Oil Slick Hair Is the Most Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Color Trend For Dark Hair

Ready for a new ‘do? Want to amp up your color? This oil slick hair color treatment could bring a rainbow to your hair, especially if you’re a brunette. Think greens, blues, purples and pinks all throughout your luscious locks.

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This hair trend is inspired by the rainbow-like colors you’d see in an oil slick, which is what happens when oil ends up floating on an expanse of water. The effect can occur both on a small scale — in a puddle — or on a larger scale when a spill occurs in the ocean. But while oil slicks are bad for the environment, this hairstyle is all about the iridescent look without any of the negative effects. Whether you use a straightener regularly or you simply blow dry and walk out the door with more of a natural look, this color scheme is sure to make you ‘do pop.

Celebrity hair colorist Jason Hogan, who claims to have invented the new look, told Glamour that he adds the color in layers, while also working to maintain the integrity of the color and condition of the hair.