People Are Divided Over The Correct Way Of Writing The Letter ‘X’

Every so often, some boring bastard rustles up some useless information that everyone jumps on like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Ever taken any notice of how you write an ‘x’? A more fitting question might be – have you ever been arsed about it? Nah I didn’t think so, me either.

Well, that was until I saw this picture. Now I’m becoming more worried by the second that this makes me just as boring as the creator of the diagram.


A debate has erupted when it comes to the correct way to draw an ‘X’… believe it or not. Credit: Twitter

Do not even think about denying that you’re not mentally, maybe even physically, writing an ‘x’ out right now.

I’ve already figured out that I’m number seven and discussed it with someone else to see how unique ‘my way’ really is. His way was different to mine and we carried on with our lives.

There was no debate or shock about the fact that two very different people do one very insignificant thing slightly differently.

But on social media shit is going down and people are actually refusing to believe that others’ techniques are true to themselves. We’re absolutely sure that it would be on someone’s agenda to deceive you about the way they write the 24th letter in the alphabet.

Yes, that is correct – I checked it. Four times.

The tweet was posted a few days ago and has caused trouble. Credit: Twitter/@SMASEY

According to The Sun, Philadelphia artist Sixers Smasey penned the diagram which shows there are at least eight ways you could draw the letter depending on where you begin your first stroke.

It appears that this one innocent tweet became the catalyst for many heated debates.

Throwing accusations around one responded: “People who draw bottom to top are also the ones that put their toilet paper on the holder the wrong way.”

Someone else admitted: “I do 6 but I’m also a proven stupid idiot”.

A third commented: “I’m a 2 should I got to the hospital,” before adding: “I also spell go like got, anyway, differences”.

And the original creator recorded the popular results – I mean, of course she did.

People still weren’t happy with this. Justifying their abilities, one said: “American and 6 here, but I have discovered I write several of my letters unusually.”

Someone else angrily tweeted: “I feel cross. No 7 and I’m in UK”.

I mean, no one is kicking you out of the country if you don’t follow the general consensus… honestly.

Source: LadBible