Mesmerizing Resin Tables Designed to Look Like Giant Glistening Geode Slices

For an artist, there’s nothing greater as an inspiration than Mother Nature herself.

True enough, we only take a look around to find the most beautiful things in this life.

Many artists have tried to capture the beauty of nature through paintings, sculptures, photography, and other forms of art.

And nature seems to have endless repository of magnificent landscapes and objects to inspire our artistic side.

Even in furniture design, nature still finds a way to inspire. Just take a look at these mesmerizing resin tables by Mrs. Colorberry.

One look and you’ll probably think this glistening table is a huge chunk of geode. But it’s actually not.

These mesmerizing resin tables are made of poured resin, a glass-like coating that is mainly used in artworks.

It has a crystal-clear finish with quick-dry and self-leveling properties, making it a perfect choice for a top coat.

In order to replicate the appearance of real geodes, Mrs. Colorberry uses glitters, crystals, pigments, and stones.

The artist copies the vibrant crystalline formations in concentric patterns inherent to natural geodes.

And the result is a dazzling table surface that seems to come out from the bubbles in a volcanic rock.

Resin geode art has been Mrs. Colorberry’s forte as she also applies it to her other creations.

Her collection of resin geode art includes charming wall decors and enchanting cheeseboards.

Indeed, her fascination with the beauty of geodes is clearly evident through her pieces of furniture.

“Pouring geode pieces is so calming and, for me, just like meditation,” she explains.

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Source: Awesome Inventions