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Mystery Behind Letter X On Your Palms (Only 3% In The World Have It)

Palmistry or Chiromancy and foretelling the future has been around since ancient times. From the Chaldean period to ancient Babylon, palmistry was widely revered as a means of prophesying ones destiny and fortunes. The lines and symbols on your palms can reveal much about your nature, personality, and even your fate. It can help predict or make an assessment of marriage, children, love life, career and health. But the most intriguing aspect of palmistry is the letter X. what exactly is the mystery behind the letter X imprinted on one’s palm.

The symbol X can be found in only 3% of people

That’s right, only 3% of people are known to possess the symbol X on their palms. The history of palmistry dates back to its origins in India. Palmistry is attributed to the ancient Indian sage Valmiki who wrote an extensive volume on the subject. It then grew and spread to countries like China, Egypt, Persia and Greece.

Alexander the Great was fascinated by Palmistry. The lines on his palm were unique where he was one of the 3% who possessed the symbol X on his palm.

Alexander went as far as using palmistry to study the character of military officers who served under him.

What the symbol X signifies

The symbol X signifies greatness and denotes strength of character and a good destiny. This could also explain why Alexander himself was one of the most famous leaders in history. Research conducted b y the STI University in Moscow found that people with the symbol X on their palms often stood out from the rest of the crowd. They were born talented, possessed unique personalities and could never be cheated by people.

Like Alexander, Even Vladimir Putin has an X on his palm and so did Abraham Lincoln. Those with a letter X on both palms become legends and immortalized in time with their names being remembered forever.

What type of nature is denoted by a letter X

People with a symbol x on their palms are sharp and intuitive. They are extremely smart with high IQ and more efficient than others. They possess the ability to mold themselves to any given situation and luck is always on their side.

Those with the symbol X on their palms even possess a type of sixth sense where they can easily guess infidelity and disloyalty or sense danger in their lives.

Facts about the symbol x on hands

When the cross sign is below the index finger it signifies that you may be prone to head injury, but if deeper, you may get money from your in laws.


If the X is below the long finger, you will always have bad luck and misfortune including being struck with disease.

When the X is below the ring finger it signifies loss of money and a sense of failure

When the X is below the small finger it denotes a dishonest crooked person.

Now that you know the significance and mystery behind the letter X, you can use it to identify your own character or your family and friends.

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