Pick A Mandala To Reveal Your Empathetic Gift

Look at the picture and pick one mandala. Read on to find out what does the mandala you chose says about your personality, i.e., your empathetic gift.

Empathy means that you are capable of experiencing what someone else feels or thinks. So, you are capable of understanding others on a deep level.

When you get to know your true and unique empathetic gift, you can work on developing and enhancing your skills.

The First Mandala – Nature Empath

When you are in Nature, you feel like home. You have a deep connection with plants, creatures, and trees in Nature. Also, while being in Nature you feel extremely powerful, and you consider it as the greatest healer.

Your connection with Nature made you feel fresh and prepared to conquer the world. Your empathy helps you channel Nature’s strength and healing powers.

The Second Mandala – Creature Empath

If you chose the second mandala that means that you are connected to every living thing on this planet. Since always you have felt like you are capable of communicating with these creatures, and you also understand how they feel.

Because of your empathy, you are always ready to help these creatures when they need you the most.

The Third Mandala – Perceptive Empath

If you picked this mandala that means that you are always perceptive and you pay attention to subconscious clues. You just know when someone is not feeling right.

Your capability of reading people may sometimes make you feel exhausted emotionally and mentally. Your perceptive empath helps you be surrounded by those who are your biggest support.

The Fourth Mandala – Passionate Empath

Just like for your own issues, you feel deeply for the issues of others too. If you choose this mandala, it means that you always care too much for everybody, for your colleague’s baby, for example.

Since you feel like there are not enough people who care in this world, you feel like you are the one that needs to care for everyone else. Your passionate empath makes you care about our world on a deep level.

The Fifth Mandala – Energy Empath

If you picked this mandala, it means that you are capable of feeling the energy that others release. Also, the energies of others affect you immediately, and you can sense and absorb negative energy.

Your world becomes better when people around you release positive energy. Your energy empath can help you be with people that make you feel good.

The Sixth Mandala – Healer Empath

Choosing this mandala means that you have a strong sense of health, and you want to share your knowledge and help others. You feel empowered, and you are always searching for new treatments for your body.

Information about health and healing is what you are curious about. Since you are a healer empath, you are capable of feeling the health problems others have, and you can help them find treatment.

Source: gottadotherightthing