New Moon In Libra Weekly Horoscope 8-14 October

Ready to see the world through rose-colored glasses? This Monday, October 8, let the new moon in Libra tickle you pink—visually, romantically and in every way. When balanced, art-loving Libra energy is in the air, we need to punctuate our routines with regular “beauty breaks.” Set that plan in motion near Monday. A mid-afternoon walk (through nature or a boutique district, you decide) each day, a weekly massage or blowout, weekend outings to wine tastings and gallery openings…Taking time to indulge in these little things can keep us happier when we need to hunker down and get productive. While you’re making these schedule changes, leave more room in your calendar for romance. Maybe it’s time to set up that regular date night and take turns surprising each other with plans. Or if you’re single and interested in finding your someone, make a weekly playdate with an unattached friend to dress up, go out and be each other’s wing(wo)man. Business partnerships also get a boost from this lunar lift. But no need to rush to the signing table. Negotiate the terms and, if this is your first shared rodeo, try testing the waters with a less-permanent project. The seeds that get planted this week could take until the corresponding full moon next April 19, 2019, to ripen for the harvest.

An air of mystery and a measure of control: There’s something so powerfully seductive about those qualities, especially beginning Tuesday, when expressive Mercury slips into mysterious Scorpio, joining retrograde Venus there until October 31. But let us not forget—words aren’t the only way to get a point across. For the next few weeks, it’s the pregnant pause, the flashing gaze or the heat of body language that will speak volumes. And are you prepared to pass that loyalty test? Trust is a must with Mercury in this somewhat suspicious position…but don’t expect anyone to extend the benefit of the doubt. We’ll have to show and prove, AND pledge our allegiance, if we want the keys to the kingdom. If it’s worth it, work it!

On Wednesday, romantic Venus hits some turbulence with her cosmic co-pilot Mars as the two planets assemble into a complicated square (90-degree angle). Venus is retrograding through intense and seductive Scorpio, making us sensitive and possessive. Then…bam! Mars barrels into the picture in experimental Aquarius, demanding action, adventure and maybe a looser definition of monogamy. This is certainly not a moment for sweeping any issues or feelings under the rug. But trying to lay all our cards on the table? That could be a disaster early this week since we won’t exactly have the gift of tact or patience on our sides. Lovers’ quarrels can go from simmer to boil with Venus in Scorpio playing vengeful mind games while Mars in Aquarius tries to put a high-minded spin on a low-down, dirty move. If we manage to retrain ourselves, this should all blow over in a few days. Have your fantasies—whether they involve revenge or something more erotic—but don’t go acting on every (or any) impulse. The tension could wage through Friday, when the live-out-loud Sun clashes with scheming, secretive Pluto. How much to show and how much to tell? This will be a tricky balancing act until next week. When in doubt, aim for “tactful authenticity.”


Romance reboot! Whatever next step you’re hoping to take in a key relationship, the year’s only new moon in Libra and your partnership zone on Monday, October 8, may hurry things along. New moons plant seeds that can sprout almost instantaneously—or take up to six months to develop. But the point is, they bring fresh energy and opportunities! If you’re in a union, let your other half know what’s in your heart—or be the one to make a “what’s next” proposition. (You’re not a forthright Aries for nothing.) Find the perfect moment, or just a good one, to gently broach the subject of a key exchange, moving in together, a major rock for that ring finger or whatever you’re thinking. They can’t read your mind! Baeless? How seriously have you been seeking? Which, of course, begs the question: How much do you actually WANT a partner? Ask yourself what you can do differently, from a new dating app to hanging out in different venues to staring down your own unconscious energy blocks. This Libra new moon sounds the call to buddy up in all areas of life. If there’s someone you want to approach to collaborate with on a professional or creative project, pick up the phone. They might be as eager as you are!

You’re sure to feel SOMETHING heating up on Tuesday, when expressive Mercury hooks up with sensual Venus (retrograde) in Scorpio in your steamy eighth house through October 31. Your seductive powers will intensify over the next three weeks, issuing the age-old warning to be careful what you wish for. Reeling people in is the easy part. But if they’re not keeper material, it may not be quite so simple to show them the exit. The eighth house is erotic, but it’s not fickle, so keep the filters on when “auditioning” potential playmates. If you are involved, watch for larger-than-life emotions to surface during this intensifying cycle. You could be inexplicably resentful or jealous of your S.O., which could leave a serious dent in the union. So before you fling any accusations or take vengeful action, spend time getting the real scoop. Trust is a must! If you’re not interested in playing for keeps, enjoy the sexy encounters and be honest about your intentions. No one on your romantic radar? Channel this intense energy into a spiritual or metaphysical pursuit, perhaps learning to read cards—or your own chart!

The emotion ocean will be murky on Wednesday as your ruler, passionate Mars, and the other cosmic lovebird, Venus (retrograde), lock into a tricky square. If you take the plunge, be sure to bring your scuba gear. With Venus in your eighth house of seduction, you’ll feel a magnetic pull toward mystery—and mysterious types. Find out what’s REALLY going on with that quiet and simmering soul. Coupled Rams will be prone to probing a partner’s psyche, asking questions you never thought to broach before. The answers could be surprising—possibly unsettling at moments—but try not to react to the words you hear. An exploratory conversation doesn’t force you to do anything…especially when it comes to any fantasies that arise. Unless you’re both game, that is! Mars in your experimental eleventh house could throw a curveball into the mix. Be careful about what you share on social media—and if you’re going to send that photo of your naughty bits, make sure you’re firing it off to the right address!


“Less is more” might become your new mantra as the Libra new moon powers up your sixth house of efficiency and healthy routines on Monday, October 8. If things have gotten a little disorganized or hard to manage, call a time-out to get them back on track. Your grounded earth sign functions best when you’re in a tidy, organized workspace, so if there’s some decluttering or downsizing to do, hop to it! You can bring order to the Taurus court with a few dedicated hours of cleaning and systematizing. But don’t neglect the aesthetic part of the project: You don’t need to get generic “garage” shelving to hold all your important books, papers and what have you. This is Libran energy, after all, which beckons you to unleash your artistic aptitude on the mission. The sixth house also rules health and self-care, so if you’ve been slacking off in those departments, shuffle the deck and raise their priority rating. Make daily movement, whether walking, jogging or dancing, a part of your lifestyle. In the kitchen, give yourself the time to cook up healthy gourmet meals—making enough to bring for lunch. Warning: You’re the epicurean of the zodiac, and your leftovers might draw a small crowd. If there’s not enough to go around, inspire the others to do the same themselves—and make it a potluck!

You may not be able to ignore or placate your urge to merge on Tuesday, when expressive Mercury links up with your ruler, sensual Venus (who’s retrograde), in steamy Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. This transit is in effect until October 31 and will dial up your charisma and powers of persuasion, which can be a very good—or a very dangerous—combo! See something you like? This starry sync-up says pursue! This is your annual invitation to make the first move without thinking twice, whether that means proposing a new step to your beloved, inviting a new prospect out on a date-like activity or pitching a business proposal to a prospective collaborator. If you are single, be clear if you’re only looking for a short-lived fling and not something lasting, since people WILL be drawn to you during this magnetic spell. Whatever you do, think it through before you act, because it’s likely the answer will be an emphatic “yes,” and you won’t be able to respond with “just kidding!”

This Wednesday, a rare square (tense 90-degree angle) forms between cosmic co-pilots Venus (who’s retrograde) and Mars, causing major friction. Being there for the people you love is one thing, Taurus, but don’t let anyone derail you from your personal goals—however torn you may feel in the moment. Blame THAT on the fact that Venus is parked in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships, and manic Mars is in your driven tenth house of career. With important (and profitable!) projects percolating, your new path is coming into sharper focus: Stay with it! Your happiness is the keystone to your being able to support your loved ones. But don’t step too far into a Mars-fueled warrior’s stance, railing against people for holding you back. There’s no reason you can’t still “do you” while creating blocks of quality twosome time. Be patient with the process because it could take all week (or longer) for these unsettled relationships to return to equilibrium. And if your beloved is getting irritated, just remind them how much you j’adore them.


Werk! The year’s only Libra new moon, on Monday, October 8, activates your amorous, glamorous fifth house and might just pull you onto the main stage. This is no time to play small, Gemini! If anything, a little self-promotion may be in order—but we’re not talking “aw-shucks, who-me?” humblebrags. This is your annual moment to step into the spotlight, not shun it. And if you’re being honest, there’s a part of you that kind of digs all the attention. This doesn’t have to feel like a narcissistic ego trip. Think about using your newfound “celebrity” to promote the good work you’re involved with, or someone else’s important cause or just to honor your own gifts and talents! This is a rewarding time for performers, artists and entertainers, especially if you’ve been playing with ideas for new work. Since the fifth house also rules your love life, be bold in your expression of love and, if there’s no one on your romantic radar, be fierce and confident in your pursuit. Not everyone’s going to be a keeper, but the more prospects you meet, the better your chances for finding a suitable one. Remember, new moons are starting points, so be patient and give yourself six months for this one’s potential to unfold.

Tuesday’s stars may inspire a dramatic do-over involving your systems, health or self-care, especially if you’ve been letting these important things run on autopilot (or run amok). That day brings a rare mashup of your ruler, mindful Mercury, and beautifying Venus (retrograde) in obsessive Scorpio and your well-managed sixth house. You might take a look around your home, office (and can we talk about your closets?) and get an inexorable urge to purge. Between now through October 31, you’ll start taking inventory about what simply “has” to go, what needs to change, plus any additions you want to make to Chateau (or Atelier) Gemini. Make your list, check it however many times it takes until you know precisely what steps you have to take to get your life streamlined. You might want to pick up a few Feng Shui tips to ensure that the energy is flowing and supporting your goals. And don’t forget about the health and self-nurturing part of the sixth house. Get some appointments on the books—whatever feels right, from a massage or chiropractic session to a couple of private yoga sessions to a regular meditation practice. It’s really true that you’ll reap what you sow!

On Wednesday, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus (who’s retrograde) lock into a challenging square. Venus is paddling down the River Scorpio and through your systematic sixth house, making you more pragmatic and risk-averse than usual. You might even be a bit neurotic, worrying about the “what ifs” that have a two percent chance of ever happening. Meanwhile, Mars is lumbering through Aquarius and your optimistic and outspoken ninth house. Flowing into fantasy mode feels great, but then…reality strikes. Try not to make any hard and fast decisions midweek since your moods could change hourly. And while Mars may spur you to “call it like you see it” (and, oh, how many “flaws” you will see with Venus in your sixth house), do not unleash a critic’s diatribe on anyone you love or attempt to “coach” bae. (Neither will end well.) What you CAN do? Use this hard-boiled square to zoom in on a fault line in your key relationships. Address unfulfilled needs and desires so you don’t have a volcanic eruption. Prevention is worth a megaton of cure!


Home sweet sanctuary! On Monday, October 8, the year’s only Libra new moon fires up your fourth house of home and family, magnetically pulling you back to base camp. If you’ve been in a hyper-social phase, this domestically minded lunation will help you hit reset. The fourth house is the natural domain of Cancer, so these next few weeks might be just what the soul doctor ordered. This is your annual time to recharge your emotional batteries by slowing down and spending more time with your nearest and dearest. It’s a chance to catch up on your (fill in the blank): reading, craft projects, baking, decorating or snuggling on the couch with Netflix and bae. If the Crab Castle already feels like a sacred oasis, you’re ahead of the game. If not, find the time and funds to make any and all desired changes. It could be as simple as a few coats of paint and new bedding—or you might be ready for that kitchen renovation or to look for a place to buy. But take your time! New moons can take up to six months to unfold, and with aesthetic Venus retrograde until November 16, today’s rash choices might be fix-it projects this winter. Enjoy the process of reflecting, researching and visioning because these decisions will be with you for a long time!

Let your inner artiste (or seductrix) out to play on Tuesday, when expressive Mercury links up with Venus (retrograde) in passionate Scorpio, lighting up your flirty fifth house until October 31. You’ll be in your watery element, quick to home in on potential prospects while still having fun with the rest. Sultry Venus in Scorpio will intensify your charisma and power of attraction, but if you don’t want a boatload of potential suitors, get clear about your desires to improve your amorous aim. Under this wide-net-casting mashup, you might meet your match far off the beaten path, anywhere from a fancy art opening to a bourbon tasting to getting gas in a random part of town. (The message? Always be dressed and ready to roll.) With this duet dancing through your fifth house, drama could get unleashed, so keep your antennae up for when “exciting” teeters on “dangerous liaison.” That’s your cue to exit stage left, stat.

Spine-tingling or rock-solid? That’s THE question this Wednesday as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars crash into a combative square, leaving you conflicted about love and romance. Decadent (but retrograde) Venus pulsing through Scorpio and your theatrical fifth house is craving the dopamine rush of lust and desire. And over in your all-or-nothing eighth house, white-hot Mars is turning up the heat on an even more sultry agenda. In your quest for the best, you run the risk of coming on too strong at moments—but on the other side of the coin, you could miss the boat by being too ambiguous. Suggestion: Can you express your interest and desires playfully instead of forcefully? And if the object of your affections can’t deliver the goods immediately, it’s okay to be disappointed, but don’t sulk or play passive-aggressive games. Keep yourself entertained so that, when timing IS right, you’ll be able to connect feeling full, happy and in loving spirits.


Come out of your lair and have a look around, Lion. There are some exciting new things going on practically under your nose, but if you’re “all business, all the time,” you’ll never discover or get to enjoy them! And there’s no better time to start poking around than under the year’s only new moon in Libra, which powers up your third house of socializing and the local scene this Monday, October 8. Looking for some inspiration in the “friends and associates” category? Spend more time in neighborhood coffee shops, boutiques, even that hipster Bingo night! Or check out class offerings at community centers, shops and other venues. You could become a regular at karaoke, take keyboard (or vocal!) lessons or learn macrame. You don’t HAVE to show up solo. Invite some friends to join you on your outings. To your extroverted sign, more generally is merrier! This new moon in Libra—the sign that gets along with everyone—might draw some very different types into your orbit. Some Leos may be inspired to volunteer for a community project or political candidate whose platform dovetails with your personal values. It’s time to walk your talk! All forms of communication get a cosmic boost over the coming two weeks—even the next six months, as this moon continues to work its lunar magic.

Rise and…hit the snooze button? That might be all the mojo you can muster on Tuesday, when mental Mercury nuzzles up to Venus (who’s retrograde) in Scorpio and your fourth house of domestic bliss. This celestial tag team will be keeping the home fires burning until October 31, inviting you to downshift and enjoy more quiet time at base camp. Why do you rush to fill that calendar anyway, Leo? For the next couple weeks, make your inner circle your priority, perhaps with some home-cooked dinners or movie nights. You may find that you prefer one-on-one get-togethers to noisy group hangs. The whole point is to really connect and share intimacies. (No surprise the fourth house rules all things feminine!) This is a great time for a little household-makeover magic. If you’ve been thinking of making a move, lean in to analytical Mercury’s research prowess to find the ideal place in the perfect location. Of course, just rearranging the furniture or switching up the decor vibe might scratch your itch!

On Wednesday, you could find yourself in the paradoxical position of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. With Venus (retrograde) in your heart-centered fourth house, you may be needing a little extra reassurance and security from your people. But at the same time, lusty Mars in Aquarius and your relationship house is turning you into an incorrigible flirt…raising the romantic question: How can you balance your domesticated side and your wild streak? (A very real issue for the zodiac’s big cat.) A strong attraction and magic moments are essential ingredients, but that’s not enough. How do your values mesh; do you have the same long-range goals? Wednesday’s Venus-Mars square will push you to discuss the important matters of “we,” with romantic and professional partners alike. Negotiations could get thorny but hang in there until you reach a creative compromise—or a loving farewell if you realize that it’s time to part ways.


What’s old is new, and what’s new may feel like a comfortable old pair of jeans. An opportunity for a fresh start around work, finances or emotional security comes with the year’s only Libra new moon, which lands in your money zone on Monday, October 8, and sets up a fresh six-month earning cycle. Teamwork might be the missing ingredient in making the dream work—a powerful reminder from the moon in collaborative Libra. You don’t have to do it ALL yourself, you know, Virgo. What have you been dreaming of, professionally: a new gig, a different position in the same company…or maybe starting your own business? Ask savvy friends who’ve made similar changes in their lives for tips and maybe some actual leads. Your social network is another valuable resource, so start putting the word out (discreetly). But be patient! Give yourself until the corresponding full moon in Libra on April 19, 2019, for those chickens to come to roost. In the meantime, fill any skills gap with specialized training or work with a career coach to get yourself psyched and ready to leap when opportunity comes a’ knocking!

Your social life takes precedence over…pretty much everything starting this Tuesday. Your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, links up with charismatic Venus (who’s retrograde) in Scorpio and your outgoing third house until October 31. No, Virgo: It’s not too early to start designing your Halloween costume or planning a party if you’re thinking of throwing one. Gather some crafty friends and have a few “prep nights” working on those outfits or decorations. Clever Mercury could birth the perfect award-winning idea but keep it under wraps till then. In general this month, you can expect a surge in your popularity, and you might actually struggle to accommodate all those invitations. You don’t have to say yes to all of ’em! Use that Virgo discernment and choose the ones that promise the greatest entertainment ROI. This is also a good time to get closer to someone you feel a click with. There could be major synergy waiting to be explored!

Too much of a good thing is still too much. Lines could blur like an Impressionist painting this Wednesday, when love planets Venus (retrograde) and Mars lock into a complicated square. As hard as you hustle, Virgo, you can swing to the opposite extreme when you actually DO let yourself play. But that’s where the trouble lies early this week. Under this mashup, your sound judgment may fly out the window. That’s not to say you shouldn’t succumb to a little intoxicating fall fever. But with Venus in your flirtatious third house and Mars in your devoted sixth, you’ll need to practice restraint so you don’t overwhelm yourself and then want to bail because you’re suddenly overwhelmed. If that “good thing” has fallen into a ho-hum groove, you could be agitated enough to do something about it. Look for the silver lining: Even a lover’s quarrel could pave the way to some lusty discussions about your romantic desires. If someone’s been stringing you along, stop the chase! You might state your interest one last time, but then cut the cord. Or maybe it’s time to release a little pressure from the relationship and create space for the right person to meet you halfway. May the most suitable suitor win!


Ready to hit refresh on your personal life…and maybe your entire life? Well, ready or not, this Monday, October 8, brings the annual new moon in your sign, which brings opportunities for fresh starts in almost any area you can dream of. You only get one of these magical moons a year, and, in a way, it’s like having your very own cosmic New Year—and no, it’s not too early to get to work on those resolutions! This is a key moment for fertilizing the soil, planting the seeds and deciding what you’d like to manifest over the coming six months, the period ruled by this lunation. When you’re diving into your intentions, think BIG, and really feel what steps you’ll need to take (and what stories you’ll need to shed) to get there. Do your work, and you might not even recognize your life by April 19, 2019 (the corresponding Libra full moon). Imagine this new moon as the starting block of an extraordinary transformational journey, then bring your focus around to what you can do to foster your personal growth and development. Invest in yourself to step into this next version of yourself. Work with a master or lunge into an adventure that brings experiential learning: You are so worth it!

Well, it’s been fun, but this Tuesday, playful Mercury packs up and leaves your sign after a few lighthearted weeks. But as that door closes, an even more exciting one opens as the messenger planet links up with Venus (retrograde) in Scorpio and your financial sector. Okay, money probably won’t drop out of a drone and land at your front door (like those Amazon boxes), but this can kick off a well-deserved economic stimulus package that’s in effect until October 31. Prepare to meet the money gods on their turf: Update your resume and LinkedIn profile; have discreet conversations with friends in high places. Even if you love your job, you never know when something will show up on your radar screen from out of the blue—and you want to be ready to lunge into action. If you’re content where you are, how about asking the powers that be for a raise or, if you’re self-employed, give clients notice that you’ll be increasing your rate in 2019? If there’s not an equal balance of finances on the home front, this is a perfect time to chat about that…diplomatically, of course; the only way Libras roll.

You may feel pulled in opposing directions on Wednesday, as companions Mars and Venus (retrograde) lock into a tense square (90-degree angle). With passionate Mars in your wild fifth house, bending the conventional rules of love and dating feels natural—and tempting. The trouble is, Venus is parked in your traditional second house, in jealous Scorpio no less! Playing with fire might be exciting in the moment, but unless you’ve thought (and talked) through every possible ramification, this is not the day to debut a daring dalliance. If you’re feeling fenced in by the “confines” of a commitment or underappreciated, that’s not permission to act on your wild-child urges. Chronic dissatisfaction needs to be addressed. But stay mindful of today’s “ride free or die” vibes, and don’t do anything to jeopardize an otherwise solid connection. Single? Dig a little deeper into their background before you get involved. People may not be who they want you to believe they are.


If you’ve had a death grip on someone or something for so long you’ve lost circulation in your fingers, it’s time to let it go, Scorpio! And yes, we realize how “easy” that is (not) for your tenacious sign. But you’ll have a rare and powerful opportunity to do just that on Monday, October 8, when the year’s only new moon in Libra electrifies the skies—and YOUR twelfth house of release, closure and healing. Even if it sounds too good to be true, know that it’s well within your reach this week—or over the next two, which are ruled by these moonbeams. While there’s nothing wrong with being steadfast in your devotion to a cause or a healthy relationship, if it’s cutting off your air supply, something’s wrong with that equation. Not QUITE ready to snip the cord? This new moon can help you pull back and get a broader perspective. In the sign of Libra, balance becomes more important than ever. Has your life been totally off-kilter because of this? And—the tough but critical question—can you at least entertain the notion that there are other people/lovers/approaches out there? “Control” can be a blessing or a curse, and by trying to manipulate this situation, you are limiting its full potential. Lean in to the open-minded Libra energy and consider the possibility of different options. And the second you’re ready, rip off that Band-Aid!

Watch for a case of (seriously) loose lips starting Tuesday, as verbose Mercury teams up with convivial Venus, who’s retrograde in your sign until October 31. So much for the shrinking-violet-Scorpio routine. If anything, the stars are issuing you a blurt alert! Your mind will be racing with innovative ideas and brilliant banter but be selective about who share your bounty with. Few will be able to keep up with, let alone appreciate, this intellectual opulence! If you’re working as part of a team, however, it’s fitting to get some of this on the table. In fact, a colleague might be able to take your ideas to the next level. This expansive phase is perfect for big-picture, long-range planning, but don’t get tripped up by the small stuff. Give your imagination free rein and trust that you can nail down the details when Mercury beams into your grounded second house and makes it clear what is, and isn’t, actually doable.

You’ll be prone to taking things (too) personally this Wednesday, when a clash between lovebirds Venus in Scorpio and aggro Mars in your intimate fourth house creates major friction. You’re compassionate to the point of being psychic—and when people have earned your loyalty, you can go (too) far to accommodate their demands. But doing so will leave you stewing in resentment. Love isn’t defined by endless sacrifices, Scorpio: How unsexy is that?! Those little comments or neglectful hurts that you’d brush off on an average day could really get under your skin, especially with manic Mars on an emotional roller-coaster ride through your touchy fourth house. And if you don’t honor that five-alarm need for self-care, you could blow up at the ones you love. Friends and family may disapprove of your romantic choices this week, or there could be clashes between a BFF and bae. Best not to go opinion-polling your inner circle when it comes to your love life. The Scorpio heart wants what it wants—no apologies required!


You’ve got a flood of friends, Archer, but if you’re still seeking your true tribe, Monday, October 8 new moon in Libra should prove illuminating. The year’s only new moon in your eleventh house of community, group activity and technology can spotlight an individual or crew that’s in sync with your highest (and deepest) values. These next two weeks or six months (the period ruled by this lunation) could be game-changing. But you can’t hang at home hiding your light! You need to get out and meet the universe—the multiverse!—partway. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or be inauthentic, not that you could if you tried. Just follow the thread of your passions a little further, expanding from “passive pleasure” to active pursuit. Find groups that revolve around what you love, whether that’s speaking Portuguese, knitting or belly dancing. (Or maybe, in that inimitable Sag way, finding a way to combine all three.) Even when you’re involved in activities you’re serious about, you don’t have to BE serious all the time. Hilarity is the best medicine—and good “chasers” including dance breaks, dinner parties and karaoke nights, maybe with a little cosplay thrown in to keep things light and lively. Just don’t tumble so far down any rabbit hole that you forget the real reason behind the activities: to connect and bond with kindred spirits!

Grab your scuba gear on Tuesday—you may be going on a DEEP dive. That day kicks off a three-week introspective cycle as mindful Mercury joins Venus (who’s retrograde) in soulful Scorpio and your enchanted, subterranean twelfth house until October 31. Dreams, visions, psychic downloads and random serendipities will be plentiful—and rife with messages and inspiration. You’ll want to keep a notebook or recording app on hand over the next few weeks. Plan to wake up a few minutes earlier so you can journal about your dreams immediately upon waking, when the “veil” is the thinnest. Note: This may entail going to bed a little earlier, too, but the brainstorms that comes will be worth sacrificing that last half-hour of mindless distractions. Want to increase your chances of restful sleep and more REM time? Unplug from ALL electronic devices at least an hour before you hit the sheets. (Reading print books or magazines is fine.) On a similar note, don’t underestimate the power of creative visualization. If you struggle to DIY, download some guided-meditation apps and listen to one a day. This is the kind of habit you’ll never want to break!

Watch where you slam those truth hammers on Wednesday though, Sagittarius. Cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars lock into a fractious square, which could twist the meaning of your words and leave someone doubled over in emotional agony. The problem is that rash Mars is firing up your third house of communication while tactful Venus is A. retrograde and B. tucked away in your sensitive twelfth house. While the tender love goddess may TRY to tamp down Mars’ passionate emotions, she’s in very low power mode. Before you say anything, count to ten, during which time you should weigh the pros and cons of speaking your piece. Sure, it might feel good in the moment, but then what? Even when someone solicits your opinion, strive for diplomacy over unbridled candor. Think about it: Would you rather be “right” or still have close people in your life? For single Sags, this is an exciting time to meet someone, but try to listen beyond their words to really feel their essence.


Here’s some news that should come as music to Capricorn ears! Monday, October 8, marks the year’s only Libra new moon, which powers up your career goals and sprinkles pixie dust on them for the next six months! (Giving you a chance to lean in to that famous Saturnian-ruled patience.) Most Capricorns have a hard-wired intensity about professional ambition and success and love a good challenge. But everyone can get stuck in a rut at times, and when we do, moments of inspiration like this are manna from heaven. This annual new moon sounds a LOUD wakeup call: Where have you been ambivalent about work or a little vague about your next set of objectives? You know yourself well, Cap, and when you have something concrete to work toward and things to look forward to, you’re unstoppable. Maybe all it takes to get you back in the fast lane is a little work on those Q4 goals. And then look ahead to 2019, since this lunation could continue to exude its motivational influence until the corresponding Libra FULL moon next April 19. The tenth house also rules men, so think about which guys in your life might have some advice or can make key introductions that may land you on the next ladder rung. Have faith! You’ve also got your cosmic custodian, structured and disciplined Saturn, in your sign until March 2020, so even if advancement is slow, trust that it will be steady!

In your quest for personal and especially professional growth, don’t downplay the significant role friends, colleagues—and technology—can play. You may start to get a sense of how helpful these can be on Tuesday, when superconnector Mercury joins Venus (retrograde) in Scorpio, your eleventh house of intellectual curiosity, collaboration and all things digital. Just because you’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean you always need to in the future! This forward-looking mashup can help you find your way through the jumble of software and helpful apps—and the people who love them. Geek isn’t just chic; it’s a great way to sift, sort and systemize all that data you have to deal with on a daily basis. And by working with a group or even just one like-minded person, you can “divide and conquer” and significantly reduce your workload. But finding the perfect person can take time. Because social Venus is retrograde, you might reconnect with someone from your past who’s doing related work and team up FTW. Because the eleventh house also rules social justice and humanitarian initiatives, this Mercury cycle could rouse your inner activist, charging up your desire to make the world a better place. Find an organization that speaks to your passion…then dive in!

Keep it casual or bare your soul? On Wednesday, lovebirds Venus and Mars are at cross-purposes as they lock into a tense square. Venus is in Scorpio and your play-it-cool eleventh house, favoring friendship over intense expressions of affection. But intensifier Mars is parked in your second house of emotional security, making it impossible for you to “just chill” without considering the ramifications of your actions. While this can feel like a buzzkill, it might just save you from making a regrettable misstep. If you’re looking for love, hold out for the combo platter of sensuality AND stability. While you’re being honest, don’t let money become a sore spot in a relationship or when dating. Bottom line: Fair’s fair, though that doesn’t necessitate keeping a balance sheet.


Where’s your passport, your rolling duffel, your travel blow dryer? You might be packing a bag sooner than you’d expected thanks to the wanderlust-y vibes that get stirred up this Monday, October 8, when the year’s only new moon in Libra turns the ignition in your ninth house of travel and adventure. Been dreaming of a gap month—or year? Maybe you’re finally ready for a yoga retreat in Central America or a vision quest even farther south. Or perhaps this ninth-house activation will dial up your thirst for more conventional information and send you researching degree or certification programs. Whether you crisscross the globe or get your Reiki training, you’re eager to expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge base. The nicest part is that new moons can take up to six months to unfold, so you don’t need to do anything TODAY. But some Water Bearers will hear the clarion call and feel inspired to start taking baby steps. Knowing you’ve got until the corresponding Libra full moon next April 19 gives you the patience to not rush into anything. If you were just going to renew your passport, you might want to consider getting extra pages, however. And if you are investigating some off-the-beaten-path destinations, research things like whether you need a visa or certain shots. While you want to be free enough to jump at a moment’s notice, you also want to be informed and prepared. Single? Romance could lurk on one of these escapades. For couples planning a trip together, make sure to take each other’s comfort levels into consideration. While one of you may be fine camping on the hard earth for a couple weeks, the other might not be able to trek ten miles the next day if you do. Two words: compassionate compromise.

To the top! Whether this is a “coup” you’ve been planning or a spontaneous vertical ascent, your career will start looking up on Tuesday—and it only gets more exciting from there! Cerebral and articulate Mercury blasts into Scorpio and your tenth house of professional success, joining Venus (who’s retrograde) until October 31. This is a time to follow your hunches, accept all networking invitations and definitely work the room as only an Aquarius can do. With or without your permission, your ambitious side takes the wheel and steers you straight toward the top. You’ll steamroll over any obstacles as you propel yourself skyward, shattering any glass ceilings you may encounter. The messenger planet reminds you that you’re not only judged—but also enriched—by the company you keep, so surround yourself with movers and shakers who will inspire you to pursue your loftiest dreams.

How clear are your #LoveGoals, Aquarius? Ardent Venus in your future-focused tenth house invites you to gaze into Cupid’s crystal ball. Whatever your relationship status, look ahead: If you want to “stay the course,” how do you imagine this path playing out in the coming year—or in five years? If you’re looking to shake up the status quo, what does THAT look like? These are questions for you and you alone (well, and bae), but the clearer you are, the more manifesting mojo you’ll have at your disposal. On Wednesday, Venus locks into a testy square with rash Mars in Aquarius and your first house of self-directed goals. It’s fine if you need some breathing room: Just be honest about it. But don’t spark a fight to create emotional distance. On the flip side, if you’ve been veering into codependent waters, you might want to recalibrate the balance. Sometimes you have to go deep into your own shadow in order to come out the other side stronger and more independent.


Look who’s bringing sexy back! Whether you knew it was missing (or down a quart) or not, you’ll start getting major reminders of how things could be on Monday, October 8. That day, the year’s only new moon in Libra cues up a sensual slow jam in your erotic, intimate and toe-curling eighth house. A secret admirer could blurt out a spontaneous (and seductive) confession, and your reaction might shock both of you. Or maybe in the sign of communicative Libra, this moon will inspire YOU to spill the “crush tea.” But first, Pisces, ground yourself in self-love to keep your esteem high enough to weather any response other than, “OMG, ILU too!” Remember, your true beauty isn’t dependent on the shape of your features or your dress size. Your powers of seduction come from the confidence and inner glow you feel and project. Attached? This moon in your house of soul-merging will ramp up your desire for greater exclusivity, which may lead to an engagement or another show of commitment, or perhaps pooling your resources in a more permanent way, like buying property together. If you’re reticent about verbalizing your desires, look at what’s underlying that. Could it be a lack of self-assurance—or maybe you’re not certain this is “it.” But holding this doubt inside you will only foster its growth and encourage it to fester. The best way to overcome your concern is to talk it through with your beloved. Laying your cards on the table may inspire them to do the same, which is the best way to clear the air. Even if you decide to consciously uncouple, at least you’ll know where you stand and won’t be kidding anyone, least of all yourself!

After a few weeks of hosting (more like hiding) communication planet Mercury in your uber-private eighth house, you’re ready for a big reveal. On Tuesday, the messenger planet joins forces with Venus, who’s retrograde in Scorpio and your candid ninth house until October 31. While Scorpio energy isn’t exactly forthcoming, this planetary pairing in your straight-shooting zone will stimulate you to get some things off your chest. But choose your audience carefully. For example, sharing the details of a breakup with your boss—or tout le Facebook—is never a good idea. Still, after three weeks of near invisibility, you’ll be happy that people care what’s going on in your life. During this Mercury cycle, you may get the itch to travel or learn more about other cultures—or perhaps about one particular person from another background.

Wednesday’s dilemma: Should you rock the rose-colored glasses or take a good, hard look through an unfiltered lens? Impatient Mars in Aquarius and your dreamy twelfth house locks into a combustible square with provocateur Venus in your “show me all the dirty details” ninth. People ARE going to be direct, so don’t ask any questions that you don’t want real answers to, Pisces. (Sometimes it’s better to keep things superficial and profesh.) But if you CAN handle the truth, then set the stage for a deep, soul-baring conversation. If this is with your partner, manage your anxiety so you don’t interrupt them or get too emotional (always a risk with your sensitive sign). Remember, the point is to share how you both really feel and be able to take smart, caring, appropriate action as a result.