Meet Tango, The Stupidest Horse Ever Whose Stupidity Is Going Viral On Twitter

A story online about an incredibly stupid and lazy horse named Tango has gone viral on Twitter as people enjoy the animal’s funny anecdotes.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user named @mckellogs informed followers about her family’s horse, Tango, ahead of a snow storm that was set to hit North Carolina.

The unnamed woman’s tweet explained why Tango was the focus of an impending snow storm because apparently the horse has no clue how to use a barn to stay warm during the winter.

The Twitter user first wrote: ‘Update on the impending snowmageddon back home: my dad is building a gate to attach to the barn so he can trap the HORF in it during the snow, bc otherwise Tango will go lay down in the feet of snow and just become a horse-cicle because he is too stupid to understand a barn.’

Apparently this gate is a necessary addition to the family barn because otherwise the horse will stand in the middle of the field during a snow storm.

To prove that point, the Twitter user shared pictures of Tango from last year’s winter season where the animal denied his warm barn to instead stand in the snow.

‘Look at him last year,’ the woman wrote. ‘He had a completely dry, warm barn with hay and feed and here he is, in the middle of the pasture, doing the stupid horse version of the This Is Fine dog.’

Included with the tweet is two hilarious pictures of Tango standing outside in the pasture as thick snow continued to fall around him.

The hilarity continued as the Twitter user shared how Tango chooses to sleep sitting down instead of standing like most horses. This causes people who pass near the family’s pasture to believe the horse is dead instead of sleeping.

‘He literally lays down like this to sleep because he’s too lazy to stand and sleep, so people knock on our door all day like OH NO HE’S DEAD,’ the user wrote.’

The horse’s consistent decision to sleep outside on the ground has made him a star on Google Maps where he has been captured multiple times looking dead.

Other pictures showed the horse standing outside in the rain instead of choosing to seek shelter in the barn specifically built for him.

In another story, the Twitter user revealed how obsessed people are with Tango and his ‘pretty’ white coat.

‘Yesterday my mom said some lady came to the door to tell her how pretty Tango is and the lady started crying about it,’ the person wrote.

‘This is normal. We don’t know why everyone is obsessed with the horse. Dad calls it Tango’s white privilege.’

The hilarious thread online was appreciated by thousands of other people who liked and shared the posts about Tango.

Followers were later updated about the status of the horse and if the family was able to trap him in the barn ahead of the snow storm.

‘He’s in the barn daddy built him and is surviving snowmageddon, thanks to the gate dad rigged to keep Tango’s dumba** in there,’ the Twitter user wrote while sharing a picture of a disgruntled Tango trapped inside his barn.


Source: Daily Mail UK