Nazi Super Submarine That “Smuggled Hitler” To South America Is Found

A missing German submarine has been discovered after over 70 years – having long been rumoured to have smuggled Nazi leadership to South America at the end of WWII, the Daily Mail reports.

The U-3523 – which was one of Adolf Hitler’s Type XXI subs – was a new, highly-advanced U-boat design that could sail for long periods of time.

It was designed for such prolonged travel underwater that it could have even made it to South America.

It was believed to have been sunk by a British attack in May 1945, but when the wreckage wasn’t found afterwards, rumours began to circulate that it had actually managed to sail off – adding to other theories that some top Nazis had been able to flee before being caught.

Yeah, classic conspiracy theory stuff, right there.

Well, now those rumours have been hushed, as the sub has now been found by Denmark’s Sea War Museum – almost 73 years after it went missing.

The wreck was discovered 10 nautical miles north of Skagen in northern Denmark, and nine miles west of where the 1945 attack took place.

Gert Normann Andersen, the Sea War Museum’s director, said: “Rumour has it that the submarine had great valuables from Germany because it was heading away from Germany even though the war ended.

“I think the rumour developed because U-3523 was a very modern, long-distance U-boat and some Nazis tried to escape with valuables in the last days.

“But the submarine was going to Norway, and not to South America with Nazis and valuables.”

Nice one, Gert, shutting down theories left, right and centre.

According to the Daily Mail, declassified US intelligence documents have in the past fueled such claims that Nazi leaders (potentially including Hitler) escaped to South America as WWII drew to a close.

One file from September 1945 contained eyewitness accounts that Hitler had turned up in Argentina by submarine a few weeks after the fall of Berlin.

by Jess Hardiman

Source: Ladbible