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Multiple Image Test: What Is It That Embodies Who You Are

Among these images, some maybe even more detailed than others but one thing is sure and that is what you may see in comparison to everyone else. Such images represent personality traits and what you see may reveal the way you think and what type of personality you have. What you may not realize is the fact that there are certain things that your mind is drawn to or you may notice something differently than some others. Your personality is made up of several elements in relation to your own subconsciousness.

Look at this image closely

This is how psychiatrists and psychologists find out your nature and state of mind to decipher your mental condition. Take a close hard look at these images and then be truthful in what you see first. What you see reveals your personality. The first image is given here and the explanations are given below. So what do you see?

If you saw lips first

Did you notice lips first? If you did, it means that you tend to take things at face value. You don’t look too deeply into things and accept them how you see them at first glance as they are. You are also unwilling to take risks and prefer a non-complicated life without any in depth-complications. You are well mannered but your positive intentions towards people are perceived as a sign of weakness. However, people like your perspective and even take advice from you.

If you saw trees first

By seeing trees first, it means that you are a person who realizes that it isn’t a bad idea to look beyond and into the unknown. You like to think outside the box and are always searching for something interesting. When you see a good idea, you are quick to recognize it as one. By observing the tree trunks, it also means you are extroverted in nature and are usually polite to others. But, of someone tries to cross you, you won’t take it lying down.

You are a strong and determined personality

While you may value the way others think, you are highly sensitive to the opinion of others about you. You may have several friends, but only the sincere ones are close to you. You have a strong personality but people usually tend to see you as a soft person. You are wise and hold your head up high. You are clever enough not to trust anyone too easily. When it involves reading your thoughts, it is difficult because you are a mysterious person. You have strong determination which makes you succeed in all that you do.

If you saw roots first

By noticing the roots first, it means that you work to improve yourself and make a difference in your life. You are growth oriented and while you strive for success, you also help others along the way. You may also be introverted in nature and a person who learns from their mistakes. You take criticism well and acknowledge where you have gone wrong so that you can rectify and improve yourself. People may feel you are a nondescript person with no great achievement but once they get to know you better, their perspective about you changes.

What do you see first when looking at this image?


If you noticed two men, it means you are more caring towards others instead if yourself. You think about others a bit too much and your thoughtfulness may go overboard. You might be too generous and should learn to think about yourself at times. Being considerate of others is ok, but you have to love yourself and take care of yourself first before being fit enough to do it for others.

If you saw water splashing

If the first thing you saw was water splashing, it means you are always looking out for the impending storm. You realize that things aren’t always what they appear to be and so are cautious to watch out for the unexpected. You don’t always want to dig up something and try to stick to your own means. You don’t like taking chances either and prefer not to rock the boat at the risk of a disaster.

If you saw a skull first

By noticing a skull first, it means you have a positive outlook towards life. You see things in a different light in comparison to others who don’t. Regardless of what the situation is, you keep finding out new stuff the more you dig. You are strong, spirited and a very outgoing person who has great determination and the will to succeed.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?


Did you see a tree? If you noticed a tree first, it means you don’t pay much attention to your surroundings and the things around you. You also don’t over think a situation and have the tendency to pull yourself back too often. This is what you need to change because sometimes, you need to be more alert and aware of things.

If you saw a woman

By seeing a woman, it means you are highly observational and alert to notice things. You observe and see things others do not and don’t hesitate to dive into a situation and analyze it from top to bottom. You may over think things a bit too much and are a bit of an over-analyzer in certain situations but not all.

If you saw landscape

By seeing a landscape first, you may be an absent minded person but not to an extreme. You just abide by what you know and don’t like deviating from what you feel is right. You just go through the motions of how you are supposed to react and not more than that. Perhaps it’s because of a tendency not to look too much into a situation.

What Do You See First When Looking At This Image?


By seeing a couple first it means you value relationships and are always thinking about your partner who makes up a large part of your life. Sometimes this may go beyond the limit making you appear too clingy. You can’t always smother your partner with too much attention and need to give them their space.

Did you see an explosion?

If you saw an explosion, it means you scare easily and you have a sporadic personality. You don’t like jumping into things too hastily when you know they could end up bad for you. You could be a bit of a wuss and a weak minded person at times. You should learn to be more courageous and outgoing when the situation demands it.

If you saw a woman

By seeing a woman first, it means you could be a bit of a loner who is lonelier than you’d like to admit. You aren’t getting enough attention and tend to crave for it. What you need to change is your perspective of a situation where you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and be more assertive and positive instead of feeling left out.

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