People That Are Too Anxious Are Usually Too Kind

Anxiety is a feeling of worry regarding everyday situations. Kindness, on the other hand, is the quality of being considerate. A lot of people think that there is no correlation between anxiety and kindness. However, they are wrong.

People can be extremely anxious and at the same time extremely kind. Regardless of how unbelievable this may sound we will present a list of signs which show that people can act too anxious but too kind as well.

These people always worry about something whether it is health, relationship or money and work.

However, some of these are real concerns whereas others are quite unnecessary. They give more than they receive because they are greatly protective and would do anything for those they love. Being highly perceptive they always notice their partner’s emotions and feelings.

They are incredibly apologetic since they admit their mistakes.

They have no problem admitting their mistake and apologize for the same. However, they tend to be over-apologizing at times as a result of their inner struggle with empathy and self-blame.

Interestingly, these people get more pleasure when they make other people happy which shows their genuine care about them.

Further on, they forgive very easily and do not like playing power games. Unfortunately, they have abandonment fear and fear of being hurt thus they feel incredibly anxious regarding the same. The best way to help them overcome it is to tell them that they should not feel uneasiness and instead feel secure in the relationship.

They are aware that they talk about irrational situations much too often and are rather paranoiac but they appreciate other people’s patience towards them when they do this. Finally, even though they may have panic attacks and are extremely obsessed with possible negative outcomes, they actually love unconditionally and genuinely.

They are silent with you in the moments of despair, they heal your wounds with a tender and warm hand, they share your pain and are always beside you no matter what.

Source: Off-Road Mind