your thoughts and emotions, in places where you have to do it.

Take some time and meditate with this stone in your hands. Imagine passing white light through your chakra in the throat that cleans all the energy blocks. If you care about the opinions of others, keep in mind that when you give your opinion, it is for your own benefit.

5. In this period in your life, you have some issues that are blocking you to develop love towards a certain person or situation. That person can be you, too. Hold the crystal on your heart chakra and meditate.

Imagine how pink light passes through it, removing the blockages. Perhaps you have feelings and thoughts about your past that you should forget or forgive. If you remembered on a certain person during the reading of this text, maybe that person is your problem.

6. At this point, you need to clarify something about a particular situation in life. You also need the energy to do this. Mountain crystal is a stone that you can use for psychic awareness. Place the crystal on your chakra at the top of your head and think about the situation that is a problem for you.

Breathe out of your nose counting up to 5 and breathe through your mouth counting up to 5. Imagine how with every inhalation the energy of the crystal helps you remove the blockages and clearly see the situation.

7. You are in a situation where you need planning and vision. Sapphire is a stone used for psychic awareness or psychic vision. Do you need help with your vision so you can move forward? Or do you just need to know what will happen when you move along the plan?

You have a very good idea because you are very intuitive, but you still need help to move forward. You need help to get a vision of how to complete the task of doing it to the benefit of everyone involved. You can put the sapphire under your pillow for your dreams to help you with the vision of the future.

8. Things are moving fast and it’s time to set new goals and intentions. Life is moving fast and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum – it’s the perfect time to set some new goals for this new chapter in your life.

Start working on yourself and elaborate on what makes your heart truly happy.

Source: Wisdom Path