Museum Goes Viral After Finding Tiny, Adorable Bat in Their Bookstore

It is called the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), and even though it does not necessarily sound like a hub of drama and adventure, it is. Usually dedicated to documenting and exploring every facet of the English countryside, the MERL was recently afforded a bit of extra excitement when they made a discovery in their rare book store.

A bat! A tiny, adorable, helpless bat had gotten stuck in their rare book store. Luckily, whoever is in charge of the MERL’s Twitter account is a social media genius in their own right, and they gave us a brilliant thread in which they shared the entire saga of finding, capturing, learning about, and rehabilitating a teeny tiny bat. Seriously, you can learn so much about this little bat! It also helps that the MERL’s social media manager is hilarious and creates super fun-to-read threads. It also helps that bats are extremely cute.

First of all, let’s talk about bats.

I don’t know if you heard the news, but bats are the new cats when it comes to cute animals on the internet.

They are so cute.

Especially when they are chowing down on a big old green grape. I mean, look at that thing.

Well, recently, one of these cute little guys ended up in the MERL’s rare book store.

You might want to sit down because this thread is epic. This is A+ storytelling, so buckle up.

The MERL has a rare book store that isn’t very exciting at all.

In fact, it’s so boring that most people don’t even know that it exists. It’s full of cool old archives and books, but it doesn’t look very cool.

But really, it’s a treasure trove.

Being the Museum of English Rural Life, the MERL has a huge and impressive rare book collection.

But recently, they found something in their rare book store that was not a book.

The MERL is pretty good at building dramatic tension, don’t you think? Spoiler alert…

It’s a bat.

They found a bat in their rare book store. A BAT! This was definitely the most exciting thing that happened in the rare book store in some time.

Being a library museum, you need a library card to gain access to all their cool books.

But guess who can’t get library books? That’s right: bats. It’s mostly the not getting mail thing. You usually need an addressed envelope in order to get a library card.

But I digress. Here’s the bat:

Look at him, all scared and clinging to the wall! Poor little guy. He looks like he’s been stuck for some time.

He seemed to have entered from a tiny hole.

The poor little guy couldn’t find his way out once he got in. Do you think he was drunk and lost his way?

Clearly, a bat in the rare book store was big news around the MERL.

We are sure it is an exciting place to work, but the everyday goings on probably don’t compare to having a bat in the rare book store.


This is extra exceptional because librarians are all about being quiet, so the fact that one was screaming really says something.

Luckily, someone connected to the MERL also happened to be a bat expert.

How convenient! This was a very good development because otherwise, we probably wouldn’t learn as much as we ended up learning about this little guy.

She is a secret X-Men.

This is incredible. Well, I for one am about ready to learn all about this little bat who quickly became the biggest internet sensation.

Here he is:

Look at that little face.

They are so weird looking. But also cute!

He instantly became a meme.

I relate to this little bat very much. Penniless, exhausted, stressed all the time. You and me, little guy.

First, they had to determine his sex.

Turns out, he’s a boy. And now we know that for sure thanks to this very graphic image of the tiny bat’s tiny genitalia.

Next, they needed to figure out just what type of bat he was.

Look at his awesome little wing! Turns out he is a Nathusius’ pipistrelle, which probably means nothing to you unless you are a bat expert.

However, the fact that he’s a Nathusius’ pipistrelle is pretty cool.

They are international travelers, these little bats! I wonder where this specific one came from.

Of course, he had to be given a name.

MERLin is perfect, considering he was found at the MERL. I’m glad this happy accident will help people learn about their species!

I had no idea that bat populations were so endangered!

Frickin’ cats are evil! They don’t love humans, and they are a huge threat to bat populations everywhere.

While Merlin was helping people learn about bats, he was gathering strength.

The “overeating and then not knowing how to properly exercise” thing is very relatable, Merlin. I get it.

He’s a tubby bugger.

Merlin is honestly a hero. At this point, people all over the world were following the store of Merlin the rescued bat.

And that’s that!

Merlin was on his way to being rehabilitated and returned to the wild. The little guy is definitely a fighter!

That’s a big thumbs up.

You wanted more Merlin pics, didn’t you?

Well, now you got them.

He’s so tiny. So smushy. So cute!

I mean, look at him!

A tiny bat with a tiny, knit teddy bear is all I ever wanted in life. I didn’t know it, and yet, it is just what I needed.

And what’s this?

Yes! It’s possible! Maybe for the first time in history, a bat has a library card.

A final update:

Merlin was released after spending several days recuperating and providing the internet with so much joy.

Merlin’s story definitely made me smile.

I hope it made you smile too.

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